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  1. I was in my yard tonight,and several of my friends dropped by just to say hi,and hang out.And I realized ,these are the people who have been here for me,know me and love me for who I am,and I'm grateful the universe put them in my life.
  2. Laneypeach

    The Rant Thread!

    I have a Mother in law that makes me want to hang out more with my exinlaws.That's bad.
  3. Laneypeach

    Victoria's World

    :dance: Got some good news,I'm gonna be a grandmother!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss and love you much.I'll pm you,and fill you in on everything thaat's been going on.
  4. Laneypeach

    Sorrowful no more!

    I don't think your crazy or need counseling.If he has'nt cheated,then why the strange behaviors.And a womans intuition can pick things up before they happen as well.I've had that happen.Everyone told me how crazy my ex was about me,and how he'd never cheat,he was just soooooo devoted.It was all in my head from past relationships,and I was sabotaging it.BLAH<BLAH<BLAH.Found out after we split up ,and he had her moved in less than two weeks after I moved out that he was seeing her for over a year before I actually caught him,and even voiced my suspiscions.And guess what she was'nt the only one he messed with.Yeah,it was all in my head alright because he was guilty.
  5. Laneypeach

    Victoria's World

    I send you light all the time!!!!!!! And that so describes me!! :lol:
  6. Laneypeach

    meg's blog :)

    Hello dear!!!!!!! :)
  7. Laneypeach

    Appreciation Thread

    I appreciate everyone here,for the growing you've all helped me to do,for the thought provoking conversations that have led me to look more deeply into my self and others.And for the laughter and allowing me to be apart of the family of amazing people here. :)
  8. Laneypeach

    Victoria's World

    :lol: Just dropping by to say hello in your blog.Hugs
  9. Laneypeach

    Blog a Little,blog bout me

    Hello Darling,Just dropping by to say hello in your blog!! :lol:
  10. Laneypeach

    Are we weaving spellz from the words we speak

    I agree,we know thoughts are a form of energy,so I beleive words help carry that energy.I am a christian also.I beleive diferantly then most christians I know i guess,but i beleive the power of words in a positive form carries much more signifigance than we give it credit for.
  11. Laneypeach

    I would like to ask.

    Today my nephew was sick.And he needed to be nurtured,and taken care of.To me there is more to taking care of someone than just giving medicine,and making sure they are okay.It's about positive thoughts,and loving,and caring.And tenderness.I guess that's my definition of nurturing.Amd even though I'm not his mother ,in a sense I'm am,because I'm the closest thing to a mom he has,and I have a very maternal instinct towards him,and his brother. At times I think in order to help another's spirit grow we need to nurture them.
  12. Laneypeach

    How to

    For me a normal thought process is like me typing this sentence.I'm in the moment,and thinking of what to fix for dinner. Memory is something I'm aware of that has already occured.Or a sense that it has already occured. Intuition is a little wiggling thought at the back of the present moment.I'm aware of it ,but it does'nt serve me unless I tune in ,and pay attention to it. Clairvoyance that one is a bit harder to explain.It's just knowing.Like I can know my hand is attached to my arm..........Except I can only see it in my mind.It's a thought process that comes from deeper in myself then just being present in the moment.
  13. Laneypeach

    I would like to ask.

    I think today my word will be nurturing.
  14. Laneypeach

    It was only a matter of time...

    Noir,I apologize if some of my remarks upset you.I intially got upset because I was afraid it would hurt some of our members feelings,and I tend to be protective.Esspecially when I know several of us have already dealt with this kind of thing in even admitting to others that we have our gifts.So if it was something I said,again,I apologize.
  15. Laneypeach

    Valentines for everyone!

    Mine made me feel very special when I saw it.Thank you for putting time and thought into this.You have no idea how much it meant to see it first thing this morning.It just proves to me what a special person you are to think of others,and give your time to make their day brighter.(((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))