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  1. eyesofintuition

    This is the place for titles

    So here is a real update. I finally got my boy back. He's 11 years old. He is not "normal", but he is my life. He has had just about every diagnosis from doctors under the sun. But he is my son, and I will never give up on him. The universe has really looked out for me over the last few months, and I feel so blessed that things have fallen into place. I have no idea what will happen, but I am working hard on not being afraid. It is just him and me now. He needs lots of support. I am moving tomorrow, and it will be our own place. Just me and him. I am working to set him up on the very best help I can give him, and I am open to whatever the universe brings to us. I will be spending my time, as a single mother now, giving it my all. I want to help him and help myself. That is my goal. I want lots of positive things for us, since right now I am the only one left to look out for him. He needs lots of love and light and we need guidance. I am open to all the universe can show to me that might help. He is my world, (besides working hard to support ups both.) Any prayers, help or positive energy would be a great help to me now. I am going forward with all that has been presented to me, and I am choosing to put away all my fears. The universe will take care of us. The love and light is all around us, and I have to believe that it will work out somehow. Please send blessings to my boy. He needs all that I can give him. He is an amazing child who just happens to be "different". I will never give up on him. Blessings, love and light to everyone who reads this. It means a great deal to me. We may not have internet for a few weeks, but I will be back when I can to update on my journey with my very challenging, but special boy.
  2. eyesofintuition

    This is the place for titles

    So, the last few months have been interesting for me. It's been a step back.. a look at human nature, in ways that are different than living it... yet, I have lived every moment. I have really taken the time to enjoy the little things, the simple stuff that doesn't seem to matter. Yet, it matters to me, more than anyone will ever know. :wub:
  3. eyesofintuition

    This is the place for titles

    Hello! lol ... First post in my blog, I want to share a song, I hope this link works.... :)
  4. eyesofintuition

    This is the place for titles

    This is just a test to see if I did this right?
  5. eyesofintuition

    free will query

    Charless, I understand how your view and Arma's actually fit together quite nicely. Don't ask me to explain it, because I do not have the intelligent gift for words as Arma does and as you do, but hopefully you can understand what I'm saying.
  6. eyesofintuition

    free will query

    ^^^^ That,... except for replace those worldly motivations with those of a woman.
  7. eyesofintuition

    free will query

    I find this post particularly interesting, because it is exactly what I believe about our spiritual will, and human nature. Although, Arma, I am happy that you have such a gift with writing, because although I've always "understood" this process, I have not ever quite found the desire to put it into words as you have so intricately done. For that, I am appreciative. Not that a lack of desire to explain it has anything to do with a lack of a desire to understand it. I am just more of a quiet human, who doesn't always communicate my "knowing", simply because I'm not always certain it will matter. I don't know if you understand what I mean by that....but something tells me you do. It's funny you mention an alien expanse of knowledge... as I also feel that the human experience is not the only experience or physical environment that is available for soul growth.
  8. eyesofintuition


    I haven't seen it yet. But hopefully I will be able to see it tomorrow.
  9. eyesofintuition


    Arma, Some of your posts on this topic remind me of Sheldon, a character from one of my favorite TV shows, "The Big Bang Theory". Trust me, that is a compliment. Sheldon is my favorite person on that show,as he always makes me smile. He reminds me that it is okay for me to think and feel the way that I do. I don't have to fit in with the world all the time.
  10. eyesofintuition

    for anyone who understands anything

    I see you haven't been active here lately, so I doubt you will read this anytime soon. But, some people will choose to stick around for it, and others will not, as they were not supposed to.
  11. eyesofintuition

    Letting Go

    For me it's the left hip. :) But other than that, yes pretty much the same symptoms you mentioned.
  12. eyesofintuition

    Letting Go

    Hiya Gypsy, Jodee directed me to this thread, and I'm glad she did, because "letting go" happens to be a major lesson of mine at the moment. Basically, for me, it's not been about letting go of any certain person in particular, but more so, letting go of the part of me that wants to directly relate to a certain person or situation based on experiences I might have had in the past, or what I think might happen in the future. It's the whole idea of letting go and letting God, if you will. It's about being willing to allow in what it is that the universe is bringing to you. It's remembering that at all times, everything, everywhere, is unfolding as it must... the process of life. That we don't need to always "know" what should be happening in any given moment, because what is happening, even if it seems unpleasant, can be a gift that we might miss if we are not open to recognizing it when we see it. It's about what we do inwardly, with what takes place outwardly... and in the process we can start to find out true selves.
  13. eyesofintuition

    Spiritual Growth

    Hi Arma, Your post makes me think of the " Big Bang Theory"... a beautifully thought-out theory that has been pondered over for years and has captured our imagination... and in the process, many of the mysteries of our existence seems more clear. However, there is a big part of the Big Bang Theory that is missing. What happened in the very beginning that caused the big bang? What was before that? Was the entire universe created from nothing, a nothing that then exploded and developed from there, into something? How would that be possible? I suppose for me, the mystery of our existence, our purpose is similar in that we might not know, because we have not yet been able to grasp a concept that is there, but simply not yet understood.
  14. eyesofintuition

    Can a Psychic Help Locate a Missing Item?

    I got that it is in the grass. It's lost among blades of grass in the lawn. Hope that helps.
  15. eyesofintuition

    The Economic Recession

    *hugs* :wub: