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Dream Interpretation

The idea that dreams are a form of communication from beyond the physical experience is not new. There are historical records and writings that are even filled with accounts of dreaming, and in every case man has searched for a reason for these phenomena.

Dreams have been a part of us even as a fetus inside our mother’s womb. Yet, we still do not fully grasp how they work. It is one life’s biggest mysteries. Most people believe that dreams show snippets from our subconscious mind. It is also a place where we can feel through intuition.

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There are many reasons why human beings were gifted with the ability to dream. They are always present within us because they are designed to help us see what we cannot see in our normal perception. Dreams can be a form of divination. They can help you predict or at least get a gist of what will happen. Warnings can also come in the form of dreams. This is our intuition’s way of telling us how we should act on some issues. Dreams can also provide us with insights about our daily endeavors. They can tell us things that we ourselves do not even notice. Thankfully, there are plenty of great, absolutely free psychic reading sites where you can get your dreams analysed for nothing!

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Our past lives can also be revealed through dreams according to psychic readings. This is especially true when we come across dreams about different situations that we seem to remember in detail, even if we do not know its origins.

According to psychics, dreams can also be a place where our secret desires can be assessed. It is a place to see and communicate with ourselves and with the spiritual world. Desires can clearly manifest in dream interpretation, whether consciously or subconsciously. Furthermore, spirits and entities can communicate with us through dreams. This is to provide insight and relay messages. Usually, this happens with dead relatives or family members. They may want to give you an important message which you can use in your everyday lives.

It is said that when we sleep, our mind automatically finds a way to fix and solve all of the problems or anxieties we have during the day. This is why it is quite important to get regular dream interpretations from psychics who have had a lot of training in the field.

Correlation between Psychic and Dream Interpretation

Many psychics believe that dream interpretation and psychic readings are linked in a very special way.

Both, psychic reading and dream interpretation, are trying to reveal something important about a person’s inner self or a part of their psyche that is hidden from normal view.

Interpreting one’s dreams can provide us an understanding of ourselves and help us solve problems in similar ways as psychic readings. Dreams are said to provide us warnings to potential danger. Things that trouble us frequently crystallize in a dream. Some dreams are even said to even predict the future.

According to Freud, dreaming is “the royal road to the unconscious” as when an individual is developing their psychic skills, it is very common happenstance for the ‘royal road’ to become laden with colorful and often deep experiences, more so than a person has experienced before. This is often happening due to the fact that during psychic development, the psyche’s energy system will want to clear out the old files of the mind quicker than usual as to increase the energy vibration of the person in order to maintain and build upon the finer frequencies associated with psychic ability and mediumship.


Psychic dreams can lead one towards spiritual growth as these are a healthy indication that one is growing intuitive ability.
Various cultures have believed that our dreams are messages from the subconscious and even beyond the realm of the physical experience.

The ability to comprehend the messages received in dreams is quickly being recognized as the link between the physically visible and invisible universes of man.

Every dream tells a different story about the dreamer often teaching a lesson to be understood and applied by the dreamer. The lesson is learned when it is applied in the dreamer’s life. As you begin to study your own dreams and understand their meaning, you will likewise begin to understand and discover more about yourself.

In similar matter, through the help of a psychic reading, an individual can attain a solid idea of one’s respective strengths and weaknesses as well as acquire appropriate enlightenment and guide for us to become a much better person – more self-aware – than who we are at present.

Psychic readings can provide an individual a good idea of one’s present situation, as well as help delve into the past and the future, where one can learn a whole lot from them. Past mistakes and bad decisions could be broached back and be reevaluated as well as one’s future could be glimpsed at, which can prepare us for whatever challenges that may come our way, allowing us to make a much better decision.

Both, psychic reading and dream interpretation, are tools of self-awareness, self-enlightenment and communication between our psyche and oneself.

Common Dream Characteristics

Here’s a quick list of common dream characteristics:

  • Strong and Powerful Emotions. Dreams often entail extremely intense emotions. Anxiety is the most common emotion experienced in dreams. Other emotions also include abandonment, anger, fear, surprise, joy, happiness, and being in love. However, negative emotions are much more common than positive ones.
  • Bizarre or Unusual Sensory Experiences. Our dreams often entail strange sensory experiences. Some of the few commonly reported sensory experiences that occur during dreams are the impression of falling, the inability to respond or take action quickly and the inability to control body movements.
  • Confusing and Illogical. Generally, the visual nature of dreams is highly surreal and unrealistic, showing a constantly far-fetched sequence of haphazardly changing scenes composed of numerous associative imagery elements. The visuals (including locations, characters/people, objects/artifacts) are believed by a psychic to generally reflect a person’s memories and experiences, but often take on highly exaggerated and bizarre forms.

According to sleep researcher J. Allan Hobson, “illogical content and organization, in which the unities of time, place and person do not apply, and natural laws are disobeyed” is one of the hallmarks of dreams.

  • Difficulty of Recall. The recall of dreams is extremely unreliable and difficult. Though dreaming appears to intensify memories within the context of the dream, the ability to access the information contained within the dream diminishes rapidly once the dreamer wakes. Dreams that are difficult to recall may be characterized by relatively little affect, and factors such as salience, arousal, and interference play a role in dream recall. Often, a person may recall a dream upon viewing or hearing a random trigger or stimulus.

Dream researchers estimate that approximately 95% of all dreams are not remembered. Unless a dream is particularly vivid and if one wakes during or immediately after it, the content of the dream is not remembered.

