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Sometimes we dream a lot and other times less, so what are our dreams all about?

Our dreams come from our subconscious mind, and often what we dream is our mind trying to make sense of what we’re living with every day. So when we’re calm, we dream less because our minds are less cluttered. And when we’re stressed or depressed, we dream more because our minds are racing all over the place.

But do our dreams actually have meaning?

Absolutely!  Our dreams are a showcase of our reality from a subconscious level. Dreams can help us understand our lives.

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What is dream interpretation?

Our dreams play a very important role in helping us to know what’s going down for us at any time. If you can learn to tap into your dreams and understand why you dream, you can use your dreams to guide you and d live a better life.

Dream interpretation is the process of assigning meaning to dreams and goes back to the beginning of time. The importance of our dreams has not only been recognised by ancients and mystics though, today medical science and modern psychology also recognise and utilise dream interpretation as part of patient care and treatment.

Not all dreams have meaning, but many do. Dreams come through to people in the same way they experience their daily life, so your dreams will reflect your life experiences, environment, people you know, what you know, your hopes and fears, etc.

Ever had a dream where you were part of a movie that you’d seen a few days before? Yip, we all have, and that’s what dreams are all about; they are a reflection of our life. Dreaming about people or images in a movie or on a TV show means very little other than that your subconscious mind is still processing what you saw. But sometimes we also have dreams that seem to come out of the blue and are very intense.

Dreams that have significance are much more intense on every level. They arouse our emotions, our five senses, and usually leave an impression that lasts at least for a few hours. Some dreams can be so intense that we never forget them. These dreams can leave you feeling ecstatically happy, sad, terrified, depressed … but they will never leave you thinking “meh!”

These are the dreams that you must pay attention to because these dreams are messages from your subconscious mind and even you Higher-Self. These can be once off dreams, or recurring – it just depends on what their message is. But most of us don’t know how to interpret our dreams, and often a dream can leave us so shaken that we focus on the wrong thing.

First thing to do is dump the dream dictionary!

Dream dictionaries are fun references that you can use for a laugh like your daily horoscope, but they’re not for real dream analysis. If you use a dream dictionary, you’re putting your life experiences into the same basket as everyone else in the world. No two people live the same life, so there’s no one-size-fits-all to dream analysis.

If you’ve had an intense dream that’s bothered or inspired you or recurring dreams, it’s best to have a dream reading.

What are dream readings?

When you have a dream reading, you’re consulting an expert on dream analysis.

Dream readers have spent many years studying and understanding dream patterns, so they’re able to give you insight and guidance into what your dreams mean and why you’re having these dreams.

What do dream readers know?

They know that significant dreams stem either from your subconscious mind or your Higher-Self and that these dreams have meaning; they aren’t just a coincidence!

The subconscious mind knows what you can’t admit, or what you’re overlooking and it tries to correct this imbalance through your dreams. The subconscious mind could also be reliving unresolved trauma through recurrent dreams. Either way, your subconscious mind is telling you that you have issues that you need to look at and resolve if you want to lead a balanced life.

Dreams that come from the Higher-Self are coming to you directly from the world of Spirit. Often these dreams can be very uplifting, inspiring, comforting and loving. Dreams from the Higher-Self are never frightening and will never leave you feeling upset. They could be serious, but never scary. These dreams have messages and guidance for you.

Dreams that are frightening and leave you feeling traumatised are from within you. They could be related to something that you saw or experienced, or they could relate to unresolved past or current trauma. Sometimes nightmares can be an indication that your body is taking strain and isn’t coping well. Sickness very often brings on nightmares as does stress, alcohol and drug use.

Dream readers know this, and a dream reading will help you get to the core of why you had or are having certain dreams. Because we can’t control what we dream about, it’s important to pay attention to significant dreams.

Many psychics have what’s known as precognitive dreaming, which is related to their clair-senses. Spirit readily uses dreams to communicate with psychics and with regular people like you through your Higher-Self.

What will a dream psychic tell me?

The first thing a dream psychic will want to know is what your dreams are all about. That’s why it’s very important to prepare for a dream reading by carefully writing down your dreams. If you wait until the day of the dream reading you could leave out important details. But there are ways that you can make sure that you don’t forget, and one is to keep a dream diary. If you’re not very good at writing things down, put your mobile phone or any other digital recording device next to your bed, and as soon as you awake from a dream (even in the middle of the night), grab it and record everything that you can remember about your dream.

Just like with a dream dictionary, dream psychics do attach meaning to things that happen in your dreams, but they know that there’s no universal symbolism in dream readings.

So what does that mean?

It’s easier to understand if we look at an example:

Dreaming about teeth is very common, and most dream dictionaries will tell you it’s a negative sign of loss or looming loss, even death of a loved one. That sounds really scary, and if you’re relying on a dream dictionary, you could fly into a state of panic, especially if you have recurring tooth dreams.

