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    All things in this realm, plus reading, writing stories, singing and playing music, walking in forests, watching water and the Moon and stars, and friends. I have a strong interest in dreams and their interpretation. I would also be glad to communicate with any Native Americans to help me find out more about their culture. This is very important to me in my journey. I have learned that under the Cherokee Nation, my totem is the Eagle.
  1. Lenky

    An odd problem with temperature

    Just an update. I got a message from my daughter yesterday and her thermometer is still doing this weird thing. It's not the batteries or anything, and it doesn't seem to matter where she puts it in the house. It still sometimes shows temps that are close to what we have in my part of the world and nothing like where she lives in Oz.
  2. Lenky

    Hello (again!) from Lenky

    Thank you, Alex. And also Angel Soul :)
  3. Lenky

    Anything I can do?

    I've read your later, follow-up post with the good news that your Dad will be seeing a doc soon. I think that if a man throws back something like that it can often mean he is well aware what he should be doing, and he is quietly annoyed with himself for putting it off. So, those come-back answers are just excuses; he knows as well as you do that he is avoiding the issue. Sometimes it's just fear. We can all fear the unknown, and when it comes to medical issues then the old fallacy of "What I don't know won't hurt me" often rears its head. Of course it's true that women have to face the same fears and fight the same internal battles. But perhaps for men, there is more of a tendency to think we have to be tough or something. Heck, it could even be an evolutionary thing. Even if one doesn't subscribe to Darwin's whole theory, then when it comes to "fight or flight" human males have more often been expected to do the former rather than the latter. Even when they were sacred witless that pressure was still often placed on them. (And still is in many cases.) Anyway, this mentality is commonly installed into males and so when they do "take flight", even from the fear of what they may discover, they feel bad about themselves. So, if a man is told, "I won't feel any less of you for being afraid of something", that could help. A bit of a messy reply, sorry. But I hope it made some sense. :)
  4. Lenky

    An odd problem with temperature

    Hi Posibilities, my sister and I used to get that synchronicity thing quite often. It still happens occasionally (and with my daughter as well), but we have all long since accepted that's just the way we are. I'd be quite glad to be in my 30s again and know what I know now! :D Or okay, even my 40s. But that's a common sentiment as we get older. I suppose the main thing is to make the most of life that we can, whatever our age. And take a new direction if we feel we need to. It sure worked out well for me! :) Hello Angel Soul, crumbs... I recognize your avatar, assuming it's the same one you had yonks ago. A grandfather from a colder climate? Well, maybe not a grandfather nor even a great-grandfather, as none of hers were from places as cold as it gets here. But I'm a grandfather to her kids, so maybe I qualify? :P
  5. Lenky

    An odd problem with temperature

    Hello PG, well, my mode of living is going to change quite a lot. I'll be officially retiring in a few months and my wife and I will also be moving out of our flat to live permanently in the country. Perhaps it would help if I explain. My wife is suffering from a form of dementia due a disease called "generalized cerebral atrophy". It causes effects similar to Alzheimer's (that tends to attack the hippocampus first and spreads from there), but like Alz, it is considered incurable and terminal. But I feel it's better to take a positive approach as much as possible, so this is partly why we will be moving to the country. Selling our flat in the "big city" (Prague) will give us funds to do up our cottage and also vastly reduce our monthly outgoings, so it's financially a good move. Spiritually it's even better. Our cottage is situated in a small, sleepy and very old village in one of the loveliest regions of this country. We have forests and farmland all around, along with many lakes. There is no major highway nearby, so it's also very quiet. The air is much better, and because there is very little light pollution the night sky is wonderful. Even the water is better. The village water supply is from its own private springs, sourced from deep underground in the nearby hills. So, we have crystal-clear spring water on tap! We are also fortunate because everyone there is so friendly and welcoming. Our neighbours are all wonderful and being aware of my wife's condition, they keep an eye out for her is she goes for a little walk while I am working on something in the cottage. Most importantly, we love it there. There is a good range of shops in the regional town just 4 km away and there are no traffic lights to worry about. It makes such a difference to be able to get in the car and just drive without needing to worry about that. Also, because people in the country just don't tend to hurry so much as city folks, no-one cares if we want to motor along a bit slower and admire the scenery, like the deer we often see out in the fields and forests. And, as I'll be able to retire, then I can devote my time to her much more easily and with less worry. And get local help as well if we need it. That's a huge factor. Hopefully I'll also be able to spend more time writing as well, as I'd love to finish the next book in a series I have been working on. My daughter's situation is very different, of course, but as she is raising three children she also has plenty going on in her life. Will she have some major lifestyle change in the near future? I don't know, but she's an adaptable person and might well choose a new direction, especially if she feels it's better for her children.
  6. Lenky

    Hello (again!) from Lenky

    Thank you both for your welcomes! :)
  7. Lenky

    Hello Magic people

    A month late, but it all helps! Victoria, I'll gladly send to you what a lovely lady here once sent to me some years ago: Pink light. :) When you sleep tonight, some hours from now, watch that light through closed eyes as it comes down, embraces and protects you. It's beautiful and it helps. :)
  8. Lenky

    Anything I can do?

