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   Psychic Ability Tests
How developed is your psychic ability? To find out, choose from the options below to set up the type of test you would like to take, then click the "Begin Psychic Ability Test" button
Predict the future ( the program selects a card after you have made a choice ).
Predict a card unknown to you ( the program selects the cards before you make a choice ).
Card Type:
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Get Your Instant Free Tarot Reading
Compatibility Forecast Horoscope 1 year [Sample report]

This 1-year forecast gives a heads up on what’s in store between two people. The astrology interpretations in this report are based on the assumption that the two people involved have a close ongoing relationship. The closer the bond, the more the influences will be felt and perceived. Approx 75 pages. 1 year length. Price $ 65.95  AUD

   Developing your Psychic Abilities
It is widely believed amongst the psychic community that everyone possesses psychic abilities. But not everyone has the ability to access and utilise their inner psychic self- it needs to be cultivated and nurtured over a long period of time.

With the pressures and stresses of modern society, we are increasingly find it more difficult to slow down the mental activity of our conscious mind. A psychic is able to divert the conscious mind and begin to focus on the sub conscious.

Read an article on "How to Develop Psychic Abilities"

Discuss Developing your Psychic Abilities with our Live Psychics.
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