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  1. titanus

    the full moon?

    I think you meant AWOL. Maybe it's taking a well deserved vacation after so much hiperactivity :)
  2. titanus

    Are you a typical...?

    Surely you jest? Scorpios are the sexiest sign of the zodiac, that wins outright! :lol:
  3. titanus

    Are you a typical...?

    Arian energy? Jeez... I'm a scorpio, with an ascendant pisces. Are we so secretive it's so hard to guess? :lol: When I said the "coolest" sign I wasn't thinking about water (although scorpio is a water sign); I really meant I thought it was the best sign around :D Although having an asc pisces isn't so cool <_<
  4. titanus

    Are you a typical...?

    No, not even close! I'll give a hint: it's the coolest sign there is! Any takers?
  5. titanus

    Are you a typical...?

    I'm a... who cares to guess? A few times some people have looked at me apprehensively because they believed my sun sign had a difficult personality associated with it. Maybe difficult is not the correct word... complex, perhaps? I get a kick out of those reactions hehe. :lol:
  6. titanus


    Does it matter what language you use to speak to them?
  7. titanus

    It was only a matter of time...

    Forums get spidered (indexed) by search engines every day, you're right, that's no secret. I don't think anybody expects privacy from something publicly posted on the internet. What I meant is getting a "heads up" for letting us know it was published in S.Awful. It is one of the larger net sites, and somewhat different than getting spidered by Google. It doesn't make much of a difference, but it's nice to find out from a friendly source instead of an unfriendly one. What they could do is flood and/or DDoS the forum (unlikely though). However I've seen it happen when "nerds" are angered (seeing ebaumsworld being taken down was hilarious). Now let's all group hug! :lol: Too much tension over such a petty matter :)
  8. titanus

    It was only a matter of time...

    For what it's worth I don't think Fooze made a mistake by posting that. Rather, it was good. Somethingawful is one of the 800 pound gorillas of the internet (it ranks around 4,000 on Alexa, that means it's around the 4000th most visited site on the internet). If it's posted there it'll get around one way or another. Releasing something on the internet is like peeing in a pool: once it's in you can't get it out :lol: Au contraire, it was better for everybody to receive a friendly 'heads up' and not find out by... less nicer means. Deleting it would not allow future/other members to know. I don't think anybody was offended by Fooze; if anything we should be grateful.
  9. titanus

    It was only a matter of time...

    QFT Don't worry about it Meg, traffic on those types of sites is so large that those things get forgotten quickly, replaced by the new joke.
  10. titanus

    It was only a matter of time...

    Lol... I had a good laugh. On the bright side, we didn't get posted on 4chan :lol:
  11. titanus

    Dear readers

    What aspects will your book focus on?
  12. titanus

    meg's blog :)

    You're lucky! I've never seen snow up close. On what site is your book? And why are you on the fence?
  13. titanus

    A theory about Stephenie Meyer...

    Hhmmm I might give it a try. I didn't think much of the Harry Potter books and ended up reading most of them :lol: