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  1. Tayesin

    is this a sign?

    Hi Meg, Those people are having their own experience. According to the book, "The Body is the Barometer of the Soul", by Annette Noontil the right side of the body reflects our physical direction in life, while the left is spiritual direction. Each body part is relative to certain issues and beliefs. When injuring the right side so simply, through not having your awareness where it should be.. on what you are doing at the time.. people avoid doing the things in life that the injury pertains to.
  2. Tayesin

    change in colour of stones and avalon

    We used to get to Avalon via meditation. Prepared in the usual way then simply held the intention to go there, and, held an image of the Tor in our minds. Worked every time. Once you go there you can dial it in again by remembering how you felt being there. In the ancient Pherylt texts it talks about Gateway Rites as a method of travel. With this old method you imagine a stone gateway with the symbol of Avalon on it... a Silver Apple.. and this "dials the number for you", so when you feel ready you just walk through the gateway. This worked fairly well for some people when we used it, but one has to remember to allow the scene to develop naturally around you when you walk through, so I advise travellers to focus on their feet for a few minutes to let this occur. Either way is good, let me know how you go. Many stones and crystals today are color-enhanced by a dying technique, which might be why your two stones are losing their color.
  3. Tayesin

    The Economic Recession

    No return to innocence for me please. What a horrific time of life that was, living in a fantasy creation that was doomed to erosion by aging into reality is not my idea of a good time in life. I still carry some of that immaturity but it does not rule me as it did while a child or young teen. Reality is the important thing, and finding what we can do to change it to be more effective long term for the whole of community. I see so many problems in relationships because of the fantasy concepts of youth.. example: How many women do you know who grew up as Daddy's Princess then suffered for their belief that they must be treated that same way in marriage as an adult, usually by their expected Knight in Shining Armor? Short answer, a lot. How many men grow to believe a wife must attend his needs, cook, clean and pamper him as the breadwinner, then discover as an adult in marriage that their expectations are ludicrous? A lot. So where is the problem? Is it in believing that a youthful belief, hope or desire must be made real or is it in learning as we grow that the things of youth have no place in reality? For me the answer is obvious. Thank you for your patience with me.
  4. Tayesin

    The Economic Recession

    Armadodecadron, Thank you. Maybe we both have had a misunderstanding my friend. It is not my intention to berate you for your beliefs, I am speaking fairly openly without shrinking and know it is not my place to change anyone, only to plant the ocassional seed if possible. This may sound haughty but that is not the intent, and never would I believe myself to above another person.. having struggled considerably over the years to find a more humble way of being without retreating, well, stillstruggling with that aspect. More than happy to let you be you and me be me, and hopefully to enjoy many more in depth conversations. That you hold your beliefs and stand tall in doing so is a great positive in my way of thinking, it is just that we cannot agree on somethings. While it sounds as if I am opposed to anything old ways, the reality is different as I do see many good things which should come forward with humanity, as well as those things I see which harbour negative behaviours. Honour, Romantic Love, a sense of Duty and all other positive experiences are a must for humanity otherwise we may only see further decadence in our future. I do not know the answer to what we see unravelling in our society, but I do know a large percentage of people have been effected by this decline, including you and I. You know, I am that Wild Child grown older, but just as fired-up at times. Forgive me this idiosyncrasy. It has caused me many problems over the years, even when I gave up and entered the expectation world of Society again. A failed marriage was once enough for me, and so choose to not co-join based on not wanting to be involved in another person's control dramas and expectations. So I place Freedom high on the list of Positives for Humanity. I took on the role of single parent because I understood my Duty to this being I assisted in bringing into the world, whereas her other parent could not due to only being able to see her own "needs". And I would not change a thing. I am more happy in single and Celibate life than ever I was in marriage or relationships.. no one is attempting to control me, coerse me, outright manipulate me or berate me for what I am doing or not doing or saying and not reaching their highest expectations of me.... hell mate, I don't reach my own highest expectations of me becaues I am aware that we set that benchmark too high for any human being. Yes I can see what you mean with humanity here. There is something within us that is at the same time strong and resilient, yet controlling and ungiving. My space bucks won't even buy into a wager, after factoring in more inflation. Can I say one of the things I have enjoyed the most in these conversation has been the clarity with which you write, being able to get across very well what you think and mean and responding openly. Thank you so much.
  5. Tayesin

