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  1. Lickdafoot

    totem animals

    simply ask to be shown =) be receptive of it, and you will start seeing your animal around. think about what animals you are drawn to, what animals you dislike. what you feel it might be. i think nature will find a way of bringing the animal to you if you are open to the idea. you can also do a dream incubation asking to be shown your animal. before you go to sleep, ask and focus on being shown your power animal in your sleep and to remember it upon waking. keep doing this until you think you've gotten the animal. you can also make up a meditation and see what you get.
  2. Lickdafoot

    Everyone's Totems and Spirit guides

    Hey Kai, i've had a few experiences with owls too. a few months after i'd asked the world, "what was my animal totem?" i'd seen three/ four different times an owl! (once during the day) There's something so serene about seeing them ecspecially during the day time. :) ahem.. and there's always the good ol' tissue paper roll and drier sheet.. not that i'm an expert with that.
  3. Lickdafoot


    So the last post I made about schizophrenia inspired me to do a little searching on synaesthesia. And then jodee suggested making a thread out of it so here I go: Theres also a type of synesthesia which gives personalities to numbers, letters, words, etc. heres an example: "T’s are generally crabbed, ungenerous creatures. U is a soulless sort of thing. 4 is honest, but… 3 I cannot trust… 9 is dark, a gentleman, tall and graceful, but politic under his suavity" I find that soooo interesting. It just goes to show that things are more connected than it seems, and that some people can sense it more automatically and find it to be more "true" I also read something saying that while some people actually "see" the colors in their feild of vision, with distance etc. some others see it only in their "minds eye." Maybe opening the third eye.. is a way towards understanding "synethestic" experiences. Or towards perceiving things in a more linked way. Maybe these synesthtic people have a larger connection with their third eye than most, but just not quite consiously. They also don't have it listed as a "mental disorder" because it doesn't cause conflict in peoples lives and is usually a neutral or positive experience. i also found a link about seeing auras vs. synaesthesia. can't post it here but if anyones interested i'll pm you! they kind of shrugged aruas seeing off as a misfiring in the brain though, :blink: but i'm in the process of finding some better stuff on it. heres what jodee said in response: i also found another site where they challenged someones ability to see auras! first they lined up twenty people and she said she could see all of their auras a couple feet above their head. then they put 20 curtains up, and put people behind the curtains. they were just tall enough to cover thier heads. she claimed she could see auras over top of every single curtain even though they only put people behind 6 of the curtains. the site then said this person had synaesthesia. theres a 1,000,000 dollar offer up for anyone who can "proove" their psychic/supernatural powers! okay so what do you guys think of it all?
  4. Lickdafoot


    Hi guys, I know some techniques but I can't quite think of the details right now. I'll be on later when I have time to type them up and edit it into this post. :P
  5. Lickdafoot


    well, how do you get your other psychic information? it could simply be that you are more of a "sensing" person than audial or visual. If you really want to see or hear them though, there are visualization techniques. There are channeling techniques as well. If you practice them enough, i'm sure they'd work for you. But of course you could be content with what you are recieving now. Sometimes its hard to really grasp or put a hold on something that we "sense" because it doesnt seem as concrete, but that doesn't mean its not as real.
  6. Lickdafoot

    The Arrogance of Ignorance

    oh okay, that makes sense. i dont know much about light and computer graphics hehe. i was speaking in a more figurative/broad sense when i said we are all wrong as well as all right.
  7. Lickdafoot

    The Arrogance of Ignorance

    better yet.. what if they are both wrong AND both right? It's just like the colored box thing right.. yeah the "box" is white, but the spectrum of the light made the box appear blue (and all the other colors). anyone who would make an argument saying its blue, would be right because it is blue in their perception. But theres always more to know which can change your perception (not necessarily making it any more right than another's.) Inveni0, I read your article and I find it very interesting. I'm not Christian but I do believe in some of it's ideas. I believe that when people look to the bible to find all their answers, is when it gets muddled. Something written by a few select people (so many years ago, in a completely different language, and changed numerous times etc) can't possibly have all the answers. It's more important to find God's relevance in our own lives and experiences. I think its important that people think "outside of the box." Hopefully your article can reach some of those people that are on the brink of further examination of themselves and their beliefs.
  8. Lickdafoot


