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Animals Dream Dictionary

AlligatorIt is a dream of caution. Primordial fear. Be careful in making new speculations. It is a dream unfavorable to all persons connected to it.
AntsExpect good business activity. Feelings of general satisfaction in all things. You must cooperate to achieve your desires.
ApeWarns the dreamer to beware. Deceit goes with this dream. You will find opposition in love.
BatNocturnal. Eerie. Quarrels. Sorrows and calamities from hosts of evil work against you.
BearVictory over enemies. Bear is significant of overwhelming competition in pursuits of every kind.
BeesActivity. Productivity. Social life. Happiness in life. Success in love. Good earnings. Bees signify pleasant and profitable engagements.
BirdsFlying birds are a sign of prosperity to the dreamer. Feelings of freedom, liberation from weight of responsibilities.
BoaIt indicates stormy times and bad fortune. Will be wise not to listen to flattery.
BuffaloAugurs obstinate and powerful but stupid enemies. By diplomacy you will escape much misfortune.
BullFertility and strength. To dream about bulls means having great success in love affairs but also business troubles or a big loss.
ButterfliesEverything related to beauty and grace. They are an indication of prosperity and fair attainments.
CamelPortraits of endurance. To see this beast signifies great financial gain, perhaps inheritance. First there will be hardship and obstacles to overcome.
CanaryA dream of having a canary at home translates into a happy and comfortable life full of exquisite refinement, wealth and satisfying friendships.
CatA feminine aspect. Cats attacking you represent the enemies; if you succeed banishing them you will overcome great obstacles and rise in fortune and fame.
ChickenEasy available. They represent fortune in love, joy and happiness in all aspects of your life.
ClamsDealings with an obstinate but honest person. Will enjoy a comfortable life.
CockA dream about hearing a cock crow means great prosperity and good news. Cocks fighting means family quarrels and unexpected sorrow.
CowDocile and productive. Great prosperity in all ventures but watch out your own affairs carefully. Cows promise abundant fulfillment of hopes and desires.
CoyoteTrickster. Rogue. Thief. This means doomed for disappointment or serious disaster ahead.
CrabCrabs relate to love affairs. This dream portends to lovers a long and difficult courtship. Also, avoid rivals.
CricketTo see crickets in your dream indicates hard struggles with poverty. They also indicate famine and distress among the poor.
CrowSeeing a crow in your dream means disappointment in everything. Grief and misfortune.
DeerEverything related to a deer is favorable. A long lasting friendship, good business affairs and fortune in love..
DogTo dream about a dog that fondles you indicates great gain and constant friends. To hear the barking of dogs foretells news of a depressing nature. Difficulties are more likely to follow.
DonkeySimplicity and sturdiness. Success in your undertakings, whether of travel or love. Surrounded by loyal friends.
DuckIt signifies fortunate journeys, also they could indicate thrift and a fine harvest. It also denotes marriage and children in a new home.
EagleThey are associated with far-sighted vision and power. You will realize your ambitions and will gain your desires. Fame, wealth and a higher position are attainable.
EelSlipperiness. A dream about them is good only if you can maintain a grip on it, otherwise fortune will be fleeting.
ElephantThey are associated with terms like wisdom, memory and the power of persistence. Overall is a very positive dream that will bring you dignity and distinction.
FishTo dream about fish or fishing denotes energy and economy. A fish in clear water expresses freedom related with your feelings.
FleasThey denote sickness and minor irritations. You are feeling the need to deal with old troubles also.
FliesYou are feeling annoyed by friends and maybe thinking of doing something foolish. There is a postponement of success.
FoxTo dream about a fox means that an enemy or rival is among your acquaintances. If the dream involves the killing of a fox you will overcome a threat of trouble and will win in every engagement.
FrogThey are related with health problems and may cause no little distress among those of your family.
GazelleGrace and beauty. Dreaming about them brings joy, genuine love and affection.
GeeseThey might bring an extensive journey surrounded by good fortune.
GoatsThey are associated with lusty vigor and relentless energy. It denotes cautious dealings and a steady increase of wealth.
GoldfishTo dream of goldfish, is a prognostic of many successful and pleasant adventures.
GorillaYou will regain your strength but there will be a postponement of success.
HawkGenerally a dream of hawks means increase in your fortune but if the hawk is flying you could face losses caused through intrigue.
HogsIf you dream about feeding hogs, denotes and increase in your personal belongings, but will have much rough work to perform.
HorseTo dream about horses generally is associated with big earnings and will enjoy prosperous and happy life.
InsectsOverall a dream of insects denotes financial gains, abundant means, and also a mystery will be solved.
JellyfishA dream of jellyfish is associated with passive aggression in you and the way you are looking to express yourself more forcefully. Don’t give away your heart.
KangarooHostility of someone will cause great anxiety. You need exercise great care of reputation.
LambIt means that prosperity will be gained through the sacrifice of pleasure and contentment. Lasting friendship.
LeechTo dream of leeches, foretells that enemies will run over your interests. Doomed for disappointment.
LeopardEnemies seek to cause injury but will fail. You will be embarrassed in business or love, but by persistent efforts you will overcome difficulties.
LiceA dream of lice contains worries and distress. A warning to beware how you begin a new enterprise, as you will likely be overtaken by disappointment.
LionA dream about lions is associated with nobility, strength and pride. Your success depends upon your ability to cope with opposition. Will have a valuable friendship.
LizardEnemies will cause you injury, but if in the dream you are killing a lizard means you will have a good reputation and will regain lost fortune.
LobsterTo dream of seeing lobsters, denotes great favors and riches will endow you..
MiceThey foretell domestic troubles and business affairs will assume a discouraging tone.
MolluskMysterious happenings will claim your attention, therefore do not believe too readily all you hear.
MonkeyTo dream of a monkey ,denotes you have deceitful friends that will flatter you to advance their own interest. Opposition in love.
MosquitoIf you killed mosquitoes in your dreams, you will eventually overcome obstacles and enjoy fortune and domestic bliss, otherwise you will strive in vain to the sly attacks of secret enemies.
OctopusThere are associated with shyness and grasping. You will be loved for your sweetness of disposition.
OrangutanTo dream of an orangutan, denotes that some person is falsely using your influence to further selfish schemes.
OtterTo see them diving and sporting will bring you happiness and good fortune. An absent friend will soon return.
OwlWarning of the approach of a deceitful person. It denotes a narrow escape from desperate illness or death.
OystersYou can be tender inside but hard outside. You need courage to succeed in life.
PantherWild beauty and grace. Enemies will fail in attempts to injure you.
ParrotYou have confidence of friends, but will received flattery from a deceitful person. There is a place in your life where you lack originality.
PeacockYou want to be admired but will be disappointed. Maybe you are too ambitious.
PigGreedy but smart. Dreaming about them, denotes reasonable success in affairs. Prosperity to come.
PigeonTo dream of seeing pigeon flying, denotes freedom from misunderstanding, and perhaps news from the absent.
QuailTo see them alive means a very favorable omen; if dead, you will undergo serious ill luck.
RabbitTo dream of rabbits denotes faithfulness in love and a great friendship. Very good business ventures.
RatStreet smarts. Sneaky and untrustworthy. They foretell serious trouble to come but unfinished business will be successful.
RavenDisaster and unhappiness to come. Injury caused through deceit.
ReptilePeople are gossiping against you and beware of hidden enemies. Need to be cautious in business affairs.
RhinocerosTo dream about them, foretells you will have a great loss threatening you and that you will have secret troubles.
SalmonIt could mean advancement within own position and approaching money but beware of a rival.
SardinesTroubles are ahead for you, maybe a disagreement among relatives. You have a black mark of dishonor on you.
