New Infographic Reveals Extent of Psychic Belief

Everyone has different beliefs….check out some of these unusual and wonderful beliefs from around the world!

From Psychic healing, to the power of the paranormal there are many different beliefs stemming from the world of psychics and spirituality. Where do they originate from? Why do people believe in them?

In recent years, the psychic industry has grown in popularity and gone from strength to strength…with more and more types of readings available for consumers and a growing interest in all areas of psychic phenomena. Two thirds of American’s have at least one paranormal belief and more people are now turning to those with psychic or supernatural powers for life advice and 57% of those who have used psychics, believed them to be candid and trustworthy.

So…..What do YOU believe…? Read on below for more insight into some of the interesting things that we believe in!

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Phone Psychic Readers
Phone Psychic Readers
3 years ago

We think more Americans believe in Psychic Phenomena and are embarrased to say it. The mind is powerful and having positive thought can help with Psychic healing. Positive energy vs negative energy. The more positive energy there is the more you can heal. Great infographic!

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