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  1. Hi all, I haven't been on here in a really long time, so firstly, hello! I hope you all are feeling happy and fulfilled and warm :) Secondly- I am in need of some spiritual or psychic advice and suddenly felt drawn to this site. I met a man a few months ago who had many soul mate like qualities, and we have both discussed the uncanny familiarity we have with each other. I am wondering if anyone can give advice on whether he might be the one (or maybe some of his qualities or features)? Or alternatively, do you think I will EVER find my soul mate?? And when?? Love and light, C xx
  2. is this an objective or subjective statement? with some spirits it is just rude/wrong to keep asking questions, it is better to let them guide it, energentically... also some spirits may not want to talk about certian things. sometimes when i respond to posts like this i tune in to the energy of the entity in question, i think it makes for a more helpful answer...
  3. seriously have had the experience of asking spirits ive been in contact with certain questions, e.g., about afterlife and they "say" 'i cannot respond to that' or something to that effect. you know they dont really speek in words (i dont think) so i just think the relationship between that world and this one is such that certain blocks are firmly in place. oh and also well i dont think they care about a lot of these mundane things. sometimes i do get a message like, "he loves to watch you knit" or something like that. but generally they are more about communicating their love and peace. those are the main feelings i usually get. so to say something like "what a lame funeral" i dont think they would do because they have moved on from events of this life, they are really of no concern to them anymore x
  4. coleb

    what tarot card are you quiz

    i think i am the magician or the fool! prob a combo of the two, depending upon what sort of mood you catch me in... ;)
  5. coleb

    Still Seeing Sparks

    paulos are you still here. please see my post and update.x
  6. coleb

    Only one God created this world

    what does god think about trying to get attention?
  7. coleb

    Still Seeing Sparks

    Yes they are physiological. They are a clinical sign of a detached retina but that is the end sequelae of many other processes. The sparks mean your retina is involved, and probably your vitreous humour involved also - normal parts of the aging process however with some people it does progress to detachment which is an !!!EMERGENCY!!! so monitor for changes as ordered by your physician and report them promptly. xo please see your eye doctor. thanks. xo
  8. coleb

    Skin blemishes

    hard to say without seeing/being able to evaluate the tissue but as a starting point i would do something like tea tree oil for acne remains or lalvender oil for dry skin that said, i am curious as to why you wouldn't just go with antibiotic ointment? there's nothing even remotely unnatural about it (maybe the preservatives but most oils etc. have those also) and it is proven to be effective vs. other methods that have not???
  9. coleb


    Wahooo!!! :) :) :) Hugs to you too Victoria... hope you're enjoying the holiday season!!! It is by Banksy... kind of a cool story behind it! Thanks again and all the love in the Universe to you and yours <3
  10. coleb


    I saw this topic on the main board and had to click on it... thinking I needed hope... this picture is by one of my favourite artists (probably my fave at the moment)! Do you think it's a sign that "there's always hope"?? PS: love love love your choices... and I agree, the spirit behind those gives me hope and joy also!!!! :) :) :)
  11. coleb

    Psychic Abilities

    the thing about asking your brother, i don't really know why i got that, but i just heard "tell him to talk to his brother about it" with sort of a jokey-winky type of tone the pm I sent you was to see if the link was right with this woman i.e. if she was showing me you... what was her name?
  12. coleb

    Psychic Abilities

    We all have it... just listen :) Also you might want to ask your brother, father, etc. about this/their experiences with "strange events"
  13. coleb

    Atheist Apocalypse

    psh... 2002 called, it wants its news back :)
  14. coleb

    Prediction Made That Has Now Happened

    17. Celebrity offered position in Obama govt. (Not Oprah...this is someone else...not to say Oprah won't be offered. I'm sure she's a nice lady.....but this is someone else.) Not sure if you got this one, but Kal Penn is a celebrity who now works for Obama...
  15. I think it is mainly because of history/tradition... it goes very far back that psychic-type sensations were associated with posession/the devil/etc.