ScorpionThey are related with destructive feelings, thoughts or words against you.
SealYou have many faithful friends and security in love. Secret enemies are working against you.
SharkThere is a powerful feeling threatening you, but you will overcome obstacles.
SheepA dream about sheep foretells coming success through well-conceived plans.
SnakeA snake ready to strike means treachery from one you least expected; killing it means victory over enemies.
SpiderTo dream of a spider, denotes you being careful and energetic in your labors and fortune will be amassed to pleasing proportions. Domestic happiness.
SquirrelTo see squirrels in your dream foretell you will acquire a few new friends and there is happiness in the home.
SwanTo dream of seeing swans holds prosperous outlooks and delightful experiences. Also they ring good health and revelation of a mystery.
TarantulaTo dream you see a tarantula, denotes disagreeable prospect for health or for pleasure. Will be disappointed in a love affair..
TigerThey are associated with power, wild beauty and intense sexual force. You will overcome opposition and rise to a high position in your way to enjoy luxuries with ease and pleasure.
TurtleOpportunity for advancement is available to you. You have secret enemies around.
VultureTo dream of vultures, signifies that you are unable to reconcile misunderstandings with a friend, and maybe a long illness that may bring death and misery.
WhaleThey are related with power and strength. Good times are coming. There is a great truth that you are ready to accept.


Body Parts

Body parts dream dictionary

Body PartInterpretation
AnkleSupport and direction. Difficulties followed by success later. A friend is trying to help you secretly.
AnusElimination. It portends quarrels, disappointments and disagreeable companions.
ArmStrength. To dream of seeing an arm, means victory over enemies but family quarrels.
BackUnconscious. Jealous people are against you and there is opposition in love.
BloodEssence. Life energy. Unfortunate love affairs. Severe disappointment.
BonesStructure. Evidence. Support. Poverty and death.
BrainIntellect. Mind and reason. Great knowledge will bring good result in affairs.
BreastFemale sexuality and maternal love. You will have true and loyal friendship and success in love.
ButtocksHumility and stupidity. Also power. You need to forgive someone.
CheeksLong life. Good health. Will be love very much.
ChestFullness of life. Generosity. You are having a peaceful time and general prosperity.
EarReceptivity. Trouble from unexpected source but big success with an intimate friend.
EyeVision. Consciousness and clarity. You will have a pleasant and profitable business and a congenial companion.
EyelashesProtection of vision. Allure. You are being cheated by friends. Postponement of success.
FaceIdentity. Ego. Self-image. This dream denotes displeasure with yourself and warnings of someone working secretly against you.
FingerSensitivity and awareness. It denotes great spiritual research and restless efforts to reach the pinnacle of your ambitions.
FingernailsGlamorous and functional. You feel ready to handle undesirable situations and to avoid ambitious plans beyond power to accomplish.
FootBasic beliefs. Direction in life. You should mend your ways in life otherwise you will suffer from your foolishness.
HairAttraction and sensuality. If you dream of hair means that you are careless in your personal affairs and will lose advancement by neglecting mental application.
HandCapacity and competence. Expect big work ahead, meanwhile must take better care of own affairs.
HeadIntellect. Understanding. It denotes threatened misery and loss will be avoid by wise action.
HeartLove and security. Happy love affairs and successful future. Dignity and distinction.
HipsTo dream about hips denotes pleasant work and good news. Hip being injured means misplace confidence in mate and large losses to the family.
IntestinesThey signified unfavorable results in own affairs, probably loss with much displeasure and family quarrels.
JawRelentless anger. Willpower. You have conquered initial difficulties but you are having disagreement with lover.
JointConnection .Joints are associated with favorable things.Happiness and domestic joy. Change for the better and plenty of money.
KneeFlexibility. Humility. To dream of knees denotes sickness and humiliation. It also means dissatisfaction and complaints of those in the home, and separation of lovers.
