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    :) The Past is History, the Future is a Mystery, Right now is a Gift, Thats why its called the Present....... Peace and Blessings
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    Have you ever seen the "Ring" sounds similar
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    When I first got into all of this, I often tried new things head first. I began using a pendulum and did a reading for a friend and It all became about a past life for her.... and something she had always wanted to know was finally answered. It wasn't anyone's fault. I'll explain The past life was I think old England Time, she was a Ballet dancer and her husband was a conductor for the orchestra. He was also a womanizer and a drunk but loved his wife. (Old Habits..) she loved him dearly and knew that he had other women but said nothing. A French solider came to see her performance and waited back stage for her. Time and Time again, he would come and watch and see her back stage. A friendship bloomed, she could tell him anything and he would be interested... he would laugh at her jokes and silly remarks. They had a lot in common. But she always stated that she was a married woman and loved her husband and would never be unfaithful. This man knew what her husband was like..... still she kept that distance between them and he didn't mind, for the French man had fallen deeply for this woman with such a big heart. One night the husband confronted her, for he had heard the romours that a French soldier was smitten with his wife. Out raged with jealousy the husband lashed out at his beautiful wife and hit her. Disgusted with his actions he walked out..... The French man found out and he talked the woman into running away with him.... she was scared and confused and agreed. The Husband came home found the note she had left him and went after them with a shot gun. The pair hadn't gotten far for she was very upset and confused. The Husband caught up with them.... the french man told her to run, and she did... after a few minutes she heard a gun shot... Her husband had shot the French man and left him for dead. The woman didn't know what to do. The police were soon involved and caught up with the husband... the wife couldn't live with the guilt of destroying two men who she loved... so she hung her self.... It was a painful death no so easy as she thought it would be. Now In this life, my friend, loves music, ballet... she loves the attention of men but would never be unfaithful and she was born with a brain disease, that is caused by lack of oxygen to the brain and has to have a shunt to help the functioning of the left side of the brain... a tube, goes down the side of her neck, down through her chest..... the side effects are that she suffers from terrible headaches and has to be sedated at times, a lazy leg and arm..... other then that she is ok.... so we both believe that this condition was brought from a past life. Now as for the two men..... I believe are still with her and waiting for her to be with them.... sensed there presence within the reading..... they wanted her to know that it wasn't her fault and needed her to know that and that they still love her. She has said even before we, (her and I ) became friends that she had dreams of things like that but never thought of any of it until then
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    How to "lighten up"

    well for me... I write a letter to my Higher beings of Love and Light and so fourth and write it all down, how you feel, why you are feeling this way, what ever the problem is.... as your nearly finished you'll feel a difference. I usually place mine under my pillow. Don't forget at the end of the letter to thank each and everyone for being there for you, and listening to you. If you would like to ask for something (peace!) do so before ending your letter. They will respond! Love, light and Truth Lee
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    Tarot Cheat

    Lol Well normally when you give a tarot card reading, its how you interpret the cards and what it means. The other person is trusting you, for they don't know how you read the cards and for many they don't know what each card the means just as you don't know anything about the person your about to do a reading for until you do your spread. I read for my sister and she reads for me.... I'm more right then she lol.... and I'll tell her the cards I pulled out and what I see, but she may see something different.... I gave her a reading a week ago and everything I said has just fallen into place..... Hope that helped some.... Love, Light, and Truth Lee
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    Another Tarot Deck and Others

    The story normally comes easily, and some just need to be guided.... there are some free web sites that give you lessons on how to read tarot. Its a lot of fun for beginners and a refresher course for the old hands lol http://www.learntarot.com/top.htm Try this site. Love, Light, and Truth Lee