Tarot Suit: Cups

The tarot card suit of cups is most often associated with feelings and emotions. This is associated with positive traits such as affectionate, caring, gentle, gracious and patient. On the negative side, traits like escapist, frail, introverted, lazy and overemotional reflect on this suit.

The cups suit is also called the suit of cauldrons, vessles, goblets and chalices in different versions of the tarot decks. Its counterpart in the Anglo-American playing cards is the suit of hearts. It is said to be of the water element and is linked to astrological signs like Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

In the course of a tarot reading, if cups cards appear it may be interpreted as a strong surge of feelings. It is also associated with emotions, psychic abilities and fantasy. If the spread is predominantly made up of cups tarot cards, then it can result in the blossoming of a new relationship or friendship for the querant. It can even mean involvement in a project one is passionate about.

If the cups cards show up in reverse it can mean a tendency towards moodiness and emotions such as anger, jealousy and sadness. The dominance of reversed cups tarot cards can result in the souring of a friendship or tension between family and friends.

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