Finding your Soul Mate Using your Birth Signs

Finding your Soul Mate Using your Birth Signs

People choose to get married once they feel that they are emotionally, mentally and physically compatible to their people. There are millions of people around the world and each individual has its own compatible person, which is commonly called as our soul mate. However not all of us finally met our soul mate. Others might still look and some might have no idea but their soul mate is already in front of them.

Each of us has unique birth signs or zodiac signs that are why we have different personalities and fate in life. Love and compassion alone possibly will not keep a marriage working. It is necessary to know that the person you are getting married to is your soul mate. One way to learn is to see if and this person have compatible horoscope signs.

Vedic Astrology is a methodical study of planets and their motion and the result they have on our lives. It is capable to foresee the future of a person based on the planetary motion and positions vis-à-vis their exact date, time and place of birth. It can furthermore efficiently forecast if two people are compatible by matching their Janam Kundalis (birth-charts) at the time of marriage. As per Vedic astrology there are 10 significant astrological parameters on which zodiac signs compatibility should be checked. Based on the ratings on these 10 parameters it can be predicted if the two persons will enjoy a pleasant and contented married life.

These parameters envelop fundamental areas of human life:

  • Natural refinement (Varna)
  • Attraction (Vashya)
  • The position and degrees of the nakshatras (Tara)
  • Sexual compatibility (Yoni)
  • Mental compatibility (Grahamaitri)
  • Temperamental compatibility (Gana)
  • Compatibility of Karma (Bhakut)
  • Nadi (endocrine)

Nevertheless if a person doesn’t believe in astrology reading, well it doesn’t mean that he or she will not find their soul mate forever. People have their own decisions whether to believe it or not, we have our own mind whether this people is good for us or not. If we truly love this person but we do not have compatible horoscope signs then perhaps both of you need to learn to compromise in order to understand each other.

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