  • Easily Acceptable Strangeness. Our dreaming mind easily accepts without question the oddities of events and contents of our dreams. According to Hobson, the unquestioning acceptance of dream content is attributed to the potency of our internally generated emotions and perceptions. During a dream, our mind does not see these strange and illogical events, perceptions and objects as being out of place or out of context but are instead taken as a dream reality.

Types of Dreams and Their Interpretations

Here are major classifications of dreams and their meanings:

  • Ordinary Dreams. This type of dream is said to often be a reflection of real life experiences but can also include fantasies. Studies on dreams reveal that about three quarters of dream content or emotions are negative.
  • Daydreams. This type of dream is classified as a visionary fantasy experienced whilst in a level of consciousness between sleep and wakefulness, as a result of the brain thinking over important, but not immediately relevant, issues when their circumstances do not pose interesting and engaging problems. Studies show that we have the tendency to daydream an average of 70-120 minutes a day. This type of dream occurs during our waking hours, when we allow our imagination to get us carried away that our minds start to wander, resulting in a drop in our level of awareness as we lose ourselves in our imagined scenario and fantasy.
  • Lucid Dreams. This type of dream is a dream during which the dreamer knows they are dreaming. It occurs when you have conscious perception of one’s state while dreaming. In this state of dreaming, you, the dreamer may often, but not always, still possess some degree of control over your own actions within the dream or even the characters and the environment of the dream. It is a well-known fact that dream control could be improved with practiced deliberate lucid dreaming. With practice, a lucid dreamer could actively participate in their own dreams, making decisions and influencing the dream’s outcome without awakening.
  • Nightmares. This type of dream is unpleasant and disturbing, causing you to feel negative emotions when you wake up, typically like fear and/or horror, despair, anxiety and great sadness. A nightmare may contain situations of danger, discomfort, psychological or physical terror, which is said to be your minds negative response to real life trauma and situations. Nightmare sufferers may usually awaken in a state of distress and may be unable to return to sleep for a prolonged period of time.
  • Prophetic Dreams. Also referred to as precognitive or psychic dreams, this type of dream are dreams of events or incidents before they happen and appears to foretell the future. There is one rational theory that attempts to explain this phenomenon. This theory explains that because your dreaming mind has the ability to piece together bits of information and observation that you may normally overlook or that you do not seriously consider, your unconscious mind therefore knows what is coming before you consciously piece together the same information.
  • Recurring Dreams. This type of dream is experienced repeatedly over a long period with little variation in story or theme. Though some may be positive, most often they are nightmarish in content. These dreams tend to recur because a conflict depicted in the dream remains unresolved or ignored. However, once a resolution to the problem is found, these recurring dreams will cease. It is said that up to 70% of females and 65% of males experience recurrent dreams.

How Does Dream Interpretation Work?

Dreaming is said to be one of our most intimate experiences. Each of our dreams, every night, is very unique as it reflects our every human emotion and experience. They are said to mirror our deepest desires, hopes, fears, and fantasies as our hidden self, the one we try to keep from the outside world, emerges from our subconscious. While dreaming, we can see ourselves in the raw and it’s this complete exposure that makes our dreams so important.

Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation can help us understand ourselves and help us solve problems. Dreams are said to provide as warnings to potential danger. Things that trouble us frequently crystallize in a dream. Some dreams are even said to even predict the future.

What Does Our Dreams Tell Us?

Dream interpretation plays a big part in the dream world. There are many ways of interpreting dreams use by many philosophers.

Freud: Dreams as the Road to the Unconscious Mind

According to Sigmund Freud in his book “The Interpretation of Dream”, the content of dreams is related to wish fulfillment. Freud’s belief is that the manifest content of a dream, or the actually imagery and events of the dream, served to disguise the latent content, or the unconscious wishes of the dreamer.

Freud also described “dream work”, the four elements of this process:

Condensation – in this element, information is condensed into a single thought or image. There are many different ideas and concepts that are represented within the span of a single dream

Displacement – In this dream work, the dream disguises the emotional meaning of the latent content by confusing the important and insignificant parts of the dream

Symbolization – In this operation, the dream censors the repressed ideas contained in the dream by including objects that are meant to symbolize the latent content of the dream.

Secondary Revision – During this final stage of the dreaming process, Freud suggested that the bizarre elements of the dream are reorganized in order to make the dream comprehensible, thus generating the manifest content of the dream.

Other Researchers

There are also some researchers who say that there is much more involved in interpreting dreams. Many famous people such as Grant and Zolar have written dream dictionaries, which may help interpret your dreams better.

Do they work? According to some, rather than a dictionary, you need a technique to interpret dreams and rather than an answer, you need an outlook.

