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   Fire, Sylvia Spring Vall
I was in my house and a firefighter came in my house and told me that I had to get out because the houses around me were on fire. I ran and grabbed my jewlery, then my mom's, I went to get my sisters but didn't get it. then ran outside to see that all the houses around were on fire. The house directly in front of my house on the hill blew up, then my house caught on fire. Then i woke up.
Sylvia, Spring Valley

Dream Interpretation by _120:

Dear Sylvia,
Your dream about your house burning is interpretted to mean that your house symbolises " the inner world of your self breaking down". More specifically the internal defences you have with other women are breaking down. The two significant women in your life are your mother and sister in the dream; and their personal jewlery is their "feminine image of adornment". The dream means you have come to learn more of your own feminine tendencies that are uniquely your own. You take your mother's jewelry to symbolise what you need to understand most during this learning about who you are as a women in the outside world. You leave your sister's jewlery behind as you do not need to arm yourself with her personal concepts of femininity as you do not entirely relate or need to take heed to it.
The house only catches fire when you gather what you need which means, you are well on the way to understanding who you are as a women without disruption. The firefighter warns you, so you are well prepared for this change in your personal learning.

Eliza 792120

Sylvia, if you would like this reader to elaborate on this interpretation for you, you can ask for more detail with your private email dream interpretation with _120

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