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   The white cat
I am at a swimming pool and I pick up this old white cat that seems familiar. In this dream I really love this cat I can feel it. I feel that the cat is very sick and I am on my way to take it to the vet. I enter this very old heritage style building and greet the people as I walk into the room, they admire my cat. I walk to the elevator and there is no room people are crowding it and the cat rund back down to the bottom of the building. I felt such horror as this happened that I wanted to cry..I ran after my cat and held it in my arms. This is where it ends.
Melissa George, Sydney

Dream Interpretation by Rita_006:

Be wary Melissa, holding a white cat in a dream means you are likely to be influenced into some impropriety through the treachery of others.
This could also denote entanglements which, while seemingly harmless, will prove a source of sorrow and loss of money.
Simply put someone may try to talk you into parting with money and losing it. Rita 006

Melissa George, if you would like this reader to elaborate on this interpretation for you, you can ask for more detail with your private email dream interpretation with Rita_006

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