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   Lost brother came into my dreams
I lost my brother due to a car accident 14 years ago. He came into my dreams last night. He stood on a stair case looking up at me with tears in his eyes of joy. They were beautiful and blue as I remember, and filled with tears.

He told me he had two kids with him and he was so happy. He did not tell me why he is here but to let me know he has two boys with him? He is here for unfinished business.
Melissa, Benoni, ZA

Dream Interpretation by Christine_010:

Dear Melissa,

Your brother came to you in the dream state, when you were the most relaxed and accepting, and wanted to reassure you that he is there with you always, that he is happy and although his life was cut short in the car accident he is content and happy. I do not feel he came to you in the dream as it is connected to unfinished business, but feel he was ready to show himself in more solid form and the two boys represent a sense of purpose and balance. I feel he is also trying to give you the message of needing to have more purpose and balance in your own life today. I do feel that there will be news of pregnancy and birth in your family or extended family and the child will be a boy. Let his smile and his tears of joy be solid in your mind and heart and use his strength to seek new direction, new beginning for yourself in the near future.

God Bless

Melissa, if you would like this reader to elaborate on this interpretation for you, you can ask for more detail with your private email dream interpretation with Christine_010

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