Candles for attracting wealth

It appears that we have come to a stage of our evolution where we are increasingly wishing to have more material wealth. We have seen evidence through media and general society expectations that we need to be working towards a goal within our lives. Through this need for gaining more wealth we find people live and work to obtain more now than perhaps they did in years gone by.

For some attracting will give them the status they require. In some instances people believe having material wealth will create the desired happiness they feel they are missing. It may appear to solve the problems but unfortunately the happiness from obtaining this wealth is usually only temporary until another need comes again.

With the extra demands in our lives many are now searching for methods to increase the levels of health and general well being.

Firstly we need to begin the process by believing we deserve to achieve all that is desired. Become increasingly aware of the many other sayings which are creating that which you believe. If you do not believe you deserve to change your circumstances it will never happen.

Remember: Thoughts produce action.

The universe does not place any judgements on individuals. If your intention is full of sincerity and love it will be created. You need to believe it and you will see the results. If your motive and intentions are pure you will attract wealth. There is enough abundance in this world for every single person. We just need to believe this is so and it will be done.

The following exercise in Candle Burning will assist you in producing that which you desire.

Begin by oiling the candle if you desire and commence visualising your desire for material wealth:


  1. To assist with creating material wealth you need to light at least five green candles and place coins under each candle. Green represents good luck, attracting money, generosity and abundance.

  2. Be sure you are seated comfortably with no interruptions and clear your mind of any thoughts. To assist in the process you may wish to use some mediation techniques and concentrate on breathing slowly and fully for a few minutes. As you mind becomes clear, focus on the burning candle and begin to create your desire by picturing it in your mind. Focus on the important elements within your desire and say an affirmation that will enhance this process. Be sure that you request that to meet your immediate desires.

To attract wealth you may wish to say the following affirmation:

Use your imagination to the fullest. Imagine dollar bills showering you or you can imagine a wage rise from your employer.

In some instances lack of wealth may be related to your emotions or your own belief systems. Look at what you are feeling and thinking. If you are believe that you are destined to be poor because you come from a poor family this shall be created. To change your own world you must learn to change your thinking. Again remember the law of Karma and if you intentions are other than pure or full of love the negative thoughts you produce will come back to you.

Continue to focus on your desire/s and saying your affirmations. If you find it difficult to remain focussed clear your mind again of all thoughts and commence your ritual again.

Finally: Continue to focus on the desire as long as you feel is necessary and the time required will vary amongst individuals.