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   Golden staircase
I was walking in a dark place outside in some unknown place. I was by myself. I stopped walking because right in front of me was a golden staircase. Each step was long in width and the stairs went up so high I could not see an end. I walked over to the stairs and started walking up them. I did not think I would ever reach the end. About half way up the stairs, I saw angels dressed in white robes walking up the stairs on one side and walking down the stairs on the other side. I kept walking up and as I came to the top of the stairs, I was standing on the 3rd step from the top. And the top was like a big big golden porch. And on the porch was a seat made out of gold and on it sat a figure like a man and bright light came from the seat and the figure. Angels were standing all around the seat and the figure. The light was so bright it hurt my eyes and I got down on my belly and covered my face. This is when I woke up.
Jodie, Four Oaks, US

Dream Interpretation by Rita_006:

Jodie, your beautiful dream indicates to me that you are about to find your dream life. This would mean to me a perfect job or a perfect romance or both, Keep your heart and mind open as good things are coming your way.


Jodie, if you would like this reader to elaborate on this interpretation for you, you can ask for more detail with your private email dream interpretation with Rita_006

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