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  1. stjenn2005

    10 things to avoid saying!

    :o I got one, pick me..... "if only.. I can remember what Victoria said, not to say!?" :P "if only.. ......I am right there with Whitty, I am a big "if" person...oops, did it again. So here is a thought to add to your list and remember, "your attitude is an outward expression of your inner thoughts." Ihave no idea who really said it, I just have it on my office wall. :D
  2. stjenn2005

    Rules or Laws

    I think I will definately stick to my morals and values....hopefully I have learned the right ones :D and I bet I can manage to come up with yesterdays numbers and win every time! :P Hello Henry!
  3. stjenn2005

    Rules or Laws

    Hi everyone, Still new here, I know this may seem like a naive or silly question. Are there rules or laws about having and using these abilities? <_< S. T. Jenn Why can't we all just get the winning lotto numbers? Not even for just us? :P