LegIs associated with support and movement. Joy and happiness.,but an injured leg denotes unprofitable occupations.
LipsMessage. Communication. You have many advantages and will have mastery over many matters.
LiverSluggishness and bad feelings. This dream denotes unpleasant times and inability to attain comforts that are necessary to those looking to you for subsistence.
LungsYou need to find in what ways are you ready to expand outside your normal life because up to now there was only disappointment in desires.
MouthNourishment. New attitudes. You will soon have news from interests you are anxious over.
MusclesStrength. You have the power to overcome emotional sorrow but beware of new friendships.
NeckTo dream about any neck, denotes your present feelings of jealously and resentment. It involves emotional problems involving a friend or relative.
NoseInstinctive knowledge. It reflects great powers of imagination and creativity, but also difficult relations with a partner.
PenisMale sexuality. Power. You have lots of energy to spare and now would be a good time to take action on a project you have been planning for some time.
ShouldersStrength or burdens. Although you may be cheerful at the moment, there are problems and worries around the corner. Fortunately they will resolve themselves.
SkeletonInternal structure. Support. You feel disconnected or falling apart in parts of your life. It can also suggest a lack of trust in someone close to you.
SkinThis dream is related with sensitivity. Keep calm and think carefully before you make any major decisions.
StomachDigestion of information. Understanding. It indicates tendency to laziness. You need to keep a close check on your health.
TeethNormally an unfavorable sign in a dream. It signifies displeasure and also shows that you are afraid of losing someone dear to you.
ThighAssociated with power of movement. You should watch out for malicious gossip and it also shows that your behavior is being irrational.
ThroatIt shows considerable powers of imagination and signifies a successful venture.
TongueA tongue is related with pleasure and new experiences. Is a sign of future professional success.
VaginaAssociated with female sexuality and receptivity. You are about to begin a period where fortune smiles on you in everything you do. You are enthusiastic about a new acquaintance or connection.


Calendar Months

Months Dream Dictionary

JanuaryTo dream of this month,signifies financial gains,a mystery will be solved and beware of a false friend nearby.
FebruaryUsually associated with health problems and many worries. There is hope for beneficial events to come.
MarchTo dream of the month of march portends disappointing returns in business and enemies could cause damages.
AprilIt signifies that much pleasure and profit are in the horizon,but if the weather is miserable,it is a sign of distress.
MayTo dream of this month denotes prosperous times and pleasure for the young. Do not be discourage.
JuneWill have good earnings but must rely on own good judgement. Avoid rivals.
JulyTo dream of July,foretells unusual gains in all undertakings. Use caution in your affairs.
AugustOverall a positive month . All will go well in life, will take a long trip,and will receive unexpected good news.
SeptemberTo dream of September means good luck,changes for the better and desires and hopes will be accomplished.
OctoberTo see yourself in October means you are enjoying the fruits of hard work and will make lasting friendships.
NovemberTo dream of November ,augers a time of happiness and success in all affairs.
DecemberIt is a month that foretells accumulation of wealth,but loss of friendship. Will be very fortunate in love affairs.



Colors Dream Dictionary

BeigeEverything related with this color denotes neutrality and detachment. There is absence of communication.
BlackBlack signifies isolation and transition period. It shows up conflicts and friction with relations and friends.
BlueThis dream denotes a great source of inner peace and a symbol of contentment.
BrownThis is an auspicious color to dream about:signifies freedom, success, money and happy and long-lasting union.
GrayRelated with a transition period. If clear signifies peace but if dull signifies, fear.
GreenGrowth and serenity. There are projects which you are enthusiastic about. Great pleasures from simple things.
OrangeThe color orange in dreams indicates passion in every aspect of your life.
PinkAssociated with tenderness and love. You can expect interesting developments in relations with opposite sex.
PurpleGreat aspirations and understanding of visible and invisible realms. Take advantage of your creativity.
