Tarot Card Judgement Meaning Explained

The tarot card deck which is divided into the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana is a popular tool of divination today. It has been sought by Tarot Card Judgement Explained in Detailspeople from different walks of life, including celebrities and personalities, for enlightenment to certain aspects in their lives. Among the important cards in the Major Arcana that will be discussed here is the tarot card Judgment.

From the word itself, it means the time when everything will be judged, both the living and the dead. However, its meaning in the tarot goes beyond just that. The card appears to have an angel blowing a horn occupying the top half of the card. The wings of the angel are spread astride and the horn that he is blowing or pressing against his lips has a white flag with a red cross attached to it. Under it are the graves of the dead opening.

When getting a tarot reading, you may opt to get cards for your past, present and future. If the Judgment card appears at any of these positions, there is an equivalent meaning.

If the card appears in the past, it means that you have made a decision in the past to go along with a single way of thinking. This decision could have been made a long time ago or just some days or weeks ago. Though it cannot be said if it was a good a decision, it may have led you to get this particular tarot reading.

If the card appears in the present, it means that you are dealing with an internal conflict. There is a big decision that you have to make even though your family thinks it is just a small one. Remember that with the tarot card Judgment appearing, you have to carefully think what you will do and what decision you will make.

If the card appears in the future, it means that you are about to experience freedom—freedom from the misery, guilt, and burden that you have been caused of a bad decision in the past. You will wake up from a deep sleep and realize that you have been given a chance to get back on your feet and live a new beginning of your life.

When it comes to the Judgment Card pairing off with the Hermit Card, this means that a relationship will result to period of being single. But if it pairs with the Lovers Card, you are up for a relationship that will end in an altar date.

If the Judgment Card pairs off with the Temperance Card, you will be faced with a decision to finally quit doing drugs or drinking.

The Judgment Card basically represents a crossroad in your life wherein a tough yet important decision is to be made. When the card is related to concerns with your work, be aware that you are being watched and that you should try to be more productive.

In terms of finances, you will be attracting money and resources in the coming days. So relax and just do your part.
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