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   A spider, snake and parrot
I had a dream which involved a spider, a snake, and a parrot. The first part of the dream involved the spider, it was a very big spider trying to bite me and chase me my wife and 2 kids. Then the spider goes under the bed and a big anaconda rattle hybrid snake starts to chase us. Iím constantly making my kids run away. The spider then appears again and my wife was unable to kill it but I finally stomped it out until it was a gooey mess. The snake appears again and I stomp on its neck to try to grab the snake by the neck. As I grab the snake, it wraps its long body around my arm and tries to strike me with its fangs. Just as it strikes, I put a shoe in the way and that gets caught by the fangs instead of me. I then am unable to move away and in the distance I see a green parrot resembling one I had while growing up. I then woke up screaming not being able to get away from the snake.
Chris, Winter Springs, US

Dream Interpretation by Christine_010:

Dear Chris,

This dream is connected to something that plays on your subconscious in regard to you being fearful of someone or something. The spider is to do with deception or not being honest. The snake, being such a large and snake wrapped around you, is restriction. The parrot represents gossip.

Your dream could well be warning you to ensure that your conscience is always clear as if you are not open and honest in all aspects of your family, life and relationship, then gossip or someone deliberately spreading rumors could undermine you. Take it as a warning to be very careful of people you do not feel you can trust.

Chris, if you would like this reader to elaborate on this interpretation for you, you can ask for more detail with your private email dream interpretation with Christine_010

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