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  1. Excellent can you elaborate on why...
  2. light.

    Positive Day 2014

    POSITIVE DAY IS JUNE 5th What do you do on positive day? First come to this blog and say happy positive day to every one on the site. Next try to stay positive and say positive things to people all day long. Next pray or meditate or send out positive vibes to some one you dislike. ohhhhhh toughy. This iz a holiday for you spend money on you totally relax... no other holiday iz a day just for u spend money on what you want to do ... be selfish to your self ... you deserve it "and you really do" ... Boooooom you just made it through positive day. Please tell you friends this a international thing we do every year make t-shirts tell all your friends, even you stiff upper lip adults tell your children get them happy show them love tell them its positive day be happy do good things. Get your teachers to annouce it tell your co workers call family this is important. Please help any way you can think of. Love and Light friends Thiz year iz going to awesome thiz last year haz been unholy hell and super risky for every one ... you all deserve a break and I have it for you ... a day to totally chillax and do thingz for yourself and spend money only on yourself ... or do whatever you want for a change not being told by any one ... and you have permission from me ... Muhahahahahahahahahaahahaha!!! =p
  3. light.

    It's a BOY!

    Much love and light ...
  4. light.

    Many typez...

    Many people speak of capabilities and such but I notice a pattern basically it is a fit in the box pattern. By fitting in the box the individual is part of a old pattern, such as loving a car from the 80z; lol in which I still do. But evolution iz about pushing forward therefore new ideaz and rejected platformz have to be analyzed. By throwing multiplicities of ideaz away in the past man haz produced a linear mind in a infinite universe... lol it iz very discerning when focusing on the idea. By setting up barriers in the mind for masses of people, a genetic crux haz possibly occured; in other wordz our geneticz can become recessive due to focused linear analogiez. We have to be individual because the universez are expanding, not contracting; even from studying the bhagavad gita it explainz that the universe iz expanding ... it iz the end of the Kali Yuga but much further man haz to go before retraction ... or the breathing in and out of the universe. One of the biggest occult teachingz iz to be aware of what you think and how you think... I underlined the two red areaz due to the fact that in between theze two situationz liez the human ability to manage their geneticz... re·ces·siveriˈsesiv/adjectiveadjective: recessive 1. Geneticsrelating to or denoting heritable characteristics controlled by genes that are expressed in offspring only when inherited from both parents, i.e., when not masked by a dominant characteristic inherited from one parent. Much love and light to all...
  5. light.

    Many typez...

    What people think and how thingz actually work are two different thingz totally... There are many different typez of psychics, and the idea of psychic fractionalizez into other thingz that people have not thought of because the universe iz a fractional code. Basically what comez after psychic??? and how did it develop or how many different wayz iz it possible to develop and what typez of elementz develop ... Many people try to group and solidify bacsic'z of the idea but truth be know there are a plethora of wayz to develop everything... I usually alwayz go placez that I have dreamnt of as a sign post of my future ... I am not a fan because itz not alwayz positive 'even though itz relevant' ... and thiz iz only one of the skillz ... Each person needz to sit and think about who they are az a individual ...not as a family member or what ever you cannot loose your individualism and become a piece of furniture here ... Many people want to be only known as a part of a group but each one of uz diez as a single unit and iz placed in a box by yourself ... each one of our heartz stopz and only takez the individulal not the group ... You must know who you are az a individual ... That iz what most people run from and television offerz you a person to be ' a character' but when the character getz old and not popular any more the person has to run and become another ... forgetting who they are constantly and forever ... To start to develop skillz a person must know who they are and the intrinsicz of the brain and science therefore they can understand what iz happening to them or at least have some type of synopsis of the situation. Knowledge iz power due to the knowledge producing new avenues for synapses to fire and create new ideaz and capablilitiez that can only be used by the individual storing the thoughtz. Therefore a person must study and develop for themselvez Much love and light to all ....
  6. light.

    Believe in yourself

    Most excellent especially the part explaining that I live to excel ... not compete ... I live by that notion No one iz here to be used ... and because of the usage of people the earth iz now falling apart ...
  7. light.

    Are you an Adult Kid ?

    Muhahaha I am a specialist in the candy field of tech ... I hold high etiquette in the candy paradigm. In thiz time of year there are specialz that should be tried such as the middle brand of the chocolates below. The white chocolate covered in regular chocolate I just tried and iz excellent. Also you might like to try a few of theze otherz ... they may be to your liking
  8. light.

    Are you an Adult Kid ?

    Itz all about having fun ... thatz all ... Say fun and crazy stuff ... be outside of the norm ... people forget thatz part living 'they remember all the other partz... I have noticed that when I look at black and white picturez from dayz of lore it iz interesting to notice that people are very systematic ... I realize the reason why iz due to the fact that it waz new to do ... in other wordz the organization of city life waz new thatz why they wanted to act in such a fashion ... It waz not because it waz not fun ... it waz fashionable to act in such a manner ... fun ... take a look at some of the old 1920z black and white picturez of swing dancing and flapperz ... those people stood out doing thingz they considered fun ... Live life for fun ...
  9. Are you an Adult kid ??? What iz your definition of an Adult kid ??? Thiz will be a epic review so don't screw it up ... Really think about it and your life and think of the thingz that make you an adult kid... No judgementz here ... this iz your truth and showing of your indigo side ... Take your time and explain your inner and outer kid ... I will post mine az well as the post goez on ... No thatz not me ... but you get the idea ...
  10. light.


    Thank you ... very much
  11. light.

    How did your gift(s) develop?

    Hello Soul Searcher, You and your husband are great people ... nice work
  12. If you go to this site it will give you plenty of information and you may decide for yourself ... that way you will have your own interpretation... also there is a plethora of other information to gaze through... Just type in the word "monad" at the top of the site in the search box and plenty of information will proceed... http://www.sacred-texts.com/ May the divine bless us all ...
  13. light.


  14. Just wondering ... There are many questionz pertaining to the different monadz and such many different specualationz .... what iz your insight into the matter
  15. light.

    I am Vit

    Hello Vit Wow for some reason I like that name ...