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  1. Armadodecadron

    What does the soul get out of human life?

    You don't understand the things I say. I have been trying for years to communicate what I have witnessed to you (and many others) in a cogent manner, using politeness, ruthlessness, patience, impatience, and every form of debate and communication I know. And when, after the years we've known eachother, I give you the one way I know to bridge a gap that injures me far more than you can imagine, you scoff, and say to me, "my spirits tell me everything! there is nothing you know that I do not." Your heart is a garden of lies. Its soils have been poisoned by the vain wishes of your predecessors, who have sought in so many ways to contort the soul into the human form, to protect themselves from the true meaning of life. Its fruits numb the mind when eaten. You are a lie. And so are your friends. I am not one of your friends. Good bye. I am leaving this place for good now; I have nothing to learn here, and I am done wasting my breath. We will not likely meet again. Before I go, I will say something important: we are all wrong. We know nothing. The soul is not what we think it is, the spirits are not what we think they are, and we have all been as children at play; imagining outwardly bold and wonderful visions to protect us our fear of the unknown. We have been talking to ourselves. Our gods are lies, and our powers stem from a well with depths we are not even trying to guess. There will be consequences for this. We are not safe, and our success is not guaranteed. The universe is vast beyond measure; this world is not the only one, and we should not be looking for comfortable shapes outside of it. We are not alone, and not all things mean us well. Not all things mean us trouble, either. But we've found trouble, although I think it wasn't quite intended to be when it began. There is something else. I cannot describe it. It is related to time, and to the soul. It is related to the human terror of spirits in folklore. It is related to the idea that we are not our own souls. Look for yourself. I have told you where to start. Oh - and one other thing. You haven't heard the last of me. I have found a better way - alone, ignorant and afraid in the dark - and I have just enough strength of will left to employ it. I won't be bothered to say what it is; collectively, even if you could understand, you don't really deserve to know any sooner than the rest of the world. Good bye!
  2. Armadodecadron

    My opinion on religon

    I sure am glad someone was willing to say it.
  3. Armadodecadron

    What does the soul get out of human life?

    Go and have your own. Be patient, and ensure you are engulfed the sightlessness of total dark, and the soundlessness of night. Ventilation is also bad. The air should not be permitted to move. But do not neglect the emotional content - without this force, without the wish swelling your heart, you will simply be sitting in a stuffy closet. If you are wondering why this could possibly be, I encourage you to make your own observations.
  4. Armadodecadron

    What does the soul get out of human life?

    No. No longer. I am done trying to explain this. It has been an exercise in frustration since I began years ago. If you are so interested, spend the next few weeks sitting in a closet for a few hours each night, starting at midnight. (If you can see anything with your eyes open, block any offending sources of light.) I will not explain why you should to this, because the explanation of the mechanics sounds like gibberish to the ignorant, and because the explanation is unnecessary when you go through with it. While you're in there, you need to sit still, and you need to wish extremely hard. You need to wish to cease to be human, and to be a soul, until the sheer force of the effort drains you of every other emotion. You need to do this night after night. It will eventually blast your self and your psyche into a very trustworthy state of shock. You will swim in a pleasant ocean of nothing. Then you will witness the problem we are all faced with. If you cannot be bothered to dedicate the time and energy to do this, we have nothing more to discuss.
  5. Armadodecadron

    Why can't we talk to God directly?

    Certainly, this is true. Seeing this admission of struggle makes me feel a twinge of guilt for calling you out on it; I endure the same churning process. I am continually wracked with doubt. I have a somewhat perverse philosophy in regards to this problem - nothing is real until it has power over those that do not believe in it/cannot/will not perceive it. The practice of detecting this has lead me to very strange conclusions. How detached we are from ultimate reality as the minds of human beings really bugs me.
  6. Armadodecadron

    Why can't we talk to God directly?

    How do you ascertain the validity of all of the colorful things you've been dialing lately?
  7. Armadodecadron

    what are your thoughts on demonic possession?

    I think that well-meaning, psychologically normal people frequently underestimate the strength, versatility and when defied; independence, of their own inner darkness.
  8. Armadodecadron

    What does the soul get out of human life?

