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  1. fooze

    Readings from a non-psychic

    Moopurple: This image brings to mind triumph over a difficult challenge. The shark represents fear, swimming beneath the surface of your mind. You carry fears like this with you. Sometimes they may seem like a prize, and you cling to them. Fears have a way of making you feel like you need them, making it difficult to let go. As this image is a photoshop, it tells me this is a fear of your own creation. Although you have created and carried this fear with you, you are still able to fly. Kai: Here we see Britney sporting glasses with clear, orange and dark tinted lenses. This picture tells me you have a number of ways of looking at, or filtering the information regarding your issue. Each type of lens will bring its own colouring as to how you make this decision. Cool, bright or clear viewpoints have their strengths and weaknesses, and it is important you try each on to get a better picture of this situation. Don't forget that every lens is imperfect, but a lens is required for you to focus on this issue, as it involves taking other people's feelings or needs into account. aprilamise: At first glance the symbolism of a dumpster seems a bit on the nose, but like the Death card in tarot, its meaning is a little more subtle. The dumpster is there to remind you of the things you have thrown away, the opportunities you may miss and the relationships that can be salvaged. It may be time for you to cast off something which you have held onto for a long time and no longer serves you positively. It may also represent something that you have let go, but may be in an intermediary stage before being lost to you forever. If this is the case, salvaging this thing may be an unpleasant endeavour, but worth diving in for. The dumpster also reminds us that the things we let go often end up somewhere else, and may be useful to others or reborn into something else. And finally, things that you value now and can't imagine living without may end up here someday. These images were taken from www dot randomimage dot us, but I am not going to link to it because some of the images there are not suitable for linking from this forum.
  2. fooze

    Readings from a non-psychic

    Thank you for the interest! I will need some time to prepare my readings, so I ask that further requests for readings be held onto until I have completed them. I expect this will be later today. Kai, at the moment I am trialling readings without knowing what I am reading for. This is to see if I can generate a type of reading that is applicable to any situation. Did you make your request for a reading with a particular subject in mind?
  3. Welcome to my readings thread. I am offering readings, with a twist. You may be aware I am outspoken in my disbelief of psychic phenomena, and that I propose alternative explanations for the same. I think it's time I put my money where my mouth is, so to speak. I will be using my knowledge of cold reading, the Forer Effect and many types of cognitive bias to simulate a psychic reading. The way this will work is I will ask you to concentrate on a topic that you would like read. While concentrating, post in this thread to let me know you would like to be read. After you have posted, I will find a random image from the internet and post it here, along with a short reading. I request that if you ask for a reading, you provide a follow up post to let me know how accurate my reading was. I am also hoping this thread will generate some discussion about the techniques I will be using. Please note, all readings will be serious and thoughtful in their nature. My goal here is not to mock psychics, but show how a similar healing, insightful process can take place while using a natural, reproducible methodology.
  4. fooze

    Could someone enlighten me about this?

    Do you know when this happened? I have a feeling the boy is actually in hospital.
  5. Sascha, when you say "that isn't true spiritual development", I feel like you are dismissing my spiritual journey as wrong. I don't recognise anyone's authority but my own when it comes to my spiritual growth, and I would appreciate in future if you don't refer to my development as "games I play with myself", as it is something I take quite seriously. I mentioned earlier something about trying to explore all avenues of experience. This is something that is impossible, as following some paths block me from ever taking others. Due to my use of psychoactive drugs to further my spiritual development, I am now incapable of following the path of a completely sober lifestyle. This is a choice I have made and only I live with the consequences. For you to say my growth and personal experiences are somehow untrue is deeply offensive. If you have used psychoactive drugs and found them to be ineffective or detrimental to your growth, then that is the consequences of your choice, not mine.
  6. Permanent impairments to functioning are one of the many risks of using psychoactive drugs, and is not one of the many reasons why we take them. Viewing drugs, especially psychedelics, as a means to entertainment does not acknowledge the full range of reasons why people use them. Altered their brain chemistry in relation to what it might have been otherwise. I was going to say "Science may discover a drug that enables everyone to have sustained access to the infinite regardless of health". My point should have been that, if nature has given us unhelpful characteristics, then we have an ability to change those things. You said the more we abstract ourselves from what nature has given us, the more we scheme and struggle to get back. To me, that statement lacks compassion for those who need to scheme and struggle to be able to function in our society. You said science will see the only "smart drugs" are those we produce ourselves when healthy. That was the rule I was referring to. Again, for those who find what nature has given them unhelpful, saying that using only what nature has given them is the only "smart" way does not acknowledge the help that can be provided externally. What has this got to do with the risks of using drugs? I'm not giving career advice to psychics, I'm giving drug advice to psychics. If I was talking to golfers I'd have said 'If you are going to use drugs as an aid in your golfing career, read, read and read some more!' To summarize my position, I think that if used safely and responsibly by adults with a thorough understanding of the risks, psychoactive drugs are one of many things that can be useful for self discovery or spiritual growth. I get the feeling that your position is complete sobriety and healthy living is the only way to achieve self discovery or spiritual growth.
  7. I think before I could begin to answer these questions, I would need to understand the intelligence, sentience or "cat consciousness". How do cats think and feel? Do they remember things? If they do these things, do they even do them in a way which is comparable or understandable by humans? I did a little research, and here are some things I found interesting: Intelligence through behavioural observation is defined as a composite of skills and abilities. The WAIS test is a measure of intelligence in adult homo sapiens. The test scores on four criteria; verbal comprehension, perceptual organisation, working memory and processing speed. In a comparitative evaluation from WAIS criteria, the cat is low in intelligence in verbal comprehension. The working memory of the domesticated cat is surmised from experiment as being 16 hours. The conduction of electricity in a computer cat-brain is at a processing speed of 61 trillion calculations per second, compared to approximately 2.2 quadrillion calculations per second for humans. Factors that contribute to greater intelligence are the velocity at which electrical transmission is conducted and with the greater number of cortical neurons. The number of cortical neurons cat brain was calculated as 300 million. Compared to mammalian species this number was eleven-fourteenth in total. In computing terms, the cat's brain contains approximately 98 trillion bytes of data which it can process at a speed of 61 million million floating point operations per second. Experimental results seemed to indicate that cats have no capacity for object permanence, as defined through investigation by J. Piaget with infants, further research made to identify a similar factor of cognition showed behaviour indicative of object permanence cognition, although of a different type to that identified initially by Piaget. Further research showed that the animal has an awareness of objects not directly available to sight, and also sensory-motor intelligence comparable with a two-year old child. In experimental conditions the memory of a cat was demonstrated as having an information-retention or recall, of a duration totaling as much as 10 years. Observations have shown that cats can dream. http://www.cat-behavior-info.com I often wonder about how it would feel to be another creature. How does the world look from down there? Would I feel love, caring or affection for other creatures? Would I enjoy playing, or eating my favourite food in the same way?
  8. fooze