    Posibilities, I'm a 60-y-o guy with grown-up kids and six grandkids, so I'll try to give you my perspective. You have to hit him pretty hard. Not physically, but within his very being. Try saying: "Dad, I love you. I love you and I want you around. I want to be able to hug you and talk to you. You are the only Dad I have! Please, just for me, can you see a doctor and make sure you're okay? And don't give the doc any BS, tell it like it is. Please, do this for me." Why this way? Because while he might not do it for himself, he'll do it for you.
  9. Lenky

    Something in the bathroom

    Hi Nigel, if you'd said simply that you couldn't find it anywhere in the bathroom, then my mind would just to something like "attention-deficiency" as a response. But you went on to say "suddenly we heard a noise from the bathroom". The "heard a noise" aspect creates an entirely different scenario, one that separates the extra-ordinary from the mundane. I cannot fathom why your soap dish would vanish then reappear and fall to the floor, but that is apparently what happened. It raises some questions. Like, how was it attached to the tiles (assuming you have tiles as most do)? The four most likely options are a) fixed into the wall either via screws or tile adhesive, the soap dish also being like a tile, B) fixed via suction cups, c) fixed via sticky squares on the back, or d) hanging on a rail. Which applies here? To give you some idea of where I'm leading, some years ago my wife and I had a little problem in our flat with the glass cover for the bathroom light unscrewing itself and literally crashing to the floor. After losing two this way we just stopped replacing them. In other words, some things require an external, physical force beyond mere gravity to move them. Things that are stuck on can fall all on their lonesome over time, things that are hung, screwed or firmly affixed need a fair nudge. :) And, more importantly, what's your take on it? Nigel, it's very useful to analyze these matters yourself. It's a mental and psychical challenge, as it were. Oh, yeah. Definitely. There is that! :)
  10. Hello to old friends from thousands of days ago, and also to new ones. :) Back in about 2006 or so I was quite active here on the forum boards and it was a wonderful time. And then, as often happens, there were changes in my life and I was led in a different direction. But I have never forgotten my days here. It was a time of great learning, personal healing and sharing. As some might recall I did some readings, either via Tarot or just directly. Maybe I helped some folks, but the chances to explore these realms helped me as well. I have not returned to seek or offer services as a reader and want that to be completely clear. But because some of you would know that I did them at times, I'd just like to say that for now, because of circumstances within my own life, I would rather not be asked to do any. Instead, either ask those who offer to do them as "practice" or seek the help of our Guild professionals here. For now, I'm happy just to meet new people and get to know some of the "old" ones that I knew years ago. We all go through changes in life and it would be very boring if we didn't, so I'm hoping to share a little on that basis. With best regards, Lenky. (But you can call me Mike if you wish, seeing as that's my name IRL.)
  11. Hello everyone, I am returning after a long absence to share something with you and ask you for your advice or thoughts. Rather than go into a long spiel about what I've been doing since I joined this site about a decade ago and then seemed to just fade away, let me just say it feels good to be back. I wrote to Victoria and asked her advice on this specific matter and she suggested this forum. So, down to brass tacks. A few days ago I got some emails from my daughter, who I'll just call "K". She is in her 30s and lives in Australia, so because I'm on the other side of the world in Prague, we often communicate this way. Most of our messages are just the use "family" things, where we talk about ourselves, her kids and so on. But this was very different. As most of you would doubtless know, mid-January in Oz tends to be a bit on the warm side. But K wrote to tell me that a digital thermometer in her home was showing very weird variations: she would look at it, and although it was in the 20s Celsius in her home when the air-con was working, it showed eg minus 2.8 degrees C. The after a few minutes it went back to eg the actual 24 C. Obviously that would puzzle anyone, so she wrote to ask me. I checked our Prague weather for the previous night and found our minimum temp was about minus 3 C and wondered if this thermometer was somehow "connecting" her with me. It makes no sense scientifically, but science does not explain everything! Then a couple of days ago, she said it was showing minus 5.8 degrees and it held this temp for some hours. Again, I checked the weather and well... it didn't exactly match up with our Prague overnight weather but was right in line with what we had at our country cottage. And as my wife and I are going to be moving there permanently pretty soon, I thought, "Hmmm... Maybe I should ask in the Psychic Guild!" Because there is no-one else I can really ask! So, I wrote to Victoria and asked her about it and we also discussed if I could post a thread. Victoria suggested I do so, so here it is. She also offered a few ideas, but I'd like to see what members here think. Have you ever heard of anything like this? If so, what resulted or what did it mean, if anything? And if you have never heard of such a thing, what does the Universe say to you about it? Oh, one thing to close: I've been married twice. My daughter is from my first marriage. And the wedding took place on the 5th of August: 5.8. Consider that in the context of the above, where my daughter told her thermometer showed 5.8 degrees. I've not even mentioned that aspect to my daughter yet, but if it's just a coincidence (and I am not a big believer in total randomness), then what does it imply? Thank you in advance for any responses. EDIT to add: and I just spotted the typo in the thread title! Groan!! It seems I cannot edit it and my OCD... Oh, the pain... Can a moderator fix it, please? By the way, that bug you see below is not really on your screen. It's just my signature! :D
  12. That's wonderful news, MissMe85! :D Many thanks to everyone who helped and supported you, and especially Chamuel! Lenky
  13. Lenky

