6 Tips for Keeping a Long Distance Relationship

Hey lovers!

I know how it feels when you feel void and lonely because that favorite someone is not in the same city and time zone with you. On those long cold nights when you wish to be cuddled up, there is no big arm to sleep on. When you want to have a physical conversation with your spouse about your worries, you are left with phone a conversation, which does not fill the void you feel inside. All these are indices of a long distance relationship and you just have to find a way to create that beautiful story into reality. Long distance relationships can blossom into rosy tales if groomed right by the two lovers.

Here are some few teasers on how to get it right even when you are miles away from your significant other.

1. Create a Blueprint

Relationships too can have its blueprint. The twist to this is that you know the end right from the start and you work in line with the “never say goodbye” mindset. The first question you ask yourself is, “am I willing to stay in this relationship for as long as the tide lasts”? This decision will help you both discover what you want for yourselves and also determine whether to call it quits. However, there should be an end to the distance.

2. Never Create Room for Doubt

Be as clear as crystal. Never give your partner the impression to doubt your words. You tell the colour as it is, there is never a middle ground to anything so it is either here or there and not in between. Build your trust strongly.

3. Communication

This is usually a problem in most relationships whether long term or short term. This is the plug that drives the love wheel between both parties. Communication is a key factor in ensuring a smooth sail. It is best for both parties to be as open as they can be with their feelings for each other. The idea is to make each other feel loved and somehow bridge the gap created by the distance. However, it is important to spice up your love life. Sexting should be included especially if you both were intimate before the distance happened. If you miss him, let him know how much you miss him. If you love your partner, be proud to show them off to the world. Text them when you feel like putting your thoughts out to them. Exchange love cards/handwritten notes by post. If your day will be busy, let them know as soon as you can so that he/she will not be expectant or worried when your line becomes unreachable.etc. No matter how little the effort is, it is the thought that counts. Consistency and perseverance will help your relationship stay afloat.

4. Avoid Temptation

Be as platonic as you can be with the opposite sex and do not be caught up in situations that will make you compromise your stand. You are entitled to make friends and not be restricted in your choices but when there is a red flag, be sure to cut it off. In this situation, you have to know when to listen to your head and not your heart to make better decisions. The prominent mistake you will make is allowing someone take the physical space of your partner so much so that he is an option when you feel high or low. This creates room for divided attention and your dream to ride or die with your partner becomes a facade, a mere tale once told.

5. Plan

Make a schedule that accommodates each other’s time. Never stop the fun things you did when your partner was around such as seeing a movie, reading, hiking, etc. Plan a visit when the opportunity comes calling especially surprise visits. Introduce your partner to your new circle of friends and work pattern. The best approach is to continue and never stop being in each other’s faces.

6. Less Argument

Distance will not stop this from occurring although it is said that arguments are healthy in a relationship as they help you understand your partner for who they truly are. It is advisable to reduce the times you both argue because people react to things differently and when an issue is not properly treated, it creates room for unimaginable ideas and feelings.

Be sure to make your relationship as normal as possible, let every day be like the first day you said YES! If you’d like more help for dating and improving your relationship outlook, or on how to make a long distance relationship work, speak to our recommended psychics and get free 4 mins now!

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