Tarot Card for December: The High Priestess Understanding

The tarot card deck is composed of different cards that have different meanings. Among these is the High Priestess. If one is not familiar of this The High Priestess Tarot Card Overviewparticular one yet, the card has a girl that sits between two pillars and is illuminated by the Moon. Among the basic symbols of the High Priestess are the colors blue, black, and white, the moon crown of Isis, crescent moon, veil, solar cross, lotus in the colors of black and white, and the pillars.

Meaning of the High Priestess

The High Priestess symbolizes knowledge, serenity, wisdom, and understanding. As she sits, there is a thin veil in front of her which stands for thin knowledge. It is the one that supposedly separates people from their inner selves. And when this card appears in a tarot card reading, this means that the seeker needs to listen to his inner voice. It means one must pay attention to intuition and dreams. Logic and intellect at this point will not be very helpful in resolving some issues in one’s life. The person has to sit down and meditate in order to be able to listen to one’s intuition.

However, the meaning of the High Priestess to a male seeker is different from that to a female one. For the male, the card intends to tell the male to feel his feminine side or else failure to grow will happen. He will remain stagnant in his current state. As for the female, she has to be more open and learn to trust in herself especially in her true femininity.

Another meaning of this particular card in tarot reading is that one’s life is changing. Those things or aspects that used to be so clear and sure have to be given more attention this time.

Reversed Meaning of the High Priestess

On the reversed side of things, the High Priestess may appear in a tarot card reading if the person is no longer listening to his or her inner self. It may be a signal that one’s intuition is calling out; however, the person is not listening or is flushing out the call. The High Priestess is a part of the individual that never leaves. No matter what circumstance, she is there to provide guidance and enlightenment. When times of confusion come, the High Priestess is there. So when things start to go blurry for an individual, all that needs to be done is for him or her to stay in a quiet place and listen to the inner voice. Oftentimes, when the person starts to let go of the issues and thoughts, it is when the answer comes.

Another reversed meaning of the High Priestess as a tarot card is that it reminds that people are normally intuitive. However, due to the many pressures and pleasures of life, they tend to disconnect themselves from their inner voice. It suggests that individuals have become too preoccupied with other people’s problems that they no longer focus on themselves.

Perhaps, this third reversed meaning of the card is very true and common; yet, we often disregard it. The High Priestess represents repressed feelings. This means that the person overly relies on the opinions of others and always works for the approval of other people. By seeing this card, it reminds people that the answers are within oneself and that there is no need for other people to validate the answers for these to be true.

The High Priestess is very helpful in letting the person know that he is an important being. It reminds people that the best answers to our own questions are found within us.

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