    The Economic Recession

    Armadodecadron You've given me a much clearer understanding now from the overall response, thank you. Firstly, how is it that Marriage is Sacred. I mean, I know that is a premise of one or two ancient and indoctrinated belief-systems that are approaching their "use by date". Given I understand how those control dramas worked and how the indoctrination process has worked these past few thousand years, I still do not see how we can claim Marriage as being a Sacred thing. It is a man made concept after all and therefore highly fallable. Now I can agree that some people do quickly seek healing or removal of an issue, and in my experiece much of the modalities on offer today are ineffectual. Many others seek it in the arms of another person, or a house, or holiday, or other object of focus. Very few understand the healing process, and what a person will come to understand about their own actions and how that effected others. Real healing is not a quick fix at the local healer's. Being in suffering for one's actions is no guarantee of non-repeats. That can only come when the person has truly understood everything they set in motion and the results of those instigations. Healing still comes after. I mean no offence from here on... I see you are providing us with an old traditonal view of marriage based on your family, and one that illustrates perfectly the ineffectiveness of those traditional views. I read about a man, long suffering under the barrage of control dramas from a viperish women, who did not have the guts to stand up and either sort it out or end it. Yes, brow beaten I think it was called back then. Why? More than likely he is a product of his times, when people stayed together no matter what because our Society had a mold we were all expected to fit. No dissent allowed, no care for each individual that makes up the whole and more control than you can handle. The same thing happens today in many relationships. I see control drama marriages all the time and I know that each person in those relationships is not an equal, not being nourished, nor respected as a human being with feelings and is being treated as Owned by the other partner. That is not Marriage, that is Prison. Love may well have been a part of why they married. Surprisingly, young girls got pregnant to young boys just as much back then as they do today, only then it was a seen as a blight on a family's "rep" and was easily remedied by marrying them off. Many older couples guard that secret very well, even 50 years down the track. Isn't it so stupid that we value Appearance above truth and honesty? Not sure if you understand how real emotional-issue healing works, and I'm not referring to going off to the local Healer to have an issue removed in a proces that requires you to not be a part of your own healing. Those healings deal with the onion layers Shrek spoke about!! Real healing takes a few steps. One is to recognise that there is an issue.. which is the step most of us fail at. Another is to accept and become responsible, own your stuff, and understand how your actions and expectations affect others. By now the person may be ready to really heal the issue. And so far, the most effective way I know is to let ourselves really feel that emotion.. because we are afraid to feel it fully and so we suppress it. Yes, it takes great courage to let yourself feel what you are afraid of. When doing this, we can feel as if we are being smashed about on the rocks until the feeling finally fades naturally and is then replaced with an image in your mind. this is a core image and it relates to the time and event where this issue and it's covering layers first initiated. I think one of the biggest problems in marriage is Expectations. We expect the other to be a certain way, to save face along with our requirements, to do and not do certain things.. in short to act as if we own that person. This is not Love. To seek for another to suffer so that we can think they might "learn their lesson" is to indicate something in need of healing within the self, as this too is not Love. Be well Arma.
  6. Tayesin

    The Economic Recession

    Dang Kai, you just asked what I've been trying not to write. Based on the strength of feelings about making those who leave a relationship feel shame, I wondered, felt, that this was the cause of such determined need to hurt someone else. You know, while I do not make the same choice as you, I see no reason why anyone should attempt to make you feel bad about your choice in life. Good on you for being You, and for not taking other people's hang-ups onboard.
  7. Tayesin

    The Economic Recession

    I agree Victoria that shame doesn't necessarily precede healing. My point was in relation to Arma's strictness in the need to force others to feel shame. Guilt and Shame are two voracious beliefs many people hold onto for far too long so it was my understanding that the healing of these to things is part of our overall healing process after divorces.
  8. Tayesin

    The Economic Recession

    Armadodecadron, Yes I agree that all things should be in moderation, hence the need for boundaries to what we will accept from others. That we forgive what we perceive as trespass is important, not only for the growth of those forgiven, but for our own personal growth. If we do not we forge an anchoring point for our emotions which we simply cannot move beyond. You will have met many people anchored to a past event from which they have not emotionally matured as yet. Healing must include the Shame that people feel or are MADE TO FEEL by others for whatever energy-vampirism they are doing it for. You speak of discipline, which is very important, but, since we do not know all the details of a situation how can we judge another for lacking self-discipline because they left an unhealthy marriage? I can see with many marriages people are leaving for a variety of reasons and many of those reasons to me are not real reasons to break the Oath taken, but it is not up to me to judge, nor condemn, or to insure shame on either person from that marriage. I simply do not have that right. One of the worst emotions a large portion of society carries individually is Shame and/or Guilt. This is a most unhealthy process that leads to further complications before the healing is complete, if at all. Guilt and Shame are viral in as much as they seep all the way into a person and then begin to fester into a large variety of disorders and illnesses. How can we then say it is deserved and should be fostered or strenghtened by any caring Soul? Would we not prefer for each of those effected people to be healed and then gain the clarity of what their experiences really meant for them? We may never agree, or even reach some consensus on this issue, but I do think this conversation is a productive one. Thank You.
  9. Tayesin

