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  1. meglamus

    meg's blog :)

    as soon as i find out how to quote people, i will... for now im too tired :P lol. yes, im very glad james accepted it instead of going OMG URE EVIL or something. idk ive heard some christians believe psychic powers are laced with evilness.... yehhhh well no LOL
  2. meglamus

    meg's blog :)

    time to evaluate the past few weeks or so!! School ok school... not so great. friends being not so friendly.... one of my supposed friends told the nurse about how i didnt eat well during depression. yeh shows she cares but depression wsa a year ago... so that was sort of pointless. i deal with things by praying or jst ranting... not telling teachers!! on the other hand, we have COURSEWORK!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS HANDED IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! psychic stuff coming back :) don't really believe ill get visions or whatnot back though. but thats fine, something i jst wont explain to james anyway. so far its empathy and i can sense the intentions of someone... n u know, thats ALL i want :) HIM!! ok its 9 months on the 6th of march!!!!! WOAH!!!!!!! sorry but i dont think im ready ahhhh!! lol. i dont know... its jst scary thinking that something so good can last so long.... lol! but also, he is so amazing. BECAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i told him about being psychic. well phrased it in a way without the words "psychic" and "power" in it LOL. n he is ok with it! wow! that pretttyyy much sums everything up. oh and if you can, could you possibly sense about a lil girl called "Amelia"? i think she is my first born.... not sure.... ive been getting sooo many signs and i think they are telling me about my future child. not sure.... hope everyone is ok!! x
  3. meglamus

    meg's blog :)

    hmmm yeh. the whole reading mind thing was an accident though... couldnt actually stop it LOL. i know they are gifts from God.... just some christians believe the underworld gives you psychic powers.... grahhhhh ver ver annoying :P wow.... wouldnt think he likes empathy lol :P
  4. meglamus

    meg's blog :)

    :o thats soooo soooo weird!!!! my best friend ever in america had a vision of us at a restaurant AND I WAS WEARING A PINK DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes, empathy is nice.... when its happy stuff... lol. when its not nice stuff, its really horrid.... u think he likes the empathy side? ive always thought about telling him everything.... he said that he is a sceptic n all.... bt then he also is a strict christian..... :P
  5. meglamus

    meg's blog :)

    haha. james said id look pretty in one... so i wore it... XD my best friend from school was like "text me how it went" LOL. thankyou :) with this whole empathy thing i can tell that he likes me... which is sorta good!! lol ahhhhhhh moving to powers!! ok so empathy has come back... with. a. BANG. guess what read james' mind today. ok not once, not twice, but at least thrice. MEH. so when i read his mind it was like woahhh so then OUT LOUD i say "woah" or like... once i said like "thats so cute i wanna kiss ya now" n well in his head he was like "why dont u then"... so i shrugged n hugged him.... yehhhh he gave me a weirdo look.... this is gonna get annoying. i was fine with them gone so that i could be with james... it wuld mean no awkward conversations with a strict christian going "yeh im an emotive psychic hopefully u can still love me n all"... grahhhhhhh!! hopefully i can keep this secret a secret.... he only knows about gut feelings. i think he has sorta guessed about empathy though...... hope your all ok :) x
  6. thats good to hear :) hope he is doing ok :) just 4 words to sum up every single emotion and feeling: "the sun is shining"!! :)
  7. meglamus

    meg's blog :)

    soz, forgot to reply!! :P hi to you too :) ahhh things are getting better thats for sure :) soooo element earth has given this place a very nice gift............... SUNSHINE!!!! its been snowing soooo much been cloudy soooooooooo much and now look... cloudless sky, heat, sun.... amazing :) shame im gonna be cooped up at a concert and a swimming pool... but ahhhhh well. before james comes over i may jst go outside and... well.... enjoy :) 8 months today!! woooo!! so maybe element earth is giving us sunshine as a gift? well i didnt think 8 months was a huge milestone....... tis only 1 month, 6 month and year that are the mile stones! (haha.... i dont forget to remind james though every monthaversary LOL) bt im wearing a bikini.... the first one didnt fit, so i randomely asked rachel if she had a spare bikini.... yehhhh it fit XP the thing is its a BIKINI.......... ma esteem is gonna be realllyyy tested today. huuuuuge step :P hope you ALL are ok :) if ya feeling down, hope it gets better :) x
  8. meglamus

