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Aside from tarot, nothing quite conjures up the image of a mystical gipsy style reading than a crystal ball. But what is the crystal ball all about?  How is it different to other forms of fortune telling? Can it predict the future? How can you make the most out of a crystal ball reading?

These are all questions that we are going to cover right here, right now, and all you need to do is keep on reading …

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What is a Crystal Ball Reading?

A crystal ball reading is said to expose the reader to high quality and vivid images, or even mini-movies that will represent their client’s life or question.  It has been noted that the detail involved with a crystal ball reading is superior to most other forms of divination which is why a crystal ball reading is well worth trying out.  

A crystal ball reading involves a psychic (likely to be clairvoyant) who uses the crystal ball to ‘scry’ which is to find images, symbols and information that makes sense to their client from the ball.  How the crystal ball reader does this does seem to differ depending upon the reader but what is shared with all crystal ball readings is the clarity of the images received.

Why Are Crystal Ball Readings Different?

Crystal ball readings are different because they are rarer than a psychic or tarot reading, for example.  If you can find an experienced crystal ball reader they will have developed a good relationship with their ball which means better readings for you, and because of the rarer nature and frankly difficult practice of crystal ball reading, you at least will be guaranteed a reading from an experienced psychic.  

Reading a crystal ball is not something that everybody can do, even if they are highly psychic and so the style

of the reading will be very different as a result.  

Finally, the visions that are shown through a crystal ball are incredibly clear and realistic which can provide more specific detail about a particular aspect of your life than any other form of divination.

Can Crystal Ball Readings Predict The Future?

The answer to this question, in short, is yes … and no!

It’s entirely possible that the images and stories provided by the crystal ball are future projections of your future, but there is a huge but!  … or two!

The first issue with predicting the future is that everything that has not happened, or that is happening right at the moment of your reading is always subject to change. Because we have free will and our thoughts, actions, decisions and the influences or decisions of others can change the future significantly, in a heartbeat.  

You cannot rely on any future predictions to manifest into your experience of life.  

Sure, you will have some predestined experiences, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are physical experiences, they are likely to be experiences for your psyche (which can play out in life in a variety of different ways).  

The second issue is that there is a possibility that there is more than one reality that our souls are experiencing at any period.  This is a difficult one to wrap your head around and something that I still find difficult to fathom in my mind, but there is a possibility that the image you receive from a crystal ball reading is an image from a different experience of life that your psyche may be living.  

There is also another ‘but’ too, and that is that our minds can fantasize and  play movies in our mind of fantasy based on books we’ve read, things we’ve imagined, or movies we’ve watched. It may be difficult for the reader to discern between what is a representation of a fantasy and what is real.

So, while it’s entirely possible that the crystal ball can predict the future, it’s almost impossible for you to know which visions are predictions and which are not.

Which is why it’s always important to take any predictions of the future with a pinch of salt.

There are just too many variables that can influence the reality of the situation. This is also the reason why psychics don’t win the lottery!  

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

How To Make The Most Out Of A Crystal Ball Reading

The biggest issue with a crystal ball reading is being able to translate the messages and to understand how the messages from the crystal ball link to your life accurately.  To help with this challenge, you could be careful about what questions you ask.

Instead of asking for a general reading, try to make your question a little more specific, such as;

  • What is the cause of the conflict I’m experiencing in my relationship?
  • How can I adjust my life to attract a healthy and committed relationship?
  • What do I need to know to help me to come to terms with my grief over the loss of a loved one  (or relationship)?
  • How can I be a better parent to my children?
  • What challenges do I face at work?
  • How can I handle the challenges I face at work effectively?

Who Is A Crystal Ball Reading For?

This is just my own opinion, but I believe a crystal ball reading is more useful when you have a specific issue you want to find guidance on rather than a general reading.  Because the nature of the images are so precise, the context of the detailed information would be lost in a general reading unless your crystal ball reader uses other forms of divination such as their psychic ability or tarot cards.  

A crystal ball reading will suit anybody who wants to find some clarity on a situation; in fact, a crystal ball specialises in clarity.  

