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  1. IWannaBeMe

    Seeing auras

    Only Aura type thing I have ever seen is a grey over a person if they were going to die. Even if nobody knew there was something wrong or not. I know...its depressing. Majority of my gifts are related to people dying. I dream about it before they do. I see it around them. I know sometimes when somebody is sick before they do. It could be a depressing gift. LOL
  2. IWannaBeMe


    The movie reminded me of my dream state. From the moment I close my eyes till I open them I start dreaming. I wake often exhausted from all that I do in my dream state. The story was good. My favorite part is towards the end when JakeSully is praying at the tree for help.
  3. IWannaBeMe

    Hearing Voices

    I know that schizophrenia can be confused with claraudience. I do not think I would say that schizophrenia makes no sense though. Another person's brain is wired different. I am a strong believe that different is not always wrong. Its just different. We do not begin to understand mental illnesses in my opinon. Hugs, hope your having a good day.
  4. IWannaBeMe

    meg's blog :)

  5. IWannaBeMe

    Hearing Voices

    Why are you apologizing for being offended? HUGS
  6. IWannaBeMe

    The Economic Recession

    I agree there are people who are better apart. My own parents are divorced and I was happy for it. I am not going to argue that point. I just do not believe that is the root of things lately.
  7. IWannaBeMe

    Hearing Voices

    LOL Of all people to be the doubter....... I did not expect that from you. LOL
  8. IWannaBeMe

    The Economic Recession

    There is a great reward in working through things with your spouse/partner. I think to frequently people give up. They are not moving forward and moving on. The divorce rate going up during economic crisis is not a reflection of suddenly everyone having clairty. That is only my opinion.
  9. IWannaBeMe

    The Economic Recession

    I think our current "Economic Recession" is the result of us abusing our free will. Our desires for bigger, better, and more....... has left many people shallow and broke. Personally I know several couples who have filed for divorce. It seems like for months now every week I learn of another couple breaking up. When the going gets touch people break up. I see things the complete opposite. I like your positive spin though and I hope it works out that way in the long run.
  10. IWannaBeMe

    Hearing Voices

    I never felt scared when I heard voices when I was a child. I knew that what I was hearing was real. I knew because sometimes people that were with me would hear it. Then ask me if I heard somebody calling me. I remember being a teenager and making out with my boyfriend. I was home alone and he should not of been there. I heard "somebody" call my name and my then boyfriend jumped up and ran out of my room. Totally freaking out that my mom was home. I did not even bother moving. He came back in a few minutes later with the most confused look on his face. There was nobody home. Who called my name? I remember thinking it was funny. It did not bother me so much when I was younger. Just now that I am older...... creeps me out. That being said.... I hear more than just my name being called now that I am older too.
  11. IWannaBeMe

    Hearing Voices

    I could not hear things all day long. I would go crazy. I do not think I could handle that. Over the last year I have discovered a couple things. One.... soon has I lay down to go to sleep....whatever I was dreaming when I woke up that morning picks up again. I am still awake..... it just starts like somebody hit play on the DVD. I also notice sometimes when I am sitting down like now. On the PC and concentrating on what I am doing that I pick up on noises and sometimes see people standing around the house. Its kinda strange. I posted about it on here before. Its kinda like the dream thing. Once I start concentrating on something other things start going around me. I guess its like fine tuning the radio station or something.
  12. IWannaBeMe

    Hearing Voices

    Dreams do not seem to bother my children very much. Only one talks about them coming true sometimes. They do not seem to bother her. I have never met someone who dreams like I do. They are so vivid. When I am dreaming I fall in the grass I feel the dew on my skin. If I dream somebody is harming me I wake up in pain where I was struck. My dreams are very accurate though. So I trust them. Thanks for sharing and replying. Your my hero this week!
  13. IWannaBeMe

    Hearing Voices

    Thank you Lavender. It helps more than you know just to have you to talk with. I appreciate you taking the time and sharing with me. I had to giggle reading your post because for non-psychic reasons my children have dream catchers in their rooms. I love bamboo...just because I love plants. Thank you for the other suggestions.
  14. IWannaBeMe

    Hearing Voices

    Thank you for replying. I appreciate you taking the time. Its nice to not feel so alone in things at times. I do not believe that everything psychic is all that great. I do not think I can block this. I do not even think I can pray that it stop. I have tried that in the past when I was younger. Unsuccessfully I tried. LOL I am great at ignoring! This is just one thing that really bugs me. You hit the nail on the head with you never know who is able to connect with you and whether you want to hear from them! I guess I personally rely on my dreams so heavily..... its just my comfort zone. Like I posted previously.... I like ignoring. LOL You know.... it creeps me out to hear things. Its VERY LOUD like somebody yelling at the back of my head. I am pretty sure the little girl saying hi that day did not even know I could hear her. I think she just connected with my children and was running around with them. I guess I was disturbed out in the yard because that was directed at ME personally. I have had "spirits" talk to me in my head. Nothing audible....that is always more comfortable. Those thoughts are usually attatched to visions so I can really get the gist of what is being said. Thank you for sharing..... I appreciate you taking the time! I do not think you can turn it off. I do not think we should even. I just do not like it........ I hope its another 6 months before it happens again. For me hearing things in general is not random. I think you can be psychic and pick up on all kinds of things while you are out about people. At least for me its like that. Things I pick up are not directed at me. Its like over hearing somebody talking to their friends at the table next to you at lunch. My experience since childhood is that hearing things is directed towards me personally. Its like a telemarketer call. Sure they called me directly but I do not wish to speak with them. Home is special. Its not just about me having a safe place. Its about my family having a safe place. I want to protect my children. I do not want something I can ignore to move on to my children and making them feel uncomfortable or scare them. Seriously, I spent most of my life trying to ignore everything till I had children. I have only embraced what I have because I want my children to grow up more well adjusted with this than I was. Like most parents..... everything I do or do not do.....is for them. I have no idea what abilities they may or may not have. I know when they were younger they all exhibted some signs. Now that they are older I have one who dreams sometimes and I have one who sees things. My dreamer seems unphased. Another one is so traumatized by what she has seen it has left its mark on her. Thanks again for the replies.... I appreciate it them more than I can ever express.
  15. IWannaBeMe

    Hearing Voices

    I hate hearing voices. I think I personally try to block it. Its worked for quite a long time. But in the last 6 months its happened twice. In January I was with my family on a family outing. My children came running up to me all excited to tell me about something. I heard an excited little girl voice say, "Hi, Hi!". My spouse instantly asked me what was wrong. I looked around for another child. I hate that! It was not a big deal. Nothing else happened that day or since till this week. Its been a VERY busy week. I have been a little stressed. Not a bad stress. Just busy stress. I was outside my home doing some yard work when I heard a male voice speak. The hair stood up on the back on my neck. I looked around. For a split second I thought there was someone outside with me. I do not know what was said because it was like cut off. Like a record skipping. I was left feeling really uncomfortable. NOT happy this happened at home. HOME to me is my safe place. I plan on making this week a very low stressed relaxing week. Alot of meditating and visualizing my safe, white lighted, happy place. Over the years I have accepted my dreams. I have accepted seeing things. I have accepted visions. I have accepted communication via dreams with people who have passed. I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR ANYTHING. Creeps me out. I do not know why. It just does.