Steps and Tools You Need in Analyzing Dreams

  • Free Association by Sigmund Freud. This, according to Freud, meant creating a chain of associations of meanings to symbols that appear in a dream. It can be started by thinking about one particular dominant symbol you see in your dream. For example, you dream of a bag. Associate one word to this which may possibly be wallet. The next word, wallet, will have to associated with another and so on and so forth. This should be repeated until a generalization is made.
  • Symbol Amplification by Carl Jung. Though he agreed initially with the suggestion of Freud, he thinks that it is better to amplify a symbol by pairing it with words instead of moving farther and farther from the image itself. For example, he desires one to associate bag with wallet, then bag with make-up, and so one.
  • Describing it by Gayle Delaney. It is not enough to just associate the images freely with terms. For Delaney, it would be more helpful to describe the image the way you would to a Martian who knows nothing about life on earth. As such, bag would be something that is brought around containing one’s things.
  • Empty Role Play by Frederick Perls. Founder of the Gestalt psychology movement, Frederick Perls, popularized “encounter” groups. He recommended that, during the process of dream analysis, the dreamer is suggested to have imaginary conversations with dream characters/objects. This is done in order to give them a “voice” to communicate their meaning. The dreamer will sit opposite an empty chair, imagining the dream character/object sitting across from them. Then the dreamer would ask questions of the character, and then would switch chairs to answer them trying to express the attitude of the dream character as much as possible.
  • Action Plot by Henry Reed. In this method, Reed wants his dreamer to take note of the action in the dream. “An action plot is a short statement of what transpires during the course of the dream. In order to emphasize the structure of the action, all mention of specific symbols is avoided,” he said.
  • Searching For Archetypes. This is one of the most popular techniques in dream analysis. “Archetypes” or mythic figures Carl Jung believed are present in everyone’s dreams. Classic Jungian archetypes include The Hero, the Wise Old Man, the Shadow (darker side of our own personality), and Anima/Animus (aspects of the opposite sex present in our own personal psychology).
  • Explain it to a Martian by Gayle Delaney. Along with others, Gayle Delaney advises that the dreamer should amplify the dream symbols in a slightly different way when acting as a dream interpreter. Rather than generating free-floating associations, Delaney et al. suggest that the dreamer should describe each image in simple, powerful terms, as if explaining its purpose and outstanding features to a Martian who knows nothing about life on Earth.
  • Metaphors and Puns. Many people in the field of the interpretation of dreams agree that the “language” of dreams is visual and metaphorphic. Often, in the interpretation of dreams, one can make use of the same metaphorical analysis techniques that are applied to works of literature. Some psychics even believe that making use of standard literary devices such as setting, dramatic structure, etc. in their dreams is useful. Looking for verbal or visual “puns” may also be useful.
  • Opposites. In the interpretation of dreams, it might be instructive to try to identify glaring “opposites” in your dreams. Important conflicts, imbalances, or concerns are often highlighted in these oppositional forces. For example: Aggression vs. Passivity, Style vs. Function, and Heaven vs. Earth.

Besides being familiar with the methods above, you’ll also need to do the following to have clearer dreams:

1. Relax completely. Clear your things of the many distractions you have. It would help to listen to soft and mellow music as you sleep.
2. Wake up peacefully. Do not rush yourself into waking up and getting up. Get at least 7 hours of sleep so you will wake up refreshed and revitalized.

6 Easy Ways on How to Define and Interpret Your Dreams

Here are some ways and steps in defining and interpreting dreams.

1. Recall the dream. Upon waking up, immediately review or recall what occurred in the dream. Consider the places that you went to, including details like the color and items that were included in it. Try to examine who the people were in your dream and see what your interaction was with them. And if there were animals, also try to recall what the animal did. For example, if it was a dog, then was it barking, looking at you, howling, or anything like that?

2. List things down. After having the recall, it is best and most helpful to write these details down on a paper or journal. Try to establish any connection between you, the people and things involved in the dream, as well as the place or environment where it occurred.

3 .Refer to the dream dictionary. The beauty of the internet today is that you no longer have to seek a psychic personally to have a glimpse at the dream dictionary. The internet has it and with just a few clicks, you will be able to look up the meaning of the words and some items in your dream that do not seem to have any meaning at all.

4. Know the generic meanings of dreams. Some people find it difficult to analyze the meanings of their dreams because they ignore the generic meanings. For example, hope may be represented by a white flower in a dream, love with red flowers, or fear with anything that is black.

5. Take note of prophetic dreams and ordinary dreams. Ordinary dreams are usually just an extension of something that we have been thinking of for a long time. Prophetic dreams, on the other hand, are those which try to remind us of something or those which serve as a warning to a forthcoming event.

6. Keep a bedside lamp and some writing materials. What can be more frustrating than forgetting entirely in the morning all of your night’s dreams? So to avoid this, always be ready with a bedside lamp for immediate illumination and a piece of paper and pencil for writing your notes.

Quick And Easy Ways To Control Your Dreams

1. The Commitment
Everything begins with a commitment. If you want to control your dreams, you must be committed to doing it every day. You may slip every now and then, but this will affect your overall progress. To keep your commitment strong, buy a small notebook that will act as your dream journal. Start writing your commitment on the page and do not forget your end goal. Why do you want to control your dreams? How do you want your dreams to affect your life? Are you going to consult a professional? These are some of the basic questions that you have to answer about your dream.

2. The Dream Journal
It does not have to be big or grandiose—the dream journal can be small and handy so you can pick it right away once you wake up. Serious dreamers prefer blank notebooks since they can scribble as often as they want. If you are a wordy type of person, you can go for the traditional type of notebook, with lines and all. Basically, it all depends on your post-recording style.

3. Remembering Your Dreams
This is the actual start of controlling your dreams. All dream interpretation experts would suggest this basic technique. Remembering your dreams is easier said than done, however. Since the dreaming phase happens in the subconscious mind, you will forget about it once your conscious mind takes over. This is the reason why you forget large details of your dreams upon waking up. The best way to counter this is the usage of your dream journal. Once you wake up, grab your dream journal and start scribbling away the details of your dreams. At first, your scribbles would not make sense, but as you do this continuously, the dreams will eventually reveal something.

