The Irresistible and Irritating Traits of Zodiac Signs

Looking for love? Keep in mind that your partner’s individuality will come equipped with a set of diverse personal traits, some will show off the most fabulous creature he or she is, while others can be exhaustingly aggravating. Read on to see what you or your love-mates star sign highlights as irresistible and irritating traits.

ARIES – Irresistible Traits: You’re an influential leader who refuses to give up even if those around you do. Extremely dedicated to those you love, your willingness to help people achieve their dreams is highly attractive. Irritating Traits: You cringe at the thought of being told what to do and tend to huff and puff to get your own way. You can be quick to say what you mean with a sharp tongue, and even though you mean no harm, can leave a trail of emotional destruction in your path.

TAURUS – Irresistible Traits: Highly dependable, attentive and trustworthy; you shine in any task you are given. Your creative side comes out in the kitchen since cooking is a major passion of yours. Irritating Traits: Your self-indulgent nature of all things high end couture can come off as materialistic. Your stubborn nature and lengthy pondering can drive people crazy; it’s a shame they don’t realize you could care less!

GEMINI – Irresistible Traits: Quick, witty, inquisitive yet tantalizingly charming, people can become lost in your world of mesmerizing story telling. Full of adventure, you are always on the hunt for the next awesome journey. Irritating Traits: You bore quickly and entertain yourself by becoming the office scandal chatter box. Your duel personality keeps others on their toes with them guessing who they’ll be dealing with next, their darling pal or wicked clone.

CANCER – Irresistible Traits: Kind, caring, compassionate and domestic you make for a fabulous host or hostess. Your intuitive side makes you sensitive to people’s needs and you can be extremely protective of those you love. Irritating Traits: Your feelings can get hurt easily and you can hold onto insults instead of getting over them. You can get overly possessive and crabby if your friends bring new people into your social circle without your permission.

LEO – Irresistible Traits: You can’t help but attract liveliness and live to being treated like the king or queen you are. People are drawn to your generous personality and take pleasure in your sharing your love of luxurious surroundings. Irritating Traits: You have the tendency to cut others down due to their appearance and can be a real snob when it comes to maintaining your image. If someone crosses you, watch out as they could very well be on the receiving end of a cold hearted reaction.

VIRGO – Irresistible Traits: You have a fine artistic taste and a wealth of information on countless subjects stored in that extraordinary head of yours. Your home is a show case that features highly organized rooms with not a thing out of place. Irritating Traits: You worry too much about every personal imperfection possible and have a tendency to never be satisfied with your own standards. You dabble with being a hypochondriac, which can cause major eye rolling amongst your peers.

LIBRA – Irresistible Traits: You make your point clear and are an excellent mediator. You strive to find the perfect balance in life. Your intellect oozes with romanticism and the fact that you believe in love and romance at a soul level makes you a perfect catch. Irritating Traits: Friends get impatient with your need to weigh up all the pros and the never-ending time you take to make a decision. Your fear of being alone can be all consuming and tricky for others to deal with. At times, you can find yourself sulking into a deep sadness, which unbearable for other to watch. .

SCORPIO – Irresistible Traits: Generous and hospitable towards friends, you love to entertain by having people over to share memories with. You always know the hot spots to go and are first to spread the news of the latest and greatest events in town. You push the boundaries of discovery and people envy that about you. Irritating Traits: You can be secretive, vindictive, insulting and can’t help but be highly suspicious. You typically don’t call your friends unless you are inviting them over or planning a night out on the town, and your jealous tendencies can cause real problems, but, what’s life without a little drama.

SAGITTARIUS – Irresistible Traits: You are a free spirit who comes off as disarmingly happy, and overly optimistic, which leaves others wondering what your secret to life is. You have an abundance of knowledge and are open to help a friend in need. Irritating Traits: If you are angry enough, with your need for total honesty your words can cut through people like knives. You can be eccentric and find it challenging to keep a secret, even if you were sworn to confidentiality.

CAPRICORN – Irresistible Traits: You are hard working and have a fearless personality, which makes jaws drop, particularly when others get wind of how high status you really are. A master at seducing, your powerful presence gets attention by simply walking into a room. Irritating Traits: A slave to your work, you pursue a status seeking role in life. You have a habit or organizing things for friends, and can throw a drama fit if your friends aren’t as happy as you would have hoped; it’s all part of your controlling nature

AQUARIUS – Irresistible Traits: You cherish your associations and can make friends with anyone; rich, poor, good, bad, black or white. Your intense passion for people and human rights makes you a shining star. Irritating Traits: You can be dominate in your friendships, and hold your loved ones to promises and obligations, yet can have difficulty returning the gesture when the tables to be turned. Let’s not forget that irritating trait of you always being right!

PISCES – Irresistible Traits: You come up with fun and interesting events to attend and have the knack of being in the right place at the right time. You live a life of illusion and find solace through beauty, music and harmony, all of which you share with those who are your nearest and dearest. Irritating Traits: You tend to be an escapist and tap out of reality at times. If not careful, you can indulge in pity parties, and occasionally disappear from the face of earth, and your need to over analyze everything can be excruciatingly painful to those close.

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