But maybe the dream is telling you something else, and maybe it’s not scary at all. Dreaming about teeth could tell you that:

  • You need to visit a dentist (a tooth abscess can be painless, but your body knows it’s there)
  • You’re not taking proper care of yourself; what we eat and drink goes through our mouths (look at your diet and lifestyle; your body could be calling for help)
  • You’re afraid of speaking out (think about your life; do you mostly keep quiet?)
  • You fear being embarrassed (why or by who; this is usually a relationship issue)
  • You could have money coming your way (some readers base that on the age-old connection of lost teeth with the giving tooth fairy)

So you can see from one small example how dreaming about something can have different meanings. There could be loads of different reasons why you’re afraid of being embarrassed or of speaking out, and you don’t realise it. New relationships, new schools, new jobs, new neighbourhoods … any type of change can make us more self-aware, and we could be losing our confidence. If that’s the case, you’re being made aware that there’s no need to lose your confidence because you’ll settle in and all will even out.

Or you could be being warned that you’re in an abusive relationship or situation that’s making you stand back and not speak up for yourself. A situation like this is never good because it can do lasting emotional and psychological damage. Your dreams are telling you to move on and get out of whatever it is, be it a family environment, friendship, love relationship, marriage, work or school environment or anything else.

And being told you need to see a dentist or check your lifestyle? Your body has its own intelligence, and your body knows more about what going down that you do. We’ve lost touch with our body’s innate intelligence thanks to modern science and medicine that tends to shun ancient wisdom. If you can learn to listen to your body, you can spare yourself sickness and unnecessary suffering.

This is how dream readings will help you. The dream psychic will be able to work with you through dream analysis to understand what the specific meaning of your dreams is because your dreams are unique to you.

How can I guarantee an accurate dream reading?

It’s not easy to get accurate dream analysis, and there are stacks of fake dream readers who have downloaded a dream dictionary and want to con you out of your money. But if you want to guarantee an accurate dream reading, there’s hope!

Visiting online psychic reading sites is the best way to go to get accurate dream readings. Many psychics are very experienced in dream interpretation, and they can connect with the world of Spirit and your Higher-Self, which makes their dream analysis even better.

All psychic reading sites screen their readers before they can join, and then profile successful readers, so you know what type of reading you’re getting. This info is really important because psychics specialise in different things, so you’re looking for a dream psychic. You’ll definitely find a dream reader online that can help you understand your dreams.

Here’s our partner site Keen.

Reading types: phone, email, sms & text

The great thing about getting dream readings online is that you can have a dream reading at any time from wherever you are. All you have to do is go online, select a dream reader, and away you go!

Thanks to online sites you can find a dream psychic and get a dream reading by phone, online chat, email or sms depending on the psychic reading site you choose. Dream readings done by phone or online chat are immediate; they’re like a dream interpretation hotline 24/7/365! If you opt for sms or email dream readings you’ll see that they’re much more personal and private, even if they take a bit longer. And you’ve got a written record to keep with your dream diary.

If you’re wondering if dream readings online are accurate – STOP! Online dream readings are NO different from any other. The strength of dream readings lies in the dream psychic’s dream analysis skills and connection with your Higher Self and with Spirit energy. Nothing else impacts the accuracy and quality of dream readings.

Are dream readings and healing readings the same?

To an extent, yes!

Often our dreams are warning us about something that’s going wrong for us, and sometimes what’s wrong needs to be healed. So that’s the similarity between dream and healing readings.

Once you’ve had a dream reading and recognised what your dreams are telling you, it would be a good idea to have a free tarot or even pay for a fortune teller reading so that you can get everything back into balance.

Or if your dreams are more inspirational, or you keep dreaming about numbers, why not try a numerology reading? Spirit often communicates with us through the wisdom and power of numbers.

There have been many creatives worldwide who claimed that their dreams were the source of their inspiration. Some famous people who claim that they got inspiration from their dreams include John Lennon and Paul McCartney of the Beatles, Stephen King, Salvador Dali, Edgar Allen Poe and Carl Jung.

Just imagine what your dreams could be trying to tell you!

How much does a dream reading cost?

There’s no saying. You can expect to pay from $0.99 to $9.99 per minute.

If you sign up with Keen, you get the first 3 minutes of your reading FREE! This gives you time to see if you are connecting with the dream psychic before you start paying. Plus, you get the next 10 minutes of your reading for only $1.99!


How to identify an accurate, legit dream psychic:

When you’re looking for someone to help you out with dream interpretation, you can’t afford to waste your money on cons. Word of mouth is the best way to go if you’re looking for an accurate and legit dream reading. There’s no better option than online psychic reading sites. They’re definitely the way to go because they profile all their readers and list all past client reviews and comments on each reader’s profile.

You can’t go wrong!

People who leave reviews and rate dream psychics know what the reader did for them. They won’t lie online. Most people who want a dream reading are serious, and they wanted a dream reading to know what their dreams are all about. They didn’t have to leave a review; they left a review to recognise the good work the dream psychic did for them.

Pros and cons of dream readings:

So what are the pros and cons of dream readings?

  • Dream readings can help you identify health issues
  • Dream readings can help you identify personal issues
  • Dream readings can help you connect with your Higher-Self
  • Dream readings can give you messages from the world of Spirit
  • Dream readings can help you find inspiration to do great things
  • Dream readers can easily be impersonated by cons
  • Dream readers can misinterpret the dream message
  • Dream readings can give you advice you’re not prepared for
  • Dream readings can identify issues that make you feel uncomfortable
  • Dream readings won’t give you things like the winning lottery numbers

 Remember: Every great dream begins with a dreamer … 

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Top 3 Dream Reading Sites Online
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