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  1. WillowsHeart

    The Comfort Zone

    To Mam I've cried my tears and let you go Your leaving was inevitable, that I know To think of you now I have joy in my heart You are free of pain and can make a new start In the world hereafter where your spirit can roam You are at peace, you have gone 'home' © WillowsHeart 2010
  2. WillowsHeart

    The Comfort Zone

    In Memory of You Kirsti A. Dyer, MD, MS I find an old photograph and see your smile. As I feel your presence anew, I am filled with warmth and my heart remembers love. I read an old card sent many years ago during a time of turmoil and confusion. The soothing words written then still caress my spirit and bring me peace. I remember who you used to be the laughter we shared and wonder what you have become. Where are you now, Where did you go, When the body is left behind and the spirit is released to fly? Perhaps you are the morning bird singing joyfully at sunrise, or the butterfly that dances so carelessly on the breeze or the rainbow of colors that brightens a stormy sky or the fingers of afternoon mist delicately reaching over the mountains or the final few rays of the setting sun lighting up the skies edging the clouds with a magical glow. I miss your being but I feel your presence, In whatever form you choose to take, however you now choose to be. Your spirit has become for me a guardian angel on high guiding, advising, and watching over me. I remember you. You are with me and I am not afraid.
  3. WillowsHeart

    The Comfort Zone

    In Loving Memory of my Grandmother 22 October 1912 - 30 June 2010 Do not stand at my grave and weep (attributed to Mary Fyfe) Do not stand at my grave and weep I am not there; I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow, I am the diamond glints on snow, I am the sun on ripened grain, I am the gentle autumn rain. When you awaken in the morning's hush I am the swift uplifting rush Of quiet birds in circled flight. I am the soft stars that shine at night. Do not stand at my grave and cry, I am not there; I did not die. Until we meet again Mam
  4. WillowsHeart

    Tarot Spreads

    Oooo I really love these spreads Chiili, especially the first one!!! Looks like a good all round spread! Think I will give that one a go as soon as I get the chance! I look forward to seeing the third one, hope you find it soon! Love and Light Willow
  5. WillowsHeart

    Messages from the Faeries cards

    Hi Beth :D What came to me was perhaps they might mean your 'inner child', both the masculine and feminine essences within yourself! Of course it does depend on the other cards that were drawn whether this may be the case! I'm not sure if this is helpful, but I hope it is! Love and Light Willow
  6. WillowsHeart

    Let's share our happy positive stuff

    Thanks Victoria but I don't think it's quite time yet to dust off your autograph book
  7. WillowsHeart

    Let's share our happy positive stuff

    I've had a really good day today :D Firstly I received some lovely responses to a couple of karaoke tracks I submitted to a couple of sites I post my recordings to and I've just been asked my permission for some of my tracks to be showcased on another site :D Thank you Universe :wub:
  8. WillowsHeart

    Lighting up the place

    I think most of you know about my adopted 'son' Bryan (who is doing very well at the ape sanctuary :D ) so I decided that it would be nice if I had some company in the evenings. I took a trip down to my local animal rescue centre and adopted two older cats who were in need of a good home. They have settled in well and are such wonderful company I don't know why I haven't done it before now :lol: I also decided to get back into singing, I recorded myself singing a few karaoke songs and submitted them to an internet radio station I listen to (plays commercial and karaoke recordings made by users of the karaoke software I use) and, what do you know, they've played three of them :lol: I've put out some 'feelers' for a singing tutor as I do need to 'tune up' abit, I'd forgotten how much fun singing can be. Love and Light Willow
  9. WillowsHeart

    Affirmations ^_^

    Yesterday is gone - tomorrow isn't here yet. I have just one day - today - and I can choose how I shall be! And I choose to be happy!! ~ Groucho Marx I'm going to be using this until my new cycle kicks in
  10. WillowsHeart


    Hi FDragon, welcome to the forum :D From my experience I have found that most psychics will specialise in specific readings, so I don't think that no one wants to help you but perhaps that no one is picking up anything for you at the moment. Like Victoria I also believe that many forms of reincarnation are possible. I have had a past life reading, this was a couple of years ago in which I was interested to find out if I had indeed spent a previous life with a person whom I had just met (I felt a very strong connection as soon as we met), which was confirmed. It was a very interesting reading. Love and Light Willow
  11. WillowsHeart

    The Boy Who Lived Before

    Hello Kai :) You might like to look at the work carried out by Dr Ian Stevenson, he made some interesting discoveries regarding recollection of past lives by children. I seem to remember a number of years ago watching a documentary about a young boy in India who claimed to have a past life (it was on the BBC I think) and it really piqued my interest in this subject. Willow :D
  12. WillowsHeart

    Dating New Age Style

    :lol: Kai I must admit I did try it once but I don't think I'd do it again. I was contacted by what seemed to be a nice man, had the right credentials (or so I thought), available, around my age group and was a history lecturer in the local university. We had some lovely messenger chats and we seemed to have very similar interests, some very interesting discussions about the Incas and Aztecs, so we arranged to meet for a meal. OMG he turned out to be at least 10 years older than he claimed and to top it off he was VERY LOUD and wanted to dominate the conversation all the time. It wasn't a total disaster but when I got home I e-mailed him and thanked him for a nice evening but I was only looking for a friendship (he made it quite clear what he wanted during the evening). Strangely he never replied :lol: I never bothered to contact him again because I thought the least he could have done was acknowledge my e-mail and as my grandmother always taught me - manners cost nothing :P Love and Light Willow
  13. WillowsHeart


    Strange you should come up with the name Robinson Witty! On occasions when I'm out with my girlfriends on a Friday night I've had a few men come up to me and say that I look like Anne Robinson (comperes a game show) - to which I usually reply - 'You are the weakest link, goodbye' lol (I hope you know who she is! If not just google)
  14. WillowsHeart


    Hmmm I do so hope you're not thinking Clyde from Every Which Way But Loose :P ;) :lol:
  15. WillowsHeart


    Hmmm maybe a photograph of me as a baby will jog your memory :lol: Sorry I couldn't resist that, I found it on my computer whilst looking for the one I posted above. The hair is about right and the long limbs :lol: