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    I am healer in training
  1. Kayenkpr

    Dreams ive had

  2. Kayenkpr

    Dreams ive had

    Here is where i felt the feeling of the scratching or clawing feeling. Mind you I have No pets what so ever or anyone who was living with me at the Time of the dream
  3. Kayenkpr

    Dreams ive had

    *sighs* well the most recent one that actually unnerved me was this one: I had just gotten off a cruise ship of some sort and I was walking in crowd and I had seen a detective or special investigator and he was standing next to his car ( i think he was waiting for me) He had Informed me and a few others that there was a murder on the ship I believe( i didn't get the point in time in which it happened) and i Took a ride with him he was telling me that the cruise ships had been allowing people to be killed on their ships for hush money and then we went into a dark tunnel or the road got really dark to wear i could she the head lights any more and then that is when i woke up too A feeling of a scratching or clawing at my skin or my left arm where it flexes at. SO those any one get anything from it. if it will help ill put a picture up of my arm and where i felt it at.
  4. Kayenkpr

    Kayen's Blog

    Hmmm Ill do that and hope for the best. Oh and this video stuck out at me yesterday and i was wondering what you guys think of it. it has two parts. Part one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsNom1kXfwA...re=channel_page Part two http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0r0vLdqDNbY...feature=related
  5. Kayenkpr

    Kayen's Blog

    Hmmm well what should i start off with ? -1.I am currently working on getting the micro cosmic orbit meditation down pat. -2.I have been stalling on get my Ged (simply because I don't have normal ride to and from school any more) -3.I decided to keep my apartment and try a get a new room mate(even though it will raise my rent if they have a high income) -4.I need a teacher for my abilities (psychic-teacher/guru/mentor) because I've been having dream visions and not sure how to control them but they weren't recent though and it like they're at random. -5.I need to make a Goal list (things to do) and then Ill Keep you guys posted on my success/failures. and that is all for now ill try and check in more often is going to be one of my goals(short term)
  6. Kayenkpr

    the full moon?

    Well if you Wikipedia the full moon or even Harvest moon. you'll find that it can cause insomnia and insanity.
  7. Kayenkpr

    What is your Sun sign card?

    XI - Justice. Libra And 3 of Swords I notice all the air signs have have swords why is that? And i am not sure which planet i am born under but my ruling planet is Venus so i am guessing the Empress
  8. Kayenkpr

    It's Friday 13th

    *coughs* well certain moons can cause insanity. If you Wikipedia it and i believe it very much so. considering i was on the receiving end of the harvest moons effects. i take these things seriously because id rather stay away from hospital and what not. you ask why do you think it was the Harvest moon well it was the one thing i kept babbling on about during my sickness. that and a marriage i was suppose to have (i had not purpose though so i don't know where that came from) :unsure:
  9. Kayenkpr

    Psychic Quest - Is this real?

    ^_^ hhhmmm i am not experienced much in communicating with guardians but i do know you don't have to astral project to communicate with one all the time , they're able to send vision to you when your awake if you concentrate enough.
  10. Kayenkpr

    Color paint game.

    well i got 19 right away but i thinks its 9. heh could be wrong...
  11. Kayenkpr

    Color paint game.

    twas 83
  12. Kayenkpr

    Color paint game.

    one last guess and sparkly no your like half way off 83 was mine and it resembles my favorite color
  13. Kayenkpr

    Color paint game.

    feel free to guess mine its been stuck in my head this whole time