    meg's blog :)

    hmmmmm thats a good idea :) ok. things i am going to do to james, but keep on either forgetting, or finding something better to do before hand, or doing something then not doing it coz otherwise i look obsessive.... - put on a dress to go out on a restaurant date - go to a restaurant - slip a piece of paper saying "i love you" when he least expects it - wear high heels (ok. when im older maybe haha) - actually play a song IN FRONT OF HIM instead of recording it. so in that way i am actually serenading. not just recording something to make it look like a serenade :P n... well the list goes on LOL. its all about confidence methinks......................... yeh im happier, i suppose. I've been feeling alot of God around me lately :)
  9. meglamus

    meg's blog :)

    haha no... not yet! 8 months this sat *wooooo* ahhh not content, no... just strolling along, laughing at all the pessimistic stuff instead of crying :) lol. haha i did do a homemade card... bt then there was a really REALLY good offer on this valentines card in tescos.............................. :P
  10. meglamus

    meg's blog :)

    ahhhh seriousely lacking motivation to even go online now. shadow signing out
  11. meglamus

    meg's blog :)

    Nice Vibes not often i get to add "nice" in front of "vibes", to be honest. but this is the case where i can!! so valentines day. never ever celebrated, looked past it with a blink of an eye... never noticing all the lil valentines gifts, all the lil valentines cards, never noticed other people at this time. this time its different. i bought his present like... last week? its in a box (lol dont laugh :P) and it is this lil metal heart n ingraved it says "i love you" n theres a poem basically saying "you have my heart" lol. of course, i do not believe in manufactured cards!! so ive made his card already lol. bt besides that... looking around... there is such a... a GOOD VIBE!! its so magical to be honest its like... almost everyone is holding hands with someone else, with a smile on their face.... its well and truly amazing when your walking through town, doing exactly the same thing as everyone else (that is, holding hands. lol). it makes you stop and think, really. what is valentines day REALLY supposed to do? is it supposed to give couples another chance to add magic, is it supposed to bring people together, or is it supposed to celebrate love that you already have? well, i think its all 3. Its the most amazing thing ever. this is sort of venting and getting abit long winded, so i shall start to conclude :D just look around... and yes some people are like ahhh holding hands noooo, but if u just look at their faces... it really feels as though theyve lit up inside :) its awesome :D meg x
  12. meglamus

    Appreciation Thread

    valentine's day is looming, love fills the air on sunday, i watched people just walking past, hand in hand. then realised that having a boyfriend that loved me was the best gift ever n well it was nice to see everyone so happy... just holding each other's hands, at peace.... :)
  13. meglamus

    meg's blog :)

    heya :) nothing to type really :( n i been ver busy with coursework. i shuld try do an update... 1. the new moon drains all emotive energy. in between the new moon and full moon, i get them back. the full moon ADDS MORE EMOTIVE ENERGY. agh the life of an emotive psychic written down in like a sentence XP 2. james and i are going good :) we had a rough patch last 2 weeks, but after a lil vent, we got back on track :) 8 month aversary on the 6th of feb!! *woo* 3. coursework is ALMOST finished. handing it in on the 11th of feb :) 4. goin to the doctors on monday!! might have asthma :S x
  14. meglamus

    The Rant Thread!

    thankyou, exams. thanks. 1. you make me stop sleeping, and when i DO sleep, its far too late and i have to basically get up. 2. i cant talk to james for like 2 weeks because he has exams monday to thursday. i have exams thursday-wednesday. 3. i MISS him why the hecky did you have to come round the corner?!?! sigh. :(
  15. meglamus

    meg's blog :)

    ok. good news - my cold has started to go away WOOOO just a few more days lol bad news - guess who just decided to get a seriously painful stomach ache... so much that this someone almost fainted today? (just dun ask. what happens when something hurts) *in other news* lol gonna be snow again!! hopefully coz i dun wanna go school tomozzo. 2 words - "food tech". nuff said... this is the longest ive been without being annoyed at james!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P yeh. well julia told me something yesterday that james told her n i was like AUWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW n been in a good mood since lol. just something that involved respect :) me n julia are FRIENDS :) she was the person that i was real jealous of coz she went to prom with james... .... .... ... but she is actually ver ver nice :) its gonna snow soon.... :D