Effective ways on using tarot cards for brainstorming purposes

Effective ways on using tarot cards for brainstorming purposes

Ideas can never die—they have the potency to surpass their creators, and they can even transcend time itself. You can create an idea in just a few minutes, but it will take years to refine it. Ideas are borne out of brainstorming sessions, and there are various tools that can help spark your creative juices. Do you know that it is possible to use a tarot deck for your brainstorming purposes? Below are some of the ways of using tarot cards for brainstorming.

All about tarot decks

Every tarot deck has specific imagery or theme that you can check out. Depending on your brainstorming preferences, you may pick a tarot deck that has multiple designs and styles. The more designs a deck has, the greater the ideas that you can extract. One of the common choices is the Rider-Waite deck because it is rich in visuals. It is also important to pick a deck that is aligned with the nature of the idea that you want to create. If you are looking for a business idea, you can pick a tarot deck that has money symbols.

Have a clear view of the topic

A brainstorming session will become more beneficial if you know the topic that you want to pinpoint. You can also create a set of preparatory questions to challenge the idea. With such questions, you can explore different angles, making the idea more flexible. Questions can also help you figure out if the idea has been introduced already. You can try drawing a tarot card for every question that you have prepared.

The tarot brainstorm process

Aside from drawing one tarot card for every question, you can also choose to apply a tarot spread. Spreads can help you gather a long and definite answer, rather than short bursts of data. Tarot spreads may be confusing at first, but you can ease things up by jotting down the answers that you have gathered. Bulleted lists can help. Any number of spread is allowable, especially if the idea is, somehow, complicated. It depends on the purpose of the idea. After you have collected enough information, you can now share it to your colleagues.


Another important part of the tarot brainstorming process is prioritization of data. Not all data collected in a spread is viable, since there are many factors considered such as imagery, personal thoughts, and rationale. Try your best to narrow down the data into ten or lesser points. In this way, you can create the foundation of the idea with relative ease.

Unlimited readings within your reach

Tarot card use for brainstorming By knowing the proper tarot card usage, you can have as many readings as you want for all of your brainstorming sessions. You may be confused during your first readings, but you can eventually master reading with continuous practice.

Tarot cards are adapting to the modern ways of the world. Aside from seeing the glints of the past and the future, tarot cards can also help you conjure the best ideas that can ensure your success.

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