4. Become Mentally Prepared
Taking control of your dreams is considered a rebellious step against your subconscious. The subconscious mind will resist your determination, but you must not give up. Before going to sleep, you need to prepare your mind. Think of a certain dream that has baffled you for a long time. You can refer to the dreams you have jotted down in your dream journal. Once your mind is conditioned, your persistent dream may recur. Alternatively, you can also think about a certain life situation. Through practice, you will realise that these dreams are controllable if your mind is completely prepared.

5. Keep A Consistent Sleep Pattern
Aside from obvious health benefits, a regular sleep pattern will help you track down your dreams with ease. If your mind is also not stressed from lack of sleep, you can remember your dreams fervently. You can also set off a specific time to wake up—this is where your alarm clock plays a very important role. With a persistent schedule, your mind and body will become conditioned to your dream-controlling activity.

6. Placement of Unique Symbols
You can dream about anything that you have encountered throughout your waking hours. Every object can represent something in your dream, albeit their versions are different and, sometimes, unfathomable. Dream professionals advise that you place unique symbols in special portions of your room. These can be eccentric statues, dream-catchers, tribal tokens, tiki masks, complex art sculptures, colourful lava lamps, and many more. The trick is that your conscious mind will recognise these symbols, while your subconscious mind will do its best in creating alterations. This flurry of a process will help you become more aware, thus you can gain control of your dream.

7. Checking Reality
This is one of the habits that you can do in your dream-control skirmish. It is important to question yourself if the things that you are experiencing every day are real. The effect is imminent; once you can recognize your existence properly, you have better chances of doing it in your dream. Now, you can become in control of your dream more than you will ever be.

8. Problem-solving Inside The Dream
To solve imminent problems in your dream, you should already have a consistent mental practice. For example, a certain situation creates a large wildfire in your dream. Step by step, you can put out the wildfire using the projected dream materials. It takes time to master this technique, but this is one of the primary arcs of dream control.

9. Lucid Dreaming Techniques
Lucid dreaming is the advanced, fluid state wherein you are the master of your dreams. You control every aspect, every detail, and all outcomes known in your waking life. Common lucid dreaming techniques are Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams (MILD) and Wake Initiated Lucid Dreams (WILD). These techniques differ in nature, but they can hack your subconscious mind to help you control your dreams.

10. Dream Devices
If you have a budget for your dream-control mission, you can try purchasing a dream device. There are many available apparatuses in the market—all have varying functionalities and options. Commonly, a dream device measures the rate of your REM sleep and helps your conscious mind to “kick in” while you are still in the dreaming state. Before buying, it is advisable to have a detailed research about these devices.

Controlling your dreams is a major feat in your life. You can explore the deep recesses of your mind and help your mind to become more creative. Additionally, dream control can help you combat lingering sadness and depression.


Simple Steps in Creating Your Personal Dream Dictionary

It can be tough for people to make sense of dreams. Some barely remember what happens in them, and some encounter situations and symbols that are too bizarre or vague to interpret with any accuracy.

The easiest thing to do would be to get a dream dictionary from the nearest bookstore, or maybe to even look up the meaning online. While those may be the most convenient options, they are not exactly the best methods if you really want to get a relevant and accurate interpretation. That said, you might want to consider creating your very own dream dictionary.

Why Make Your Own?

A personalised version of the booklets available at the bookstore would suit your needs better, as it is tailor-fit for your own life. Remember that any symbol likely has a different meaning in your dream as it does in another person’s dream.

For one, there are cultural factors that affect how one might view a particular symbol. Going from one community to another could mean a world of difference as far as a dream meaning is concerned. Second, our personal ideologies can affect how we see the movies that play out as we sleep, as well as the kind of meanings we associate with particular elements within them.

Step-by-step Guide on Making a Dream Dictionary

Here are some easy-to-follow steps so you can make a custom dictionary:

1. Get a notebook – This could be anything you want; whether it is a notebook, a blank journal, maybe even a sketchpad or a phonebook, as long as you can effectively log your dreams, then it should be fine. It is important to accumulate several entries so you can also see patterns or recurring elements, and maybe even how these change over time.

2. Get a second notebook – This one is dedicated to logging the different symbols and imagery you encounter. If you use your first notebook, it might be hard to organise the symbols and it would become a bit more inconvenient when you need to look back at previous entries.

3. Start logging – After you have noted down the events within a particular dream in your first journal, you should identify the elements or symbols that are more prominent than the rest, or those that you deem have a substantial impact upon your life. You then log these into your personalised dictionary. For new elements, you can just jot them down on a separate page. Be careful to note the circumstances and situations involving that element. Recurring symbols will of course be noted on their existing pages.

4. Review your entries – From time to time, look back on the entries to review them. This could give you new insight as to how the elements connect, or how different versions of the same element point to a particular interpretation.

5. Work on understanding the symbols – Spend time reading up on different approaches of interpretation so you can have multiple perspectives when building up your understanding of each symbol. This way, you will also enhance the way you perceive and comprehend your dreams.

False Beliefs About Dream Interpretation

Here are some of the most common false beliefs that we have.

1. Dream symbols have universal meanings. When we talk about a dream analysis, we automatically pick out the dominant symbols in our dreams and then refer immediately to the common dream symbols for meaning. This is not a good thing to do as no universal meaning exists among dreams. Your dreams are a product of your thoughts and the everyday happenings of your life which are unique to you alone. Therefore, it is only you who can truly give a meaning to each symbol.