    Do you believe they landed on the moon?

    Yes, I believe they did go there, landed, collected samples and so forth and came back. My belief is based upon what I remember of the events at the time, both during the moon-landing missions and in the lead-up programs of the earlier Apollo missions and also the Gemini missions. It is true that there was fierce rivalry (to put it mildly) between the USA and the USSR in regards to the "space race", and allied with this was John F. Kennedy's statement that the USA would put a man on the moon in that decade (meaning the 1960's). After he was assassinated in November 1963 -- an event which I also remember from reports at the time -- I feel that Americans took on this task as almost a sacred duty. There have been people who have tried to debunk the moon missions for quite a while now. Some people do not seem able to believe in anything that is extraordinary or unique, either positive or negative, so sometimes they offer the most ludicrous concepts to "prove" that their version is correct. One is the oft-quoted protest that the flag planted by the Apollo 11 astronauts is waving in breeze, so it can't be on the moon. Anyone who cares to read the information that was available prior to this mission's commencement would know that the flag was made with fine wires in it, so that it would look like it was waving in the breeze. They ignore the fact that when the astronauts move around and kick up dust, it doesn't get blown away in the direction this "wind" is "moving" the flag, or that later shots (after the flag ceremony) show the flag is absolutely motionless. These days there are even some who claim that no planes hit the World Trade Center on "9/11"! Instead, they claim that people only saw 3d holographs (with sound broadcast from hidden speakers all around the area!), and that all the destruction was caused only by explosives strategically placed in the buildings... (If you google around you'll find info about this.) The fact that there is no way to create such massive and detailed holographs -- with the sounds of the impacts and explosions louder than at any rock concert -- in an open setting in downtown NYC does not phase them at all. I'm not denying that there are some questions around "9/11" but these kinds of assertions are just over the top. But to stay on track, as to why no-one has been to the moon since? Well, I have two perspectives on this. Firstly, the moon program cost such an enormous amount of money that the US Congress was not willing to allocate the funding for future projects. After all, they had achieved their original objective, and the US taxpayers might feel that the money could be better spent in other ways. That's the generally-accepted reason why they didn't go back. (Note that Apollo 18 and 19 missions were scrubbed because of budget cuts.) The other possibility is that there have been other missions to the moon but they have not been made public. The simple fact is that while many say this is unlikely, we really don't know. We are not told everything that our governments do.
  14. I'm sorry if you thought that I was suggesting that you are silly; I certainly had no such thought in mind. I was just trying to clarify the situation and offer what help I could. Lenky
  15. Hi Ashley, I've edited down your original post a bit but tried to leave in the key things. Having read through the thread, I'm still unclear as to whether you actually listened to your Ipod at all during the day at school, or even if you were listening to it after you got out of the car. The reason I ask is because last summer my wife and I picked up some young hitchhikers and gave them a lift into the next town, and the next day when I was cleaning the car I found a mobile phone on the floor under the passenger seat. One of our hitchers had lost it when it unknowingly fell out of her pocket. Luckily we'd all swapped email addresses so we just waited until one of them wrote to us with a "real" (ie snail mail) address and then we sent it back. :) Long story short -- did you definitely have your Ipod with you during the day? If not, have you checked the car?