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    Just a little game

    You were right about the hair and the brother, I believe I listened to Speed of Sound that day so not bad!! and the facebook thing was right, I was thinking of the ex boyfriend and i don't know what the password is but i didnt even realize he liked monster trucks...hahah What did you mean you used your daughters? I think its funny that people struggled most with the birthday, I thought that might be easiest, but no one guessed that I'm a cancer.
  2. blueeyes8

    Just a little game

    I know you said you didn't get any right, gypsy mama, but i was born with reddish hair actually, I have a sagitarius rising sign, and honestly your response to the siblings thing made me think because my brother and i have NO similar physical characteristics. (he is dark, i'm light, he has brown eyes, i have blue, very different features and build as well) the only similarity is kind of round eyes. It does make me wonder sometimes. As for the big ben tower, the place I was this summer did have a big ben style tower! I was thinking specifically of a room, but I wasn't focusing too much I guess, so i think you did alright! my name starts with A, thats probably why you got that! and the warm all the time is probably because I was thinking about the summer!
  3. blueeyes8

    Just a little game

    I'm obviously not psychic at all so i don't really know how it works. The information about what I was thinking of was just what I was thinking about at the time. I dont really know how it works for people to read it well so i didn't think to try and send the information more clearly telepathically or anything, sorry!
  4. blueeyes8

    Just a little game

    Ok I will tell the answers now. Hair: blonde Birthday: july 7 Siblings: one younger brother Song; candle by the white tie affair Password: it was a trick I don't know it either Place: it was kind of specific, I was thining of a friends bedroom in the place we were this summer That was kinda fun to see peoples responses !
  5. blueeyes8

    Just a little game

    I want to see if people get this stuff right..Just for fun :dance: What color is my hair? When is my birthday? Do I have siblings? Now it gets harder... I'm thinking of a song, what is it? I'm thinking of a person, what is their facebook password? I'm thinking of a place, where is it?