2. You can draw a meaning of the person’s dream even without his input on it. This is wrong. In connection to the first statement, only the dreamer himself can truly give a meaning to his dream. Therefore, he has to also add his inputs in order that the dream symbols may be associated to his situation.

3. We don’t have dreams. The truth is we are only not able to remember our dreams. Even if your body is asleep, your mind and spirit are very active and are still in the processing mode.

4. Your dreams are random and they mean nothing. For us, our dreams may oftentimes not mean anything. However, if we take a closer look and seek a good dream interpretation, we will realize that some of our dreams have messages in them.

5. Dreams are to be interpreted literally. This is not how to interpret your dreams. When we dream, they are vivid sometimes and they can also be quite unclear. For this reason, you have to associate meanings to your dream symbols. Car crashes or any particular situations may not mean these are going to happen exactly as they appear.

6. Dreams do not have meanings. What is the point of getting a dream interpretation if, in the first place, these have no meanings or sense? You just have to practice analyzing your dreams and getting acquainted with the language of dreams to be able to interpret them.

7. Only psychics can interpret dreams. Remember that your dream can be ultimately interpreted by you since you are the one who is aware of what the symbols in them mean. This means that you can try learning that.

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Falling Child

I dream that my youngest child (son) falls off a rocky cliff into the ocean. I then jump into save him but cannot find him. Then I wake. I have also had this dream one other time but with a friends child that falls. Twice it has been my youngest child and once my friends child. This is upsetting me please help.
Dan, Auckland, NZ

Hi Dan,

The fear of falling or losing control is what the underlying nature of this is. It may well be you feel you are failing in an aspect of your own life, or that you fear failing or not being a good role model for your own child and others.

It certainly can be a very distressing dream if you take it in the literal sense or believe it to be showing you something that is going to happen, but I do not see this as being the case. Now is a good time to take stock of things you feel you need to change and work on making your good points stronger. Time to alleviate all aspects of self doubt and not fear new challenges that await you.

Sometimes we have to take the leap of faith and jump in to a situation not knowing the outcome; hence you jump in and cannot find him. Time to take a leap of faith and believe in yourself and your capabilities a lot more.

Hope this has helped.

Husband had a child with another women

I started talking to this man few days ago. My husband has been deceased for almost 2 yrs. I had a dream last night that my husband had a child with this woman and we were trying to be together. I told him to go be with her, and that I would always love him, and I will just be alone for the rest of my life wanting and needing him. But he has to be there for her and the baby. Then I walked away crying and he faded, they all faded. I woke up. Hurt, sad, and empty.
Rose Olazcoaga-Bowen, San Jose, US

Dear Rose,

I am sorry you woke up feeling hurt, sad and empty, but it is understandable given the content of your dream. I feel that he is trying to tell you something and it is either that where he is, there is a child that he needs to look after that perhaps has been hurt in some way or deprived of love in another life. It may also be that he is trying to tell you something about a child that needs your help.

Be open and listen to your dreams, they are always a message of some kind, but usually it is different from what you expect. Please don’t despair, there was no other woman in his life.

I feel that maybe it is about you and him wanting you to watch out for a child that may come into your life who needs guidance or help in some way from you. It may not be a baby either, it could be a small child or even an older child. Perhaps even a mother who needs your help with her child. Watch out for this event or similar to come to you in the near future.

Slitting someones throat

I have had three dreams in a row and they all ended with me slitting someones throat. The first night, I had a dream that I slit my boyfriends throat. Second night, I dreamed I slit my own daughters throat, which quite frankly bothers the hell out of me. Then last night I dreamed I slit my co-workers throat because he hit my daughter. Last night I also had a very vivid dream of war that errupted in Brooklyn. Big balls of fire hitting the earth and cars being thrown into mid-air with tremendous force. Really Really horrible dreams. I do not want to go to sleep tonight. PLEASE HELP ME!!
Elsie Reyes, Queens, US

Your dreams are not premonitions. They are fears. Some parts of them represent your repressed anger. You need to express it to yourself and let yourself feel angry. That way it will go!

Some of them relate to your childhood and the events that you encountered. You remember them as very frightening.

I will ask the Universe to show you how to learn your lessons in a loving way.

Dreaming about having a boyfriend

Now, I am fully convinced that our dreams have something to say about our life. I am 21 years old and since I was in high school I am dreaming about having a boyfriend which does not exist in real life because I never had one until this day. And at the first part of my dream, it is a very happy and sweet relationship but at the latter part of my dream it always ended up with him not noticing me anymore. It was like at first he loved me more, but at the end I was the one who was always left behind.

By the way, different guys portray the boyfriend role in my dream. Most of the time I am not familiar to the person even in real life but sometimes he is someone I like in real life. It is really hard to explain in words but I always feel very frustrated after waking up from that kind of dream. I am always asking what is wrong with me? Or will it happen in real life? Or will I be an old maid soon? I don’t know. Help me. 🙁
Emmy, Rizal, PH

Emmy, our dreams usually depict our subconscious thoughts and are influenced by books we read and films we watch. You seem to have implanted in your subconscious that you will meet a man, marry him and then he will leave you, a typical romance from a book or news items.

To overcome this, be careful what you read and watch, use only positive thoughts when daydreaming about romance and drink chamomile tea with honey 30 mins before bed and your dreams will begin to depict your real future.

Boyfriend’s Ex Wife

I have been dreaming of my boyfriends ex wife. They are separated but not yet divorced. I dream that my family and I are at the park and I’m with a baby. Next thing I know my boyfriends ex shows up with a kid and is talking to me like we were best friends. In real life we have had our moments because she feels that I stole her husband but they were separated before we got together. My mom is also really good friends with her on Facebook.

