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  1. VelvetAngel

    Psychic / Intuitive challenge

    I don't know.... I wish I knew what I was supposed to be doing, maybe my self confidence might be blocking me... not sure. HELP! LOL I'd love to know that the "somewhere great" is! :woofpup:
  2. VelvetAngel

    Psychic / Intuitive challenge

    That is very oool! Can you get anything else on me??
  3. VelvetAngel

    Question Game

    A new TV? :)
  4. VelvetAngel

    Psychic / Intuitive challenge

    This might be strange, but I've been following this topic, I think it's so much fun! But I just wanted to add that I have twin brothers named, Mark and Eric... I wonder if you were picking up on me because I've been checking in like every day! No more babies for me though mine are teenagers!I"m not in fashion either!!! Maybe it's just a "coincidence".. LOL Ooops this was to go to Villani16...and I don't know how to delete it or change who it goes to!!! Sorry :blink:
  5. VelvetAngel

    Question Game

    Is it brown? A dog...I'm thinking floppy ears?
  6. VelvetAngel

    Question Game

    Sorry, no wicker furniture, I wonder if I'm doing something wrong? Maybe I'm not visualizing it strong enough? It's actually my pony saddle that I had when I was little, it's on a stand in front on my window. I don't live near the ocean... sorry. I'd appreciate tips to learn how to send out the signal!
  7. VelvetAngel

    Question Game

    No, sorry!
  8. VelvetAngel

    Question Game

    Ok! Can someone try to think of the object that I'm thinking of that's in my living room in front of my picture window?
  9. VelvetAngel

    mini psychic game for fun

    Ok... that just freaked me out a bit! I think you mean the other Angel C, but I'm VelvetAngel and stumbled upon this question because I'm searching for help! Maiden name starts with a C! Clarity and security are definately something I am looking for. I have a lot of self doubt, and am unclear as I am unsure if I have any abilities.. that's where the self doubt comes in. Not sure if this was something I should have responded to, but I'm impressed!
  10. VelvetAngel

    Question Game

    Hi! Can I play too!? I'm sure I'll be way off, but I'd like to give it a try! I think the item on your dresser is a perfume bottle?
  11. VelvetAngel

    Was this a sign?

    I am 100% certain that that is a sign!!! What an awesome story, you should take the time to write the whole thing down!