The Love Triangle

If you suddenly find yourself mixed up in the middle of a love triangle you’ll go through various emotions. Of course, you never ‘suddenly’ find yourself in this situation. Somewhere along the way, for one reason or another, you made a very conscious decision to take a casual meeting or friendship to the next level and before you know it you are way in over your head emotionally.

Typical emotional stages:

First you’ll feel concerned about your actions; it’s troubling but also exhilarating.

Then you’ll feel elated and on top of the world, because you know it is for real.

Next, you settle into a comfort zone and feel ok about it all and justify your actions.

Before long, being involved in the ‘lie’ becomes worrying again with sleepless nights.

You try to convince yourself it’s all ok; when this doesn’t work you attempt breaking-up.

Love triangles are not good for any of the partners involved, and if you think you’re not doing any harm, then think again. Being in a deceitful situation can put continual stress on you, and if you’re the one cheating on your partner, a level of trust between you has been broken that can be difficult if not impossible to get back.

Ways to move towards ending the love-triangle:

Realize the feeling of having the forbidden fruit can be addictive, and now that you are in the middle of an over emotional situation, it is not easy to extract yourself.

Write a journal to help discover what it is that you get out of the affair. Write down all your thoughts and feelings, it may seem silly at the time but when you look back over it later it can provide you with some amazing moments of realization.

Recognize that you may need professional help and be proactive about finding someone you can relate to and feel safe with to divulge your secret and inner feelings.

Find other activities to take your mind off what’s happening. You need to bring the situation to a conclusion but you also need some free time to be you and live outside of the drama you are in. Go to places you can meet new people, or re-connect with old friends, so the things that you enjoy and make you happy, and be with people who love and support you no matter what.

Take responsibility for what you’ve done and where you are. These situations are never caused by just one person. If there are three people involved then chances are that the three of you have all played some part in the outcome. Don’t make excuses for your actions

As difficult as it is to walk away from a love triangle, it is best for all concerned. The golden rule is, finish one relationship before starting another one. Once you take responsibility for your actions, you can start to make small changes every day to move forward. Staying in a love triangle can rob you of your self confidence and personal power.

You are worth more, set your standards high and don’t settle for half a person. Love is to be treasured and honored, and you deserve nothing less!

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