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  1. Ang71

    Ace of cups

    Thanks Rainy day 👍 I don't think he has been with anyone else but there is some doubts. He goes out with his mate that always cheats on his wife (I know this for a fact)! He will only go out all night with this mate when we are not talking. If it was any other mate I would not be having any doubts. I've tried talking to my husband after a month of not talking. He said its over and to leave him alone. I just wish I knew what I have done wrong. How can someone wake up after talking to you and being fine one day then next day wake up being nasty & not talking to you For a month. I've gone over it the days, weeks before all this happened and I can't think of anything that would make him be this way.. Think I'll just give up on our 28 year marriage and move on with my life myself.😥
  2. Ang71

    Ace of cups

    Thank you for your reply Moopurple. I did ask him I was told to mind my own business. We haven't spoke in nearly 4 weeks. His best friend that he was out with always cheats on his wife and when we are not speaking (this is the longest) he will go out with him and do all nighter. This is why I turned to the cards to see if they could give me guidance to my question. Think I might have to go to a psychic that is experienced (as I am far from that) and get a reading done and see where our marriage is heading. Thank you once again 💐 Thank you Chamuel 💐
  3. Ang71

    Ace of cups

    Getting back in to my tarot cards as I want to know & learn how to do readings. I thought I would ask the cards 1 question as my husband was gone all day and all night and didn't get home until around 10 this morning. Perfect timing.. So I asked Did my husband get with another woman last night? I turned up the Ace of cups Reversed reading the meaning I was a bit confused so I asked the question again and turned up the four of cups reversed. I still don't understand! Can anyone explain whether my question was indeed answered. Thank you
  4. Ang71

    Black cat?

    Merlin Have you tried looking into getting cats that have no fur. I can't remember the name of them but they are good for people that are allergic to cats. They are not very nice looking weird if you ask me. But they do the trick. My Husband is allergic to cats but i tell him hes not and that it is pollen in the air. :lol: I won't give my cats away for anyone i just love them as does my children. It is good to know Merlin, that you have learnt to live with cats knowing you are allergic to them. They are really wonderful pets.
  5. Ang71

    Black cat?

    I hope it means good luck. Thanks Jason
  6. Ang71

    Black cat?

    Tonight picking my daughter up coming home a black cat ran in front of my car. I have been told that if a Black cat crosses your path it means bad luck. does anyone know if it is true? Thanks Ang
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