RedThis is an indication of great passion and sensitivity in your emotional relationships.
TurquoiseNormally indicates new opportunities and the successful completion of projects. Sign of good luck.
WhitePeople feel they can rely on you. You have an abundance of energy and vitality.



Seasons Dream Dictionary

SpringTo dream about spring is a sign of fortunate undertakings and cheerful companions.
SummerSummer foretells joyous events and prosperity; denotes the maturity of ambitions and signals unbound satisfaction.
AutumnImplies cycle of transformation and change of surroundings. Will experience many ups and downs.
WinterThis is an auspicious color to dream about:signifies freedom, success, money and happy and long-lasting union.



AbandonWill live a long life. Isolation. Leaving behind an old self. Release from control of the old self.
AbductGood future ahead. Mystery will be solved.
AbortionLoss of the new. Failure to nurture. Happiness in the family.
AbuseWarning of troubles. Fear-induced violence.
AbyssVast depth. Infinity. Difficulties ahead of you.
AccuseBeware of scandal. Danger and misfortune.
AcheBeneficial events. Successful trip. Prosperous business.
AdoptingIncreased responsibilities. Financial gains.
AfternoonGood profits in business.
AirSuccess. Happiness.
AlcoholRelaxation. Indulgence. Freedom from responsibility.
AlienDistant, strange, or unrecognized.
AllergyGood news. New friends. Fortune in present enterprise.
AlleyHiding something. A narrow or secret way. Gossip.
AltarDiscovery of lost money. Holiness. Big sacrifice.
AmbulanceFinancial troubles .Rescues. Recovery from an illness.
AmputateHealthy life. Loss of a friend or relative.
AncestorInherited traits. Minor illness to come. Fortune ahead.
AnchorGood fortune. Security and stability.
AngelCompassion. Revelation. Success in love.
ApologyHappiness in love. Overcoming enemies. Change of companionship.
ApparitionWill receive good news. Luck and prosperity.
AppetiteLoss of relatives. Health problems. Loss of money. Danger.
ApplauseRecognition. Acclaim.
ArchWealth and advancement. Fulfillment of aspirations.
ArchitectWork on design of new self or identity.
ArmyWar within the family.
ArrowHitting the mark. Cupid’s dart. Painful realization.
ArtImage of reality. Honor. Value. Creativity.
AshesLoss of something through carelessness. Remains.
AsthmaLoss of emotional security. Financial gain.
AstrologyLoss of money or death.
AthletePhysical work. Strength. Skill. Honor.
AvalancheCatastrophic release of unexpressed emotions. Confronted by obstacles.
Face-liftRepair of self image. Vanity. Renewal. Part of identity ready for a make-over.
FairSocial activities of a happy nature. Change for the better.
FallingLoss of honor. Fear of failure. Loss of power and feeling out of control.
FatherAuthority. Control. Guidance. Recognition. Happiness. Virtue.
FaucetControl or release of emotions. Feelings being turn off and on.
FearUnexpressed love. Self-doubts. Courage.
FenceBoundary. Separation. Where differences meet.
FetusPotential. Conceived but not yet brought to birth.Wishing to produce something.
FightViolent resolution. Release of energy. Building or releasing conflicts.
FilmA means of distancing from events. Observation of own life.
FindingDiscovery. Realization.I nfidelity.
FireSpirit. Energy. Unpolluted and cleansing. Need to be inspired or renewed.
FiremanProtective masculine aspect of self. Need to be rescue or want to rescue.
FishingSeeking underneath or inside for nourishment. Mystery solved.
FlagPatriotism. Honor. Identification. Success in own undertakings.
FlameInspiration.I ntensity of emotion. Need to release a feeling.
FloodOverflow of emotion. Postponement of success.
FloorFoundation. Need to create some stability.
FlowerBeauty. Happiness. Pleasure. Blossoming.
FlyingCombination of control and freedom. Power. Success in all enterprises
FoodPleasure or greed. Nourishment. Fortune in love affairs.
ForeignersDiscovery of lost valuables. Expansion of self into unfamiliar realms.
ForestNatural forces. Social activities of a happy nature. Ready to explore..
FountainFreedom of emotional expression. Release. Happiness and long life.
FriendJoy and consolation. Aspect of self ready for integration
FrozenPreservation. Restraint. Feelings need to be resolve.
FuneralThe end or death of something. Confrontation with pain.
FurnitureIdentity. Attitudes. Abundant means.
GamblingVain hopes. Reward. Hope of recognition.
GarbageCleaning and clearing up. Ready to get rid of something.
GardenBig happiness. Inner self .Suitable time to pursue love affairs.
GateOpening or closure of something.
GhostSpiritual aspect of self. Memory. Past coming back. Beware of enemies.
GiftRecognition. Acknowledgment. Honor. Success and good luck.
GirlLearning to be receptive. Happiness and tranquility.
GodIntense enjoyment. Divine masculine. Creation. High ambitions.
GoldSplendor. Treasure. Ultimate value. Approaching money. High honors.
GovernmentAdministrative regulation. Feeling controlled.
GrandparentGentle authority. Kindness. Seeking support and shelter. Inheritance.
GroomMasculine activity and energy. Ready to commit.
GunViolence. Aggression. Threat. Danger ahead.
GypsyProne to change your mind very often.
MachineryConvenience. Richness and happiness. Hard work ahead. Good profits. Prosperity.
MagazineStimulation. Consumption. News from faraway. Loneliness.
MagicChange in your affairs. Transformation. Uncontrolled power or fear.
MailNews. Waiting for a secret to be revealed. Eager to learn.
MansionWealth. Expansive residence. Parts of you need more room.
MapChange of residence, business or employment. Need for guidance in life.
MarriageYou are ready to join or commit yourself to a cause. Joy without a profit.
MaskDisguise. Persona. Attitudes. Looking to hide some part of yourself or something from society.
MedicineHealing. Antidote. Big joy without profits.
MenstruationPower or fear of feminine identity. Motherhood.
MetalEndurance. High strength. Need to stay firm in basic principles.
MetamorphosisTransformation, as bay magic. Changes in form and mode of life.
MilitaryAssociated with armed forces, warfare. Aggression.being threatened by someone or something.
MilkFeeding young’s.maternal love. Part of you is seeking nourishment
MirrorVirtual image. Reflection. Identity. A true picture of something else..
MistyObscure. Cool and comfortable. An emotional field that surrounds you.
MonasteryContemplative seclusion. Spiritual community. Lacking sense of belonging.
MoneyCommodity. Profit or loss. Security. What do you value in yourself?
MonsterHorror and disgust. Threat. Fear of something.
MonumentRecognition. Memorial. Looking for something special or with great significance to join.
MotherApproval or disapproval. From what do you need to feel nourish and protected?
MotorcycleMotion. Travel. Vigor. Virility. Ready to be more masterful in your life.
MountainNatural elevation of yourself. Aspiration. Success through effort.
MournExpress sorrow. Pain. Losing something important for you.
MovingChange. New start. Ready to leave something behind.
MudSlanderous charges. Messy feelings. Family disturbances.
MurderViolent end.Loss of control over a situation.Sorrow and failure.
MusicBig pleasure in life. Rhythm. Harmony. Need to express yourself.
MysteryUnexplained. Secret. You are curious about something going on around you.
NakedPublic display. Exposed. Vulnerable. Loss of ambitions.
NeedlePiercing. You are ready to get to the point somewhere in your life.
NeighborFellowship. Work on community. Ready to join others in a project.
NephewFamily. Extension of yourself.Fresh blood. You want to start again on an old relationship.
NestSecluded space. Safety. Domestic happiness.