Back to the dream, I no longer had a kid with me but I was playing with her kid. Then I woke up. I continue to dream about her and sometimes she even gets back together with my boyfriend. What does this mean?
Amanda Arroyo, Star, US

Amanda you are still jealous and insecure about the ex wife. Your boyfriend loves you and she is the past so close the door and move on, and your dream will cease.

Scorpion’s bite

I am at a party where I cannot enjoy myself because there are pink scorpions all over the place. They are biting at my achilles tendon and my feet. One gets stuck in my hair and I freak out. A potential friend of mine (I know her in real life but we are not super close yet) comes with cream rinse which she uses in my hair to get the scorpion out. I am relieved. I write down the word “Scorpio” during the dream because I seem to instinctively know that the scorpions are referring to this. In my natal chart, my moon and Pluto are both in Scorpio. Its energy seems to be at the forefront of my reality lately.
Rose, Seattle, US

Hi Rose, what a fascinating dream – so rich in symbolism! Dreams can serve different functions in our life – they can serve as a means to resolve issues that are preoccupying us in our waking life or they can be prophetic – predicting a certain future event. The ancient Greeks used to have temples where they carried out dream incubation to help heal people – dreams were considered as a message from the gods.

The famous Swiss Psychiatrist, Dr Carl Gustav Jung, used to analyse his patients’ dreams to assist them to gain insight into their unconscious. He claimed that each character in our dreams represents different aspects of ourselves.

To dream of scorpion biting your achilles tendon indicates that in your waking life there is someone who has negative thoughts about you and may be backbiting. The biting part would indicate that you have been very hurt by this person’s negativity toward you and feel vulnerable to attack by them and are unable to enjoy yourself. Achilles was the Greek warrior who was invincible except for his Achilles tendon, the means by which he died was a poison arrow to his achilles tendon. Your feet represent your direction in life and your understanding. You are correct in that this Scorpio energy with your Moon Pluto conjunction in Scorpio is to the forefront. Having the Scorpion in your hair also has sexual connotations. However, your dream has a positive outcome in that your friend who may represent the more resourceful part of you washes the scorpion out of your hair with a cream rinse. This would symbolise the cleansing or purging effect of the Pluto allowing you to undergo healing and transformation.

The Subconscious Voice…

i have been married for 15 years and we have 2 teenage girls but last night I dreamed Of an Ex boyfriend who im still friends with we dont meet but we are still friends on facebook so we do still communiate he is also married and we havent been togher in 17 years but last night i dreamed i was at his fruneral but never saw him dead just a casket and his family and a pic of him but also a pic of a girl he doesnt know she was a girl i went to high school with that he and her has never met but her pic was the one as if she was his curennt wife and also there were pic of me and my family but not my children and husband but of my mom and dad and sister and brothers and me and pics of just me i also hugged his father and step mother they told me they were offred to sell some land to pay half of his fruneral i reamber this as plain as day what does this mean also i know from keeping in touch with him on facebook that his wife just had surgrey to remove the cancer from just week but it went well
Kimberly, Sulphur, US

Dear Kimberley,

Dreaming of a funeral is indicative of a craving to find closure. In your case, that closure is directed toward your ex-boyfriend, as it was his funeral that you saw. More specifically, your funeral may actually denote a subconscious desire to end your relationship completely; to unfriend him on Facebook and to bid him a definitive and undeniable farewell.

The relevance of a girl he does not know being married to him is a little more complex. It suggests that there is a strong degree of uncertainty surrounding his relationship status. That is, you are confused by it; you are unsure of it; and, as a consequence, you seek closure with respect to it.

From the description you gave, your insecurity regarding his marriage is the driving force behind your deep-seeded desire to end your friendship with your ex-boyfriend. The reason for that may be a lot more complicated than it is simplistic, but that is for you—rather than for me—to determine.

It is time to re-evaluate your feelings, Kimberley. Your dream spoke volumes and you should very much listen to what it is that your subconscious is trying to tell you.

Clothes flushed in the toilet

I was in a school, went into restroom, laid some of my favorite clothes on back of toilet seat. When I flushed, the clothes were flushed too! I went to let someone know, and while we talked, geyser of water exploded from under the floor. Water seemed clean and clear. Nobody hurt, not even much commotion, but I was now on the hook to pay for the broken water main, along with everything else I have to pay.
Jen, Richmond, US

To dream of water depicts happiness, joy and an increase in income. Flushing your clothes away indicates that you may be overspending, so be sure you are sticking to your budget. The water exploding like a geyser may be a warning to check the pipes and taps (perhaps at the school).

The white cat

I am at a swimming pool and I pick up this old white cat that seems familiar. In this dream I really love this cat I can feel it. I feel that the cat is very sick and I am on my way to take it to the vet. I enter this very old heritage style building and greet the people as I walk into the room, they admire my cat. I walk to the elevator and there is no room people are crowding it and the cat rund back down to the bottom of the building. I felt such horror as this happened that I wanted to cry..I ran after my cat and held it in my arms. This is where it ends.
Melissa George, Sydney

Be wary Melissa, holding a white cat in a dream means you are likely to be influenced into some impropriety through the treachery of others.
This could also denote entanglements which, while seemingly harmless, will prove a source of sorrow and loss of money.
Simply put someone may try to talk you into parting with money and losing it.

