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   Niki from Fox Creek,AB
Ok.. so I keep on having this re-occuring dream about ; Me being in this BIG forest and there are always lots of Lions , tigers, and Bears and other animals.. They dont hurt me, But i always feel really scared.. In this dream i always come to this big cliff with a Huge Drop-off and i wanna jump...Like sometimes there will be my little sister or my cousins or someone there , and they fall off this cliff....And i jump.. I donno why???? And if i jump.. leeches surround me and attack me.. I think that they are my WORST fear.! But i really would like to know what this dream is all about so... If you could give me your opinion of what is goin on ...That would be nIce....
Niki, Fox creek, AB

Dream Interpretation by Laila_032:

Niki, nothing to be afraid of as the bears represent motherhood, the lion strength of character and the tiger an obstacle which you want out of your life. The falling children and your jumping after them explain that you have many responsibilities, (the leeches sucking you dry) that have been forced upon you and that you desire to be rid of. Perhaps it's something we can repair together. If you would like have some insight please call me on +1866 286 5095 follow the prompts and dial in Pin Code: 032. I am available from 12am to 7am AEST.

Niki, if you would like this reader to elaborate on this interpretation for you, you can ask for more detail with your private email dream interpretation with Laila_032

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