    ohh i just saw two great reggae bands in concert, Pepper and Slightly Stoopid. they've got such a good reggae/rock vibe =)
  9. That's a funny (funny as in interesting) comment... i think the fact that you are interested in angels, means that that is the form that you will get a lot of your guidance. maybe youre seeing the swirling colors because its confirmation that it's all connected- colors, angels, spirits, etc. It's all forms of energy, and like Chilli said, it will manifest into whatever form that you can relate to. I think the fact that your questioning there relation, is whats giving you so many signals. Sort of like a message of "we are all one- we are all connected- and we are all a part of you." After all, its all energy right? If its making you feel relaxed and connected, then that is why it's there. thats the purpose of it. Certain colors are related to certain Angels, so a way that they can be "anywhere and everywhere" is by sending there energy to you, and there energy has certain colors. Maybe you were seeing a mix of colors because there is a wealth of guidance being sent your way from angels.
  10. Lickdafoot


    i've seen these things before.... i thought it was maybe energy in the earth or rays from the sun.. but someone told me that's just something that our eyes do-- particles/ reflectors in the lens or something like that.
  11. Lickdafoot

    Wrong birthdate, wrong sign?

    hey, there was another thread just recently very similar to this- http://www.psychicguild.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=3812 I think we were born the moment we were for a reason --that first breathe that we take of air which reflects our continuous pattern of breathing and living during life.
  12. I missed a lot, but i'd still like to give my thoughts on this question. Yes Jodee, I believe thinking something or believing something will make it true. if we are really strong in our beliefs, usually that becomes our reality. okay i have a cute manifestation story to go along with this.. I have to add this cause it made me feel like a little giddy girl.. =P I had this strange dream about my "friend", i'll call him Oshkosh lol. In the dream I was sitting on a ledge and oshkosh came up to me and said, "hey I had a dream about you. we were standing in a huge open golf course at night time dancing and kissing in the rain." When I woke up, I couldn't exactly remember what he told me in the dream besides that he dreampt about me, but when I saw him the next day, I told him about it. Anyway, we were driving by a little park and it was night time.. so we decided to go play on the play ground. while we were on the jungle gym i said "oh i love big open fields at night." it started raining and after we were sitting back in the car, he opened my door for me and said, "I have to show you something." He turned his music up really loud, it was playing a slow song , and we walked some ways into the field. he was saying, "Ive been planning this special day for us but there was one spot on the list i just couldn't find. i was looking up date ideas and it said to go to a field during the night, bring music, and dance in the rain. I was searching everywhere for a place to do that.. and I couldn't find it. But here we are, just hanging out, and its here. For some reason everything with you seems to find its way into reality anyway." :P so eventually I remembered the rest of my dream and told oshkosh about it. he said well there you go predicting the future... and I said, hmm maybe not predicting the future but i certainly did tap into your head! So yeah i think my point is that, as Victoria said, thoughts are energy. they are one of the many forms of energy.. so they can in turn create a reality. And I think energy can be transfered... and thoughts become stronger and more real when more than one person is thinking the same thing. (sort of like when you saw that white light in your room, jodee) But yeah, I kept getting signals about that secnario- my dream, my thought about fields, etc... even though I had no clue he was thinking about this. I think through being close to someone you can tap into their thinking (subconsciously or consciously) and therefore both of your realities can change. So I think it all has to do with energy on a basic level.
  13. Yeah, there's that one meditation which really fills you with pure energy; which is when you start out seeing a little white light in the center of your heart and keep filling it up until it lights up your whole body, and then outside your body, to expand throughout the whole world. I also used to meditate to the words, "I am," which made me feel energised! I agree that everything is made of energy, everything deals with energy. We can send energy to plants, man-made objects, situations, people, anything. I think love might be one of the highest feelings in terms of energy, and by admiring something and focusing on it, you are giving it strong, light energy. Actually i think any form of attention and focus can give energy to something, giving it life. So in that since, energy is a form of creation.
  14. hey, i appreciate him for the humor he brings =P now thats beauty!!!
  15. Hi WannaBeMe, I think thats a good point, and I think that might be the "final step" sort-of-speak.. (nirvana, becoming one with god, etc...) I think the more we appreciate and love ourselves, and what we have, the more we love others. =P