    Could someone enlighten me about this?

    This only brings up questions for me. What was the name of the family? What was the town where this happened? Was there any investigation into the events? How did the family know his spirit was taken?
  9. Yes, this is called attentional bias.
  10. fooze

    Personality type - INFJ

    Hello again, Moopurple :) No need to jump to the defence of the test just yet, Chili, that was not criticism of it. In psychology, this test is intended to be used to monitor and help develop an individual's growth, usually in the setting of professional development at work. Now to the criticism! I refreshed my memory on this by having a read through the 16 personality types, and I stopped reading after seven or eight of them fit me. When something, like many of these types, is written in a general way that many people can identify with, the Forer Effect comes into play. This is a common criticism of the Meyer-Briggs test. The first time I did this test I got INTP, but now I get 50/50 marks on the four scales. I think that means I have no personality. Edit: Or rather, I want to have no personality.
  11. Impairment of judgement is a real problem when using psychoactives, that's why we have trip-sitters.
  12. fooze

    Personality type - INFJ

    Some people say this test measures what you want to be.
  13. Does this explain why I keep saying "Never again!" after a night of hard drinking, but inevitably return to the bottle a short time later? My intellectual hackles go up when someone says they know the One True Way. You made an interesting point about "tripping in" later. It may be so that sobriety is the most accurate way of viewing the outside world, but our inner selves can be just as complicated and full of wonder. What might we miss out on by not exploring all avenues of discovery? What about a person with schizophrenia, or a monk that meditates obsessively on loving-kindness to the point of altering her brain chemistry? These could be seen as extreme abstractions of the self. Not everyone's experience of drug use, or even reality, is the same. To be bold, I might say the gamut of human experience is so wide that one rule is not sophisticated enough to fit everyone. This is a dangerous path to take. Production of the psychoactives we'd be interested in is almost certainly uncontrolled (except for alcohol and tobacco). They can easily pose a risk to the health of your body. There are ways of reducing this risk, such as getting product from known, trusted sources and using the purity testing kits available for many drugs. There is still the risk of your particular body having a wierd reaction to a particular drug, and the worst case scenario is death. Then there is the harm drugs can do to your mind. Although not causally linked, there is a correlation between schizophrenia and cannabis, and anecdotally, mental illness and alcohol and other drug problems seem to go hand in hand. There is also the issue of addiction. The risk of a "bad trip" can be minimised by understanding the concepts of set and setting. Then there's the legal risks if you get caught with an illicit substance. With that out of the way, using psychedelics can be a fun and rewarding experience! People often tell of religious experiences, feeling closer to god, a feeling of oneness with the universe and a connectedness with others. Use of psychedlics can give feelings of euphoria, heightened depth perception, more vivid colours and a heightening of other senses. People tell stories of communicating with entities from other dimensions, times or planets. People report out of body experiences and travels to places outside our solar system and even dimensions. Users of certain types of drugs have reported the ability to communicate telepathically. And last but not least are the reported long-lasting positive changes to individual's psyches. If you are going to use drugs as an aid in your psychic career, read, read and read some more! They can definitely be used as a tool to increase your breadth of experience, but like any tool, they can be dangerous and you need to understand the risks to make yourself safe. If you want to learn more, www.erowid.org is a decent place to start.
  14. fooze

    Dit's Blog

    Rewind and erase might make readers of this thread feel better, but Dit's still going to be out there using the psychic equivalent of the old pick-up line, "Nice shoes..." Dit, the insight this thread has given me into the way your mind works has scared me. You seem to treat women as objects, which can be psychically controlled, influenced or guided to satisfy your sexual needs. You put yourself into the role of saviour, and it seems you jettison your targets when they are no longer useful in reinforcing this role (what happened to Simon and the girl you requested your superior beings help?). The difference between the "Nice shoes..." line and what Dit is doing, is that the guy who says "Do you want to have sex with me?" is respectful because he involves his prospective partner consciously in the courting process. Dit's method does not seek explicit consent, or even awareness of his intent, from his prospective partners, and that is why the rape parallels are being drawn.