    What? Someone wants to hear what I have to say? I'm in the forcing-my-ideas-on-others business. I'd have to check with my supervisor to see if this is OK. Just kidding. What I think about this is as follows; Animate appears to using the word god to represent an elected official or designated leader; one that is capable of mistakes. But Animate is also acknowledging the philosophical existence of what I consider god, which would be, in Animate's own words: "No being can ever claim to be absolute because life in the spritual world and physical world exists as it is." One of the most overtly Buddhist things I've seen said around here, and I consider it true. I acknowledge that faceless absolution as god. All that is and nothing at once. That aside, I have found myself surprised to be sharing the recognition of a problem with Animate. The spiritual mass that takes on the vessel of humanity does so at a risk that is not visible to humans - the exact specifics of this are where Animate and I disagree. Those that have lived, cannot shed their mantle, and cannot live again are the best indicator of this problem. If you want to know more about that, you needn't look far.
  9. Armadodecadron

    A message I got

    If only we had the courage to apply it to ourselves.
  10. Lister, but only barely. The curry question threw it. I do like curry.
  11. Armadodecadron

    What does the soul get out of human life?

    You are making an unusual claim. What spiritual beings believed human (re)incarnation was against the natural way of the cosmos? And why would god need to compromise with them? And, can you describe this vessel of incarnation in greater detail?
  12. Armadodecadron

    Why can't we talk to God directly?

    At least Dot gets it.
  13. Or, why are we here? To set the tone - assuming we are at the very core of our assorted beings a spirit, one that preceded our lives and will (possibly) be whole when our lives are over and done with; what do you think we might serve to gain by living? Why do you believe being human is a worthy endeavor?
  14. Armadodecadron

    dreams which predict the future?

    Neleh, Reading your more moderate take on this subject, I am beginning to think that this specific topic deserves its own thread. What do we get out of this, really? I'll concede that simply because I haven't figured out what that might be, doesn't mean there isn't something. I think I'll do the honors. It'll be in the psychic and spiritual guidance subforum. Anybody willing to step out of the box of their life and guess at this puzzle is welcome to participate.
  15. Armadodecadron

    dreams which predict the future?

    The conversation returns; I haven't done this one in at least a year. I have considered this philosophy for many years, and I have never been able to find a basis to substantiate it. In other words, I cannot possibly see how human life improves us as spirits. We step away from our true selves to embrace humanity, shouldering needs and drives which the soul simply does not have. How does taking in these foreign directives make us better? How are we enriched, having gone from creative forces of unlimited potential, to beings that predominantly occupy themselves with finding things to eat and copulate with? What percentage of your day, exactly, is dedicated to things that the human being needs, and serve no purpose to the soul? What do you get out obeying all of these drives, when you're dead, and they're all gone? I can't find a meaningful answer. Do you have one? A right? We are truly free? Why is it, then, that we live on a world of human beings, all presumably with their own individual and powerful souls, each possessed of their own pure and free will with which to choose right from wrong - why is it that they choose wrong so reliably? Why do we live in a world of war, in a world of cruelty, where the people have been ruled by the strong, and not the just, since the beginning of our race? Why do we choose to lie to each other? Why do we choose to take from and kill each other? We live in a world of agony, where serenity and contentment exist in isolated and fortunate pockets. Even in civilized countries, in the cities, you can feel it. The edge of madness in the air, of people at war with themselves, struggling to contain the agony of frustrated desires that are not even their own. We live in a world of hunger; the wolf of war always waiting outside the flimsy doors we erect between each other. If we are truly free, then we chose to make this world what it is with our own free will. How do you feel about that? Do you believe my words are untrue, because you are in one of those temporary pockets of comfort? Around the world, human beings are visiting unbelievable cruelty on each other. Countries are poised to crush each other, only held back by the threat of being smashed by even greater countries. It is madness; a world of madness. A world that crushes the free purity of the child; binds them to serve it. And you think we are free? I agree with this. It is gradually eroding. Yet, I sense us on the other side. I sense man in its totality.