The Pros and Cons Of Getting A Crystal Ball Reading Today


  • Get fantastic clarity from a reading.
  • Crystal ball readers are usually experienced and multi-skilled.
  • Offers an interesting perspective on your life’s situations
  • Professional readers provide high-quality responsible readings
  • A reading will never be intimidating


  • You won’t always hear what you want to hear
  • You can’t rely on the visualisations to be in the context that you imagine or to be able to manifest in the future.
  • You may not always like the delivery style of your chosen reader.
  • Your reader has to discern the message for you, which can be subject to human error.
  • A crystal ball reading alone might not give you a completely balanced perspective on your situation.

What You Can Expect From Your Crystal Ball Reading

You can expect a very different reading to what you may have been used to.  Many crystal ball readers may use various tools that support the crystal ball and will pick up the reading where the ball stops.  Which means that if this is the case, you’ll experience a well-rounded reading with an extra dose of clarity on a situation courtesy of the crystal ball!  All readings will be positive, uplifting and empowering.

Where To Find the Best Readers Online

Here are our favourite crystal ball readers, but if you want to explore further here are our favourite psychic sites.  

Here are our picks:

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Kasamba– Get three minutes free!  

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Keen– 10 minutes for $1.99

Still not sure?  Find out more about some of the processes involved with a crystal ball reading.

What Is Divination

Divination is the process of listening to the messages from the Universe, or some might say ‘from beneath the veil’ using a tool that will help translate the messages into a format that we can understand.  It’s possible to use a divination tool without having any extrasensory perception skills, but if you don’t have any ESP skills, these skills are likely to develop as you work with your divination tool. And if you do have the ESP skills, you’ll create a more balanced and informative reading for yourself or a client.

The Common Types of Divination

  • Scrying
  • Numerology
  • Astrology
  • Tarot Reading
  • Runes

What Is Scrying

Scrying is a form of divination that allows you to use a look into a specific medium to find visions or symbolic meaning from the what you see either through the patterns, meditation, blurred vision or clairvoyance.  Which can then be read and translated for yourself, or a client, in the same way, that the tarot is translated for clients?

Tools used for scrying can be

  • Mirrors
  • A crystal ball
  • Crystals
  • Stones
  • Water
  • Photographs
  • Clouds
  • Fire
  • Smoke
  • Tea leafs
  • Glowing coals

What is Extra Sensory Perception

Extrasensory perception is additional sensory skills that a person might have that allows them to perceive information from their world.  People with extra sensory perception can perceive more than somebody who doesn’t have the skill.

It’s similar in a sense to an animal who might be able to perceive more about the world through its keen ability to smell things that we, as humans wouldn’t be able to smell.

We also refer to ESP when we say somebody is psychic.

The most common forms of extrasensory, or psychic abilities are;

  • Clairvoyant – The ability to see images and information in visual form, in the mind.
  • Clairsentient – The ability to sense information about people or situations.
  • Clairaudient – The ability to hear information about people or situations.

How Does Crystal Ball Reading Work

There are many conflicting accounts of how a crystal ball reading works, which tells me that there are many different ways to interpret the crystal ball, and the choice of reading style is likely to be very personal to the person reading the crystal ball.  

It is said that some people will look into the ball, in a trance-like state, or with blurred vision and as they do they receive images in their mind that connect to the topic they are linking to.  

Others might meditate with their eyes closed and their hands on the ball, or be sitting next to the ball and the visualisations appear in the mind’s eye.

In other situations, a crystal ball reader might have the crystal ball nearby as they perform a tarot reading, or start discussing the needs of their client and as they do, information will be transmitted to them from the ball.  

The surprising thing is that the images are not reported to be seen on the ball. Instead, it’s the energy of the ball that projects the images into the crystal ball readers mind’s eye.  The closest example of somebody reading images on the ball might be if the crystal ball reader uses the blemishes in the ball as a way to form shapes that hold symbolic meaning for them, which they then translate into something that makes sense.  

Are you ready to find out what the crystal ball has in store for you?  

Here are the links;

Kasamba– Get three minutes free!  

Oranum – No offers but a wide variety of different types of spiritual readings.

Psychic Source– Low priced readings right now!

Keen– 10 minutes for $1.99

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