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  1. Only a year and a bit ago when I was 18 and a friend passed away. Things started to make sense for me and I realised that certain feelings weren't mine and that I was an empath. It's always been around me it's just that recently I've opened up to it and learned to accept and use this ability.
  2. laura111

    do we know what our guides do?

    I feel I get the headache when they are trying to push too much information over at once, its almost as if they get excited and want to express it but once I tell them I cant handle it all at once they calm down. When I cant get things across that they like my guides are very patient and show it to me in other ways to help me understand. Its very interesting because when I read for myself they send it across in very trivial ways so I dont think it is wishful thinking and I have to jot it all down and make sense of it.
  3. laura111

    do we know what our guides do?

    I dont believe that guides intentionally make us ill, but then again sometimes when I read due to my empathy I feel physically sick but I dont think this has anything to do with them. Also sometimes when I have a really strong connection I get a headache just above my eyes but in no way do I see this coming from the fact that my guides are "negative"/
  4. laura111

    Psychic testing

    Im seeing something that looks like a cat? Could be a cat ornanment?
  5. laura111

    What sign are you?

    16th of November 1987 which makes me a scorpio!
  6. laura111

    Psychic testing

    Nothing silver or metal sorry, theres a photo frame but its glass!
  7. laura111

    Psychic testing

    Very impressive! I dont have a printer at the moment so everything is written down on paper surrounding me! I also have a suncatcher hanging from the window infront of me. I know why you're getting children because im a nanny :D its often what most psychics pick up first, but often they say they come across as if they are my own children.
  8. laura111

    Psychic testing

    My computer desk! Yes I have a few mystery books around the place and things made by children and a couple of photos too! No dog photos around I dont think but i have a dog!
  9. I havent found myself in a relationship since Ive been developing my abilities. I have been close to someone that ive seen a couple of times and because Im an empath and have felt on a couple of occasions that he wasnt happy when he was putting up a front. He said "Wow you're like psychic" and I just said "I'm just really intune with other peoples feelings". Now looking back on it I wish that i had been more honest with him and just told him, but also im scared he'll think im weird. Have any of you got any advice or been in the same situation?
  10. laura111

    Psychic testing

    After the other thread about testing I thought Id start one where we can test each other just for fun! Now for my turn, What is on my desk :)
  11. I have been seeing 11:11 ever since ive been opening myself up psychically! In my opinion its telling me that the angels are watching over and guiding me :) Also note my name, I did it without realising and for some reason all my usernames online have 111 at the end. Strange huh!
  12. laura111

    what types of psychic abilities can we test for.

    I immediately got a dolphin!
  13. laura111

    Appreciation Thread

    This is a beautiful thread!! I love to spend time with my family, I love the fact we get along so well now we have all grown up. I love my job, I love to spend time with children and watch them grow and develop and know that I have played a part in making them the person they are becoming. I love the fact I have started to get involved in the spiritual world, it has taken me on a self discovery journey that I would have never come across if it wasn't for it. I love the fact that everyone on the guild is so welcoming and supportive of one another despite the fact most of us only know each other through the forum and chatroom. I love the fact that I can rely on the sun rising every morning and the sun setting and know that everytime I wake up it is a new day and a chance to do all I can for others and myself. I am glad for the friends in my world, in real life and in my internet world :) every single one mean everything to me. I am amazed everyday when I watch the sunset that it is so beautiful and I know there is so much mroe out there than is revealed to us. I think thats it for the moment! Oh and I find such comfort in the fact that I believe there is a god and angels watching over me and there to comfort me in times of trouble and to remind me that I am never ever alone.
  14. laura111

    Someone held my hand

    Thank you very much for your help. I felt I was comforting her last night and she was comforting me so Id like to thank her as well xxx
  15. laura111

    Someone held my hand

    That makes sense, does she seem to be around 6 years old? If you saw her did she have two braids? Anyone else with confirmation would be great!