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    Finally, 100 posts!
  1. alexandrar

    FDragon's Log

    At least you are on the right road :) (quoting you). However, I think knowing the destination is also very important. For example, the wanting girlfriend issue. In case you haven't done so, if you can make a list of the qualities you want in a girl (knowing your destination), you might be able to attract her into your life faster. Edit: Ha! That's funny. After I typed this I noticed your answer in another's post and that you are already doing it! Never mind :)
  2. alexandrar

    i am posessed

    inveni0, do you think you can share your story? Because I am just so curious I've always been fascinated by this topic. Of course, I totally understand if you have to keep it private.
  3. alexandrar

    Why can't we talk to God directly?

    Cool. Farmgirl. Just saw this reply today :P
  4. alexandrar

    Today, I Rebuked an Elder of my Church

    Sounds like he may have an underactive heart chakra. Opening it will allow him to have more compassion, but only he can decide to do it. What I've learned throughout the years is that since I am allowed to be myself, I will let other people be themselves and not get involved in their drama (and karma). When I have to work or live with the people I don't agree with, I just focus on doing what I need to do and either keep my mouth shut or humor them. Having said that though, I would love to share my beliefs with them, but only if they are open. Otherwise, why waste my own time and energy?
  5. alexandrar

    Strange vision about someone melting into me...

    Thanks Angel C.
  6. alexandrar

    But why do I need Tarot card's approval?

    You made a good point Blue about treating them like a friend. That's why I didn't "burn bridges" (lol) and throw them away completely. And this: Are you serious about this :D ? Personally I love a good debate, and I believe one should never have to apologize for voicing an opinion. I've already made a final decision regarding this matter, but I love to read people's responses because this is how we all learn.
  7. alexandrar

    Strange vision about someone melting into me...

    Angel C., you were right about how I felt about the situation. But I have a question about what you said about many visions being reflections of our innermost thoughts...If one can, before tuning in to anyone, calm and empty the mind, get rid of all preconceived notions, prejudices, emotional attachments about this person or event, etc., don't you think one can trust that the psychic information one receives to be accurate? I would really like to learn. Thanks.
  8. alexandrar

    Strange vision about someone melting into me...

    :D You know what's funny, I was reading some of my own previous posts. I noticed that often after I finished typing a post, I pretty much answered my own question...now I know how my brain works lol.
  9. alexandrar

    Strange vision about someone melting into me...

    No one sensed anything ;) I've already made a decision, but feel free to take a shot at the vision if you are bored - won't change my decision but I am always open to learning new things.
  10. alexandrar

    why are you psychic?

    I strongly believe that the Universe gives every person specific skills needed for his/her particular lifepath. I have psychic abilities beause I need it in business. Do I think eveyone is psychic? Yes, just like eveyone who can talk can sing, but not eveyone can sing in tune or care enough to develop his/her skills because some people just don't need to master this ability in this lifetime for their chosen lifepath.
  11. alexandrar

    But why do I need Tarot card's approval?

    Thank you all for sharing your insights. I've given it some thought. I think the cards can be a good tool when I have to make quick decisions and there's no time to think, or for self-awareness issue such as "help me understand why I am procrastinating..." But when it comes to important decisions I will only trust myself. Edit: Interesting you've noticed Kai. After the past few threads I made, I can't help but notice how badly I've been brainwashed, and I've reached a decision to no longer give my power away to anything outside of me, whether humans or tools. You made a powerful statement Tayesin - it reminds me of a past experience when I knew a decision was right, yet someone kept telling me to make a different decision (putting doubts in my head). Later on I discovered that this person, while unware, was channeling from spirits that were not form the light. And Armadodecadron: From personal experience, my intuition can see the big picture - something the cards don't always do. So in the end I always go with my intuition.
  12. alexandrar

    Blog a Little,blog bout me

    You are supposed to create your own future, Sparkles.
  13. alexandrar

    But why do I need Tarot card's approval?

    Has this ever happend to you? Say you've made a decision, you know the decision is right, it feels right, etc., yet you are not getting a strong confirmation from the Tarot cards. I am starting to think, if I know a decision is right, why should I let the cards have power over me? Why would I need its approval - know what I mean? In fact, I am starting to think that if I believe a decision is right, I should not even check with the cards. Please share your experience if you've ever had this issue come up.
  14. Hi, I am mainly an empath, but I do see visions that I can't always interpret. Please tell me anything you see or feel about this vision to help me understand: Situation: Someone I haven't talked to for quite a while emailed wanting to talk to me. I have no idea what the issue is and I haven't called him yet, but when I tuned into him psychically I saw this vision: I saw him becoming some kind of a liquid gel sort of thing and wrapped himself all over me until I completely disappear. I didn't feel in the vision that we completely melted into each other and became one, what I felt was that I was still me (but invisible and inside of him), and he was still him (in charge). Even if you can't interpret the vision specifically, can you tell me whether you feel this person is trying to protect me? Trying to have power over me? Or trying to manipulate me? Or is it a little bit of all of the above? (Because humans can be complicated). And more importantly, will it benefit me to call him up or will it benefit me more to completely ignore him?
  15. alexandrar

    Why can't we talk to God directly?

    Wow, thank you for the info FDragon, and everyone else who responded.