Top tarot card spreads for career and financial advancement

Top tarot card spreads for career and financial advancement

For tarot card readers, it is easy to determine if society is facing challenging times. For one thing, requests for readings are mostly related to career or money. What many people do not realise is that the tarot can be a great resource when it comes to getting financial advice. Many tarot card readers also utilize what is referred to as a tarot card spread, a card configuration laid out in a specific geometric pattern.

Using a tarot card spread

The arrangement of cards in a tarot card spread is very important since each position in the spread has a specific meaning. When cards are arranged in a spread, they can be likened to a picture story, providing the framework for the tarot reading. Depending on the question asked or the information required, the spread can be simple or complex, at times even requiring the whole deck of cards.

Before the cards are placed in a spread, they must have physical contact with the person being read. This person is asked to shuffle the cards while he or she thinks of the question he or she wants to ask. After the cards are placed in their specific positions, the reader determines the cards’ meanings in relation to their specific positions. It can reveal a person’s path via two methods: by igniting the psychic ability of the tarot reader and by picking up the energy of the person being read.

The tarot card spread used in a reading will depend on the issue being addressed. Experienced readers will know intuitively which spread to use in certain situations. Below is a list of some spreads used by most tarot readers.

  • Tarot spreads for love and intimacy. Relationships are not always easy. As such, many who come for tarot readings do so with relationship issues in mind. They can help in rebuilding intimacy by uncovering conscious and unconscious behaviour patterns and determining the developmental stages of a relationship.
  • Three-card spread. This type is one of the most popular because it is one of the simplest spreads. This is also the most dynamic—highlighting the energy of the past, present, and future. As such, it can be used to address a variety of questions and issues.
  • One-card spread. There can be no spread simpler than the one-card spread. Despite its simplicity, however, it is very useful in answering simple yes or no questions. This is a popular spread because it is very helpful in providing guidance on what approach to use in a specific situation. Phrasing questions clearly and concisely is helpful when using the one-card spread.
  • “How to find love” card spread. Questions about love and relationships are as common as those of career and money. This is because many believe in true love as something predetermined by fate. This spread shows that finding love starts in discovering ourselves. The first step in the journey toward true love is finding love within one’s own inner being.
  • Tarot Card Spread for Career Advancement AdviceSuccess card spread. Everyone aims to be successful, and many consult tarot cards for guidance on leading a successful life. This spread helps in understanding the challenges and obstacles along the way, while also identifying one’s strengths and the resources that can be utilised in overcoming these hindrances.
  • Money card spread. Each card in a tarot deck can have a financial interpretation. The money card spread identifies one’s beliefs about money and finds areas for improvement. It may also signify a needed change in one’s belief systems.
  • Wish card spread. This spread is all about a person’s intentions and determining the best approach to get what has always been dreamt about. Negative thoughts are the usual suspects when it comes to the fulfillment of our dreams; the wish card spread reveals where these thoughts block our progress and suggests ways to overcome them or alternative paths to take.

Although this list is, by no means, comprehensive, it features the most common tarot card spreads used by readers in addressing issues and questions regarding money, relationships, love, success, and happiness. Some experienced tarot readers may even have their very own unique card spreads; what’s important to remember is that consulting different readers may result in a variety of card spreads used. The objective is to find something in our lives that needs improvement or some belief or philosophy that needs to be changed in order to achieve the life we want.

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