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    why do people stay with cheaters?

    :( whoops i think i opened up the wrong can of worms
  2. lil-dodo

    why do people stay with cheaters?

    Thanks for the clear reply. It IS easy to say "i'll get rid of them, they dont deserve me", but i am assuming it would be much harder than words. I know that if i were cheated on (i guess there are many more factors to consider too), i would probably want to attempt serious restoration of the partnership before tossing out into the garbage. I just wanted to see peoples opinions is all. I mean, if a partner was a serial cheater, i wouldnt hesitate to make him "sink" (im a scorpio - i love revenge). xxx
  3. With increased availability of technology such as high speed internet, etc. people are probably feeling a little too confident communicating with a larger number of people due to its anonymity (especially internet - ie. facebook (ah.. hello.. do you REALLY have 1000 friends?). With revolutionised internet (yes, 100Mbps as compared to the previous 28Mbps), along with mobile/cellular phones, skype etc. i can guarantee has led to a sharp increase in infidelity.... My question to you is.. why people stay with their partners AFTER infidelity? I know individual differences/standards come to play, but why do people complain about being cheated on but proceed to stay with the person causing the pain?? *and obsessively rummaging through emails and phone inbox is not healthy* Just wanted to know your opinion as i find balanced relationships quite spiritual and if i were cheated on i would probably show my disappointment by setting the mans feet in cement and tossing him over the pier without a life jacket :angel: Let me know your thoughts on this..
  4. Yes i agree with the post above - jealousy I come from a religious christian family who do not believe in psychics - i've have my tarot cards taken away and thrown out many a time, and i've been forced to go to church to ''confess'' my sins.. like, how is being psychic a sin? People recieve 'messages from god' (if god is not bias enough), and we recieve messages from guides who are around us.. how is that different? anyway, needless to say i follow my religion to the best of my ability, but i accept that there is more out there than fearing the great big bible.. I think - as victoria stated at the beginning of the post - ignorance is #1 reason.. fear!! FEAR US FOR WE CAN CONTROL YOUR MIND *pfft*!! MOUahahahahaha