NightDarkness. Mystery. Unconscious contents. There is a mystery that you want to penetrate.
NightmareHorrifying event. Frightening condition.
NunChastity and obedience. Ask yourself where do you want to be more helpful
SailingNavigating emotional seas. You are starting out on a voyage.
SaltPreservation. Zest. Maybe there is something that you want to enhance in your life.
SandBarrenness. What prevents your growth.
Santa ClausChildhood. Belief. Getting what you want.
ScarInjury. Past experience. Ready to heal completely from an emotional hurt.
SchoolDiscipline. Instruction. You have the skills to resolve a problem.
ScientistKnowledge. Expert. A need for understanding.
ScissorsOpen and close. Sharpness. What part of your past do you want to open and then cut?
SecretMysterious. Hidden. Ready to reveal yourself or to uncover the truth.
SecretaryWork. Help. Affairs need to be organized.
SeedAncestry. Offspring. A source for a new beginning.
SeizuresConvulsion. Loss of control. Extreme agitation. You are afraid of someone or something.
SenileDeterioration. Declining abilities. Loosing interest in things from the past.
SewerUnderground. Secrets. Negativity. Ready to get rid of certain feelings.
SewingCreation. Repair. A relationship that you want to restore.
ShadowSecret. Ghost. Remnant. Part of your world needs to be illuminated.
ShellCovering. Protection. Seeking freedom from certain structures.
ShoppingOptions. Necessities that need to be fulfilled..
ShowerRelease down the drain. You want to get rid of some feelings.
SickUpset. Unwell. Part of yourself is ready to be healed.
SingingHappiness. Communication of feeling. Ready to celebrate.
SinkingBeneath the surface. You want to get to the bottom of things.
SisterFamily. Fellowship. Fortune .You are aware of your surroundings.
SkatingFreedom. Rapid movement with great ease. There is something ready to be move across with ease.
SkiingPhysical skill and balance. Ready to enjoy greater freedom of movement.
SkyCelestial. Limitless freedom. Looking or expansion, life without limits..
SleepingRelaxation and rest. Unconsciousness. False security.
SmellScent. Intuition based on senses. Ask yourself about a present situation,how does it smells
SmilingPleasure. Affection. Joy. Looking for something that makes. you happy
Smoking or SmokeRestricted vision. Cloud. Screen.Looking to hide certain feelings.
SnowPurity. Clarity. You want a fresh start.
SoldierConfrontation. Ready to challenge something.
SonDescendant. Youth. Projection of self. There is something that has been denied to you
SpeakingCommunication. Message. Looking to express yourself.
SpicyFlavor. Seeking more stimulation and intensity in your life.
SportsFun. Competition .You’re playing some sort of game.
StabbingViolence. Fear of betrayal. Need to be more trusting.
StairsUp or down. Aspirations .Looking to get to certain point against all opposition.
StarCelestial object. Self-luminous. Spiritual awakening.
StatueImage. Recognition. Representation. Need to express yourself.
StoreAbundance. Options. Variety.Seeking for new choices.
StormDisturbance. Sudden attack. Rage. There are some forces struggling within you.
StrangerOutsider. Unknown. Mystery needs to be revealed.
StringHold together. Joining. Wishing to tie something together.
SuffocationRestriction. Anxiety. Looking to grow in the right direction.
SugarSweetness. Pleasure.I ndulgence. Happy future.
SuicideEnd. Self-destruction. A need to let some things go.
SuitCredibility. Professional identity. Looking for power and recognition.
SunLife. Energy. Continuity. You are producing something worthy.
SunriseHorizon. Beginning. Looking for a fresh start.
SunsetCompletion of the cycle. Rest. Ask yourself what have you accomplished.
SurgeryHealing. Wish to reestablished your well-being.
SwimmingMovement through water of feelings contained by cultural constructs. You are in an emotional state.
SwordPower. Authority. Antagonistic. Need to confront certain situations.
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