What to do if you don’t like the psychic who is reading for you

What to do if you don't like the psychic who is reading for you - man thinkingWe’ve all had a time in our life when we clash with another person.  There can be nothing wrong with you or that person, but well, your energy just doesn’t sync.  And in most situations, it’s either going to be a problem that you need to get over if such person is a colleague or family member, or you can keep on walking by.  

But what happens when the psychic you have just called for a psychic reading is not your kind of person at all.  Do you stay on the line and try to enjoy the reading despite the disconnect or do you move onto a different psychic or tarot reader?

While you can easily switch your psychic reader to a different one, simply by ending the call, or psychic chat and then re-dialling another online psychic, which is what most psychic sites would recommend you do, there can be some merit in staying too.  

Here’s why:

A Powerful Connection

Sometimes, the psychic might be reflecting your own energy through their actions, almost as if they are getting instant transference – which means they have a powerful connection and probably need a minute to shake it off.

What to do if you don't like the psychic who is reading for you - girl lights in eyesPersonality Clash But An Interesting Perspective

Other times, the psychic could not be your cup of tea personality-wise, but it doesn’t mean that they are not showing you aspects of your self that you need to know about and in a different way that might be making you unconsciously listen to the message.  Sometimes the best lessons come from people we wouldn’t usually hang around.

So how can you tell between a psychic who is not connecting and a psychic who you doesn’t ‘vibe’ with?

Here are six tips to make sure you are enjoying a reading with a focused and well-connected psychic.

1.Be Self Aware

Check in with yourself and make sure you are open to the reading and not shutting down or projecting your anxiety or distrust onto the psychic.

2.Don’t Talk Too Much

Notice how the psychic is speaking. If they are shutting you down as you speak, don’t take offence. Sure it’s rude in normal conversation, but they are probably trying to stop you from telling them everything and then distorting the reading.  Most psychic readers and tarot readers prefer to read cold without knowing too much about your circumstances. You can always ask questions at the end.

3.Watch Out For Too Much Stalling

If however, a psychic is ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ too much and allowing you to use up all your time talking only to then repeat what you say then it’s time to hang up. Unless you want to keep talking and it’s making you feel better.

The best psychics are aware that you are paying for minutes and want to give you the most value for your money. They won’t let you keep talking unless they have realised that is what you need to do  (some people have nobody else to offload on and just need somebody to listen).

4.Become Aware Of Distractions

If there is a lot of background noise, the psychic seems unfocused or distracted then it’s time to hang up. You’ll get a more professional reading from someone else.  

5.Talking Nonsense At You

If a psychic continues to tell you what you want to hear, without giving you any insight or practical advice, take heed.  That’s a clue that they are not connecting properly.

6. If You’re Still Not Sure

If you are really not sure, hang up and try again.  

It will always help to enhance the quality of your reading if you take time to prepare for your psychic reading before you call a psychic.  Take a few minutes to be calm and still. Focus on your question and what outcomes you want for your situation.  Be ready to connect with your psychic.  

This way the psychic has the best chance of connecting with you fast. 

Have you ever thought a psychic reader was not going to be good, but they turned out great?  Share your story in the comments below.  

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Violet Psychic
Violet Psychic
3 years ago

I believe some readers can simply be out of tune with the client, and thats fine. What troubles me is the psychics that are not truthful about this and continue to take peoples money

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