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    Music, people, exploration, knowledge and spirituality. Not the most extensive list, I know.. But it's good for here. Check the myspace if you want more "my favorite color" things. :D
  1. Kenni


    You can always look for guided meditation CD's, since you can't go to a bhuddist temple. And in regards to that blocking questions, you aren't blocking it, you are changing it. There's a gianormous difference. If you had a pipe and it was pouring water out, but where the water was headed would hurt something, you wouldn't want that. But if you went and stuffed a rag in the end of the pipe, it would just cause a back up, and the water would come out in a bad way, and be destructive. So instead, build a little strucutre that sends the water in another direction. You just need to change the direction of negative thoughts, so they turn postitive. Turn "I never have any money" into "I would like to get some money" Same thing, different words and a different feeling. <3
  2. Kenni

    What's your view on shadow people?

    Yeah I see them all the time. Even though my neighborhood is new (we were the first people to live in my house) there's some wandering around there. I don't think they are really ghosts I think they are the leftover things, like the part of someone that they don't want the next level. Spritual dandruff. (?) The only reason they are scary is because they startled you, especially if you are home by yourself. So yeah, I don't think they are naughty. They are just leftovers.
  3. Kenni

    Tarot spreads

    haha I'm a noob but on my healing deck I just did like a "past, present, future" thing, 2 cards for each, or.. however many felt right. I like the celtic cross, I tried that with my new deck and it worked pretty well I'll say :D
  4. Kenni


    haha I have not even had a convo with you, Lickdafoot. And look I'm an "advanced member" now hahahahahaha. Advanced in talking a lot o(O_o)o
  5. HAHAHA has anyone seen the new Yoplait commercial with Richard Simmons? OH MAN I laughed so hard :D
  6. Kenni

    The Rant Thread!

    Ooohh well yeah I understand that. Text speak in texting or when it's one of those things that sounds weird if you spell it out (ie lol) is fine in forum posts and stuff, but too much makes it too hard to read. "omh that totes roxors n pwns my face off!!roflmao!! holla!" <-- that's what you are talking about right?
  7. IWannaBeMe- So I totally read your post as a continuation of the one above and I was like "I don't get it. " But congratulations!!!! That must be soooo relieving. Loves!! My happy stuff for today... since I need to undo my rantage.. Iiiiiiiiii found some really sick songs that I need to download!
  8. Kenni

    The Rant Thread!

    She was the lady in charge. That was the most annoying thing. I was just like "hey, I have a question about mail stuff" and the receptionist is like "I'll transfer you to the head of the mail room!" the first girl was nice. The one I talked to was a bee-hotch. I understand she is just doing her job but she doesn't have to be rude. I am a noob to this and I've been trying really hard to "follow all the rules" but it is kind of impossible when no one can give you a list of the rules except if you come in to the office. I am sorry, but I dont have the time or means to drive 70 miles one way to pick up a piece of paper, thank you very much. And Bobbie, I know what you mean. Like last year, the gov't helped pay for my college because I am dirt poor, but I couldn't get food because I had a job. Utah has a crappy minimum wage. The only job I could get was a waitress, which equaled $2.13 an hour. Working on bordeline full time, my once a month checks were like $300. And when your boss is lame sauce and gives you only one table that has more than 2 people and you work from 4:30 pm to 2 am on a Friday night... you don't really make enought to survive. Gov't rules are crappy. "You are poor enough that we can help you pay for school.. but... you have a job. No food stamps for you! Unless you are pregnant O_o" *stroke imaginary mustache* "Lady, do I look like I'm pregant?? *lifts shirt up to show tummy and there is just a hole" For the dictionary thing though... All words were made up at some point. And the American English dictionary started off being a lazy language. At least we don't spell words "wimmen" and "werk" like that.. guy who made the american english dictionary wanted to. So that doesn't bother me too bad. lol
  9. Kenni

    The Rant Thread!

    gah I just need to blather for a minute. no one has to read this I just don't have the ability to be loud right now and if I keep this inside I will blow up. I cannot stand people who treat you crappy when you have been following all the rules and guidelines as far as you are able. If you call somewhere, and ask for information, and you are told that what you are doing is perfectly acceptable, there is nothing wrong, and then two days later you get a call that says everything you just spent a ton of money on isn't going to happen because you didnt follow the rules.. it is really frustrating!!! And then you call and are like "ok you don't have your rules posted ANYWHERE. I have wasted a good two hours of my life trying to find them AND I called your customer service and they said everything was fine. I was under the full impression that everything I was doing was correct" and all the lady can tell you is "well that is just too damn bad for you, but you are just going to have to learn the hard way then" and HANGS UP.... are you allowed to sue? I am just joking but really. I am so frustrated. WT#%TB #%TRF I don't understand. And the very worst part is that I know, for a fact, that "the rules" for my stuff being denied are NOT true, because if they were, then how come no one else in the whooolllleee customer service thingy can confirm that? WER@$RT REf mad mad mad
  10. lol have a horrible joke! Why can't dinosaurs talk? ------- Because they are dead... duuuhh hahahaha that joke is so lame I love it. I can almost hear you guys groan.. lol
  11. Kenni

    Chakra test

    High five for lots of room for improvement! yaaaaay.... ? I found some meditation music that doesn't make me fall asleep! I am stoked. It's called Dolphins in Music or something. Really pretty, and like 2 hours long. :wub:
  12. Kenni

    Chakra test

    What me? Talkative?? O_O Never. I am a clam. Look at this tiny mouth :mellow: Haha. I was just excited because I have a computer again and I was bumming about not being able to check the forum. But yeah, I do need to work on being peaceful, and grounded. Thanks!
  13. Kenni

    Chakra test

    Awwww man!! <_< My Chakras are in a sad state. More than half of mine are underactive awww lame sauce. Root: under-active (-6%) Sacral: under-active (-25%) Navel: under-active (-19%) Heart: open (56%) Throat: open (50%) Third Eye: under-active (-6%) Crown: open (25%) I know my Root is out because I moved back in with my Mom and it's not that I don't feel welcome I just feel.... like I'm invading so I have jammed my whole apartment into half a closet and a space under the stairs, and I share a room with my little sister. I don't really have anywhere to just be with myself. Sacral- no details that I really want to share but I know why it's out. The same reason that I had to move back to the Mom's. :( Navel- I have actually been getting better. Had I taken this a year ago it would have been at like -100%. I'm not too worried about that, although, I would like to figure out how to get over my plateu. I can assert myself fine now, I just have a hard time "wanting" something. People keep asking what I want for Christmas and all I can come up with is cookies and not having to work. Third Eye- kinda ties in with the Navel I think? I have been feeling extra out of sorts lately. So bad that I can't even bother to clean my room :( Any ideas on how to work on this? I also have a really really really hard time quieting my mind so meditation is incredibly difficult for me haha. There was only once in my life where I managed to make that little voice in my head stop talking and it horrified me so bad I cried for almost an hour. And that was when I was.... 11? It's not like a voice that tells me things, it's just my little narrator. It's actually incredibly frustrating. If that little voice isn't blathering at me I start making up music. Then I can get the melody and everything to go away except for a single 4x4 bass drum beat. Buh. Meditation music just makes me fall asleep or the chimes and stuff break my focus. I need hewp.
  14. Kenni


    Ooooooh someone try me? I just joined and figured this would be a fun way to introduce myself :D May 18 1989 Salmon ID 2:14 pm plur