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    Can a Psychic Help Locate a Missing Item?

    Thank you all very much. :) The ipod madness was finally resolved... though it turned out that someone (and not any of the kids, either...) had stolen it, and later they got scared and brought it back... later on, we found out who it was... they have actually stolen many things from us over these past months... so some things turned out very sadly and badly, but at least we know who took so many things, and we have severed ties with them. Thank you very much for your help.
  2. Snowdrops

    Can a Psychic Help Locate a Missing Item?

    Hello! This morning, my mother realized that her ipod touch was missing. She's turned the house upside down and can't find it anywhere. On Friday, we had a bunch of kids over; a bunch of sixth graders and some of my tenth grade friends/classmates. My mother thinks that maybe one of them stole it; she is quite convinced that someone has stolen it because she always has it charging right by her silver computer in the closet, and then it just disappeared and cannot be found anywhere. Now, I really don't know what to think. Seven kids came over with me; I know for sure that two of them would never do a thing like that, and I'm actually pretty darn sure that none of them would do things like that... however, there is this one girl I'm unsure about, but I don't want to be quick to assume she could have, simply because she is not very nice and I am not particularly fond of her. We think that maybe some of the younger boys, my younger brothers friends, may have done it-- they were all around that area with my brother, when I don't think that any of the girls that came over went into that room... anyway, my poor mommy is very frustrated and we don't want to accuse anyone if it's not necessary... hopefully it will just turn up somewhere... please, can any of you see or hear anything that would help me find it? Any places where it might be, or any names of someone who might have taken it? (By the way, my dad has an identical ipod touch that is in a cupboard right above the desk where Mom's ipod was charging-- so it's not that one, but it looks just like it.) Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  3. Snowdrops

    Can a Psychic Help Locate a Missing Item?

    Hi! I've noticed that a lot of people have created "Missing ____, please help me find them!" threads, and I could sure use some help right now... it's not that big of a deal, though, so if no one has any ideas, that's quite all right! I have this little project on Thursday. I have to talk about the Spanish artist, Joan Miro, his life, painting style, and I have to pick one painting and explain it/talk about it. The painting I picked was 'Carnival of Harlequin', and my mother helped me make a few flash cards with the most important info on them. I was actually supposed to present a week or two ago, but there hasn't been time for everyone to do theirs, and my turn hasn't come around yet. Well, I've somehow lost my flash cards! I have pages of information and everything, but it would be really great if I could find the flash cards so I don't have to make new ones... I believe that they are white, and Mum printed out the info and pasted it on the flash cards (just simple black text). There is one card though, the one that talks about Carnival of Harlequin, and I think that flash card might be blue... and I wrote on the Harlequin flash card myself, in print and cursive. We are in the process of moving ourselves and everything to a new house (today and tomorrow), so things are kind of crazy and the whole packing/mess thing is just leaving me even more lost! I know I might be asking a lot, especially with all the confusion and disorder, but if anyone has any idea if the flash cards are around here somewhere (or somewhere at my school!!), please let me know! Thank you very much.