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  1. Hello,


    Many of you may have an interest in Astrology and learning about how the stars can influence our lives. This is the place to share your opinions on the topic as well as developing your knowledge on the planets, zodiac houses, aspects, how to create and read birth charts and more.


    Or, if you would like us to prepare an astrology report for you, visit http://www.psychicguild.com/reports.php and we can email or post your personalised reports to you. They include general natal & life reports, love and romance compatibility as well as chinese astrology.


    Yours Spiritually,

    Universal Psychic Guild

  2. good point so when do we pull the house down , and biuld the 2 ,, story flats in a block of 4 , buy the way im over biulding , i was a concreter for years and will never do that again,, and then theres the factory i bourt last year to turn into an american flat,, but , i supose we could get rid of that as we had only dreamed of it for the last 15 years,, and all the other stuff in all the other readings,, we got to put them on the block to,,,and that was in between the trip over seas,thats realy my ship comming in,, and the uropian thing,, well, so what your realy saying,, correct me if im rong,, is that one reading stuffs up the others reseption, so they become way off,,,hhhhhhhhaaaaaah,,well i see,, so the reading i got from victoria , last week that says ive got 4 kids and maby more , was so far out it was because of all the others,,that read for me,,, and the fact she saw eve more kids from a nother woman some where, was because they were so stong they through her way off,, im 47 only married once have only one daughter and cant have any more kids owing to testicle cancer,,, if i was that far off i wouldant blame other readings id bow out quietly,,, , , ive stated a few times now,,, 2 readers got it rite,, scotty hill and brians predictions,, the rest didant tuch the serface,,, i also stated 98 people suposed psychics tried out for sencing murder on telly,, 98 were so far away from the mark they didant get the job,,, maby its time to have a look at why,,, i wanto know,,maby they were getting antaner interferance from the others,,but if thats all you can come up with god help us,,,, ,,,people read these forums to learn and im giving them what i know from my studys,, how many others have taken on a study like im doing to get some line on this stuff,, i mite do a p.h.d on the subject,, i cant just blunder through and go ok, its all rite i payed for a reading , and she says its going to happen so ill wait 5 years and if it dosant ill ring her up and abuse her,,, lets get real,, , the last reading i had was from this giuld forum and the past was so far off , the future had no chance, ralphy,




    NB. Ralphy was offered a full refund which he declined, and also a free email psychic reading from Universal Psychic Guild. We hope he has been able to find guidance.

  3. Universal Psychic Guild is happy to be able to provide you with Free Dream Interpretations. Unravel the mysteries of your dreams with a free dream interpretation.


    Each week, a select number of dreams will be responded to by our highly skilled dream interpreters.


    To submit your dream for interpretation, visit http://www.psychicguild.com/dream


    Yours Spiritually,

    Universal Psychic Guild

    http://www.PsychicGuild.com :lol:

  4. Take part in this poll which is gauging how often people like to have Tarot Readings performed on them? Are you a Tarot Reading virgin? Or are Tarot Readings part of your daily life?!


    To participate, register a nickname and when you are logged in, return to this message and simply click the little circle next to your answer at the top of this post. Choose wisely, as you can only vote once!