Pet alligator

I had a pet alligator. I worried about its food supply all the time. I Worried that if I did not have enough food to feed it that it would eat me or members of my family. I ran out of food and started frantically feeding it everything that I could find. I cared about the alligator but was afraid of it. I also at one point in my dream either went out of my way to avoid it or ran from it. It became ferocious because I did not have any food for it. It was looking at me like I was food. I finally decided to get rid of it. I had someone else put it into a car so I could bring to someplace that someone would take it and I even contemplated killing it if no one would take it. It came down to kill or be killed, even though I had feelings for this pet alligator. My feelings for it, is what made me hesitate to get rid of it. But it had no feelings for me, it only wanted to be fed. There was a real lot of panic in this dream.
Diana, Burlington, US

Something is eating you up and holding up your life. You are not getting a fair share back from what you are putting into it and you seriously need to stop the situation. This might mean you have to leave. Look carefully at you options and decide to stop doing something that has become a useless project.

The good news is that your leaving the situation will mean that at some stage soon you will receive an much a better prospect which will make you much happier and successful as well.

Never-ending Hallway

I keep having the same dream over and over about 8 nights in a row. It’s about me walking down this long hallway with yellow lights on one side and blue on the other and I’m trying to get to this door at the end of the hallway. Whenever I reach the door, it seems to just stretch out again and I’m right back where I started. What does this even mean?
Mitchell, St. Johns, CA

When you have the same dream night after night it indicates that there is something in your subconscious mind that needs to be addressed. I would decipher this as a goal you are trying to reach and you feel it is impossible. Your dream is showing you that you must persevere and walk the distance – the lights are guiding you. If you examine your goals and wishes during your waking hours the answer will come to you.

Two girls

I was in my home, fully dressed, except I was barefoot, when I saw two girls who I do not know very well standing next to me, and they asked me to come with them with them. They took me to somewhere, where I saw the girl I have a crush on. I went up to talk to her, and she vanished, and one of the girls I saw at my house appeared in her place. I looked back at the other girl who was at my house, and she smiled at me.
Dan Lewis, St.Louis, US

This dream is all connected to your inner fears of rejection and you laying yourself bare emotionally and it all falling apart.

The two girls you do not know well represent your inner thinking of positive and negative. This dream, I feel, indicates that the time is approaching where you need to take a few risks and go out on a limb to make things a reality.

Big blood red sun

I had a dream that the sun was blood red and very big in the night sky. It was night time and the moon was right next to it, a bit smaller in its normal colour. There were also other planets or moons around the sun. I felt very scared of what I could see in the sky and all these things were moving and changing size.

In the same dream I had a baby boy in my arms and he was mine? I have only two children and they are both girls in my real life.
Sarah Summers, Cardiff, GB

I sense that this dream is representative of the things you are fearful of in the future and in relation to where your life and your world is heading. Currently I feel there are things taking place and changing that are outside of your level of control in many ways and it does unsettle you.

The things that were moving and changing in size represent the many aspects of your life, both big and small, that will also see change, but for the better and these changes will give you a feeling of more security and stability.

The little boy you saw in the dream is connected to you and waits for you in spirit, he also represents the joy and happiness to come into your life, just as a new born child brings joy and happiness.

Many surprises in store for you over the coming eighteen month time frame do not fear what the future holds but embrace it and let it fulfill you in every way possible.

A big purple moon

I had a dream Thursday night. In the dream, I was outside in my backyard. Then I saw something out of the corner of my eye. It was a big purple moon that was rising and getting bigger every second. Then everything it touched ended up being completely destroyed, even if it was just a slight touch. Everything, human and animal alike, would just be sucked in and destroyed, evaporated into nothing.
Erin, Boise, US

Erin, Most of our dreams are caused by issues that are on our sub-conscious mind during waking hours. Your dream may have come from engaging in or over hearing conversation about the universe and the coming changes. This would cause you to dream the dream – to keep with pleasant and fun dreams take a glass of chamomile tea one hour before going to bed.

Giving birth to 6-8 babies

I had a dream that I was giving birth to about 6 to 8 babies and I actually seen they were tiny and premature I believe. I was really scared to know that was happening and I was in a hospital. I want to know the meaning of this dream please and thank you.
Giovanna, Long Beach, CA, US

The dreaming of babies represents something or someone precious in your life which you are not taking care of and something good is passing you by. Take stock of your life and make sure you are taking care, It can also represent a future pregnancy for you.

Gallopping horse – a time for change

My dreams keep including a horse i own even tho i do not own one with an injured back left leg. The dream is always different. This time I was at a party with my father who i do not know alot about. We then started running from the party with my horse. Even tho he was injured the horse would still run just fine. Then we took the horse to see a doctor and i would wake up. Its not always the same dream but there is always a horse. Once i see the horse i can start to control my dream but all i want to do is fix the horse. What does this mean?
Huuline, Sydney, CA

Hi Huuline

A galloping horse in a dream can indicate eagerness for change, maybe even thinking of a new venture. This can also mean that you are about to enter a very happy period. So enjoy the journey. For a deeper reading please feel free to contact me.

Cross on forehead

I had a dream where a lady came to my office and drew me a cross on my forehead and blessed me. She didn’t look like but in my thought it was my ex mother.
Sujeeva, Montreal, CA

It is a sign to bless you and to say move forward with her blessing. It is a good dream.

Pitch black room

I dream that I am in what I think is a room. It is pitch black, but no matter how long I feel my way around, I find no walls and I never trip over anything on the floor. I am completely unaware of where I am and my surroundings. However, someone in the distance keeps calling me name and asking me for help. I have no idea who the voice belongs to, and this dream is haunting me every night. I really need some answers.
Juanita Spencer, Twin Falls, Id, US

This dream represents yourself. The pitch dark room represents your inner self searching for your life’s meaning. You want answers to what you should be doing in this life time. The hearing of your name being called tells me that the answer is there in front of you but you keep passing it by. Meditate and focus on your inner self and the answer will come to you.

An unknown shrine

Hello. I had seen a dream last night. I saw a unknown shrine of Muslim saint in my society which does not exist in reality, and where I saw that shrine there is no colony, just a piece of land. This means I saw a new unknown shrine of Muslim saint. There was a lot of people standing in line to see that shrine and I saw different kinds of ill people which were unable to walk and talk. They were very ill. My dream was a little bit horror. Please tell me what it means?
Ali, Hyderabad, PK

My guides believe you have had a vision of people being healed, this is a good dream and nothing to be afraid of, and we also believe someday a place of healing will be built in this area. I hope this has helped you. Believe your dreams are important messages.

Lucky Lady bugs

My dream consisted of very small ladybugs all over me. I was picking them out of my hair and off by body. They kept flying back to me.
Debbie, Melville

Dear Debbie
This is an excellent dream as ladybugs are a sign of good luck.
Although you have had a bit of a tense time of it, things have not been easy for you, you are coming into your own over the next 6 months. You have learnt a great deal and I get money working out for you. There is much success ahead and may well be a new job and a real boost to your career. It is definitely more money coming to you. You will feel very good about yourself and feel really on your feet and independant. You will feel on track in your life and be doing what you are meant to be doing. These are big changes and leading to a more expansive and fulfilling life.

Open graves

I dreamt about two open graves. Me and my husband were walking home along these open graves. It was dark and it was New Years Eve. Thank you.
Sal, Tirana, AL

Dreaming of graves can be very negative and I feel that often this denotes negativity in your life. Perhaps you need to change your attitude to issues in your life and look at the more positive side to things. Dreaming of looking into an empty grave also denotes disappointment and loss. So changing your attitude will be essential.

Talking frog

I had a dream about a green talking frog sitting in the grass and asking me to pour water on it from time to time, which I did. Later on, I found the green frog in my house, on my armchair asking the same thing, to pour water on it, which I did. The dream was very vivid.
Agata, Bucharest, RO

A frog turning up in your dreams is to tell you that you are about to enter into a time of plenty and abundance. This is a start of a slow and steady transformational process for you. 2013 is looking good for you.

Paternity test

Took a paternity test for my unborn child, husband was proven the father had another dream same night, my ex was the father
Cassandra, Sunnyvale, US

It was a dream what you were after when you and your ex were together, but now you have your husband and it is like the final straw of cutting all cords completely.

Man tried to break into my house

Male Stranger tried to break into my house to take bingo winnings. I tried to get him out of my house and close the door but he forced the door open and broke the chain. To stop him I strangled him he started to suffocate/go purple so I released my grip slightly keeping him outside I shouted for help but no one came they just watched. My cat betrayed me and took the keys to him. The front door and chain was broke and needed replacing. An old woman came to apologise for him and offered me a plant.
Steph, Nottingham, GB

My feeling is this dream is about you trusting yourself. All the elements are different aspects of yourself and which represent what you are doing to your life. The negative elements are you not trusting yourself and the reason you do not is because your are fearful of life and not living a good full life.

I can see, and the cards show it too, that you will have a very good life, that you can trust yourself. The second half of 2010 will be much better for you and there seems to be a considerable improvement and possibly something opening up for you around July-August. You can trust that you will achieve the best results for yourself.

Boyfriend from high school

I was with an old boyfriend from high school, we were talking and he kept getting close to me like he wanted to kiss me but he never did. We are laughing and flirting and we were acting like a couple. We hug and joke around but all he does is get close like he is going to kiss me but through the whole dream he never does.
Claudia Coronado, Albuquerque, US

Something has stirred in your mind during your waking hours which has prompted the dream of the boyfriend from high school. There is no significant reason for the dream other than something happened which took your sub conscious mind back to high school days. Often when this happens you may hear news of the boyfriend.

Goodbye kiss

My boyfriend pushed me away in real life and we broke up. Couple days later I had this vivid dream of him coming on me and trying to give me a goodbye kiss (I actually felt like he was physically present in my room). He was forcing to give me his last kiss and I was trying to pull away. Eventually when he kissed me in the lips, it felt to bitter that I wanted to spit.

We never spoke since. So is this dream literal? And was it a real goodbye kiss I never wanted? I believe that dreams have hidden meanings, but this one is just so straight forward and cruel.. or do you see any hidden message in it?
Jessika, Toronto, CA

I feel the dream was a final goodbye. It was a sign to say it is OK for you to move forward now and be happy.

Running through a forest

I was running through a forest with high trees and all I could see was greenery. There were a few people with me whom I did not know but I remember feeling happy and having fun with them.
Kayla, Falmouth, AS

This dream is showing you that what is ahead will be good, you have nothing to fear or be uncertain of. Your mind and thinking is in a good place and the greenery represents the clarity and certainty of growth and abundance.

Life will continue to get better and better and there is need now for you to trust your own instincts and feelings a lot more.

New people will be coming into your life and they will bring positive influence and strong sense of belonging and being part of or seeing major improvement in your personal life as well.