    The Economic Recession

    Armadodecadron, Any kind of promise is not to be entered into lightly. To me the Oath taken in marriage is a very important one. As a wild young man I was the worst womaniser I knew, then I met my daughter's mother, and soon enough we were married.. when the time came to make the Oath I cried because I knew what it meant, the responsibility of it, etc. Today though I am single, not through my choice at the time due to another males imput, and I would have to say all of it was an amazing experience. The depth of pain release was tremendous, wrenching, and had me wondering if I would ever be whole again. Well, life goes on and we grow more, hopefully. We move past our hard definitions and expectations when we see what was in those experiences for us. In the end, we can come to understand that balance is preferred over extremism of thought and belief, this is part of the healing over time. What is perceived as weakness by one is done so without full knowledge of situation and experience another person may have lived with. We must have Boundaries to what we will accept from another person, this is part of our growth too, and if those boundaries are constantly invaded and an amicable, co-operative direction cannot be found by both parties then that leaves some hard options to take stock of. Stay and remain abused. Stay and see our kids abused too, etc. None of those are acceptable. So only one path remains for many people, male and female. And wether you currently agree or not my friend, that last remaining path will always be the perfect one. There's an old saying about not judging a person until we've walked a mile in their shoes. This is one of the greatest human truths if we ever hope to live as equals here.
  10. Tayesin

    The Economic Recession

    Not too sure if we can say Marriage in the old days was better than today (simplifying what's been said before). Many marriages were arranged, many were forced and many were simply what people thought they had to do. In the old days, marriages showed a happy face for fear of how others would view the reality of two people unhappily imprisoned together. Many stayed together for the kids.. which is rubbish when kids see and hear more hurtful stuff than they would if the two adults separated. Many marriages were unhappy in the old days, people Believed they had to stay together til death did them apart.. not out of Love, more out of Fear.. after all, Marriage is supposed to be an intstitution established by God... so breaking the marriage could send a person to Hell. Many people were simply too afraid to go it alone in a world that only approved of marriage. Many mothers would have loved to leave the husband and take the kids, but there indoctrinated fear of isolation would always prevent them. And with this isolation, we must include family's who would not assist a leaving women as they may do today.. it was simply not the done thing in the eyes of our old worn out culture. Some people site the animal kingdom to show that man and women are meant to mate for life. I strongly disagree, most animals do not mate for life, and we as animals force ourselves to do so based on some old and fallable belief-system. Looking for a reason why marriages do not last today? The Answer is Our Culture. Fast-paced, driven by expectations of financial security and an imprinted fantasy of being the Princess on a pedestal causes women to seek an upgrade when things go off the rails in their current marriage.. whether that is money related or not. Money is a huge problem. Very few women in particular today would be happy living in a shed with the one they loved. Instead they were force-fed a diet of beliefs that are not reasonable to expect.. this also applies to men's expectations in marriage. I've been around the world, and I've seen large numbers of women who are very much not happy in a marriage where all their desires for security and riches have been met but even that is not enough. Quite a few are doing what I call prostituting themselves so they can have a life of excess and it only costs them to feign affection and physical love. Sad that. Men seem to believe that they should find their one, settle down and have kids, work your butt off until you are too old to enjoy what you planned to do in retirement. And we wonder why men die earlier than women! Men quickly get into a Comfort Zone in marriage, one that appears to them as if they have everything.. a women who will look after him, and raise their kids, keep their houses clean and not seek anything more out of life. Pretty traditional isn't it? The moment that Comfot Zone is challenged by a woman who wants to self-improve through education or other avenues is then viewed by most men as a threat to their way of life. Hence why many men in that situation begin to do things that actually push their partner further away even though the male believes it will force them to stay close by. What I see today is a Desperation in men and women. All seem to be focused on finding their One. Most are in a hurry to marry. People do not have boyfriends and girlfriends anymore.. they do not take a few years to get to know each other before living together and looking at a possible future. Instead this desperation leads people to hurry, meet someone, fall in love quickly and move in together quickly... when no one was really ready for such a move in the first place. Everywhere the internet is filled with people seeking their One, and finding of course many who do not reach their high expectations, and so they try even harder to find this elusive one. It is pure madness. I for one do not see what is wrong with being single, and not sexually active, as a life choice. If I meet someone, I always do not rush and wait to see what is really there. Marriage is not important to me, having someone cook and clean for me is not important to me, having someone enjoy my body is not so important to me. What is important to me is that I finish raising my daughter, first and foremost, and if anyone comes along showing interest, I consider what is there.. particularly the Issues being held onto so tightly.. why? Because I do not wish to have drama and fights in my everyday living, there is enough with raising a teenage daughter.. I do not wish to fight over money, over what I did or didn't do, and I do not want to be pressured by anyone to fulfil their fanstasies and expectations of me. I have enough trouble filling my own expectations of myself. I also do not wish to be forced into buying a house for a woman, when I do not wish to own property or buy a house for myself.. yep, I do not understand how humans can believe that they own land. I am still in old ways where you lived where it was good for you, you grew what you needed and no one had a law to say you can not live there because you did not pay an illusionary figure of credits which ends up being almost 2 or 3 times the advertised price you borrowed to buy it. I do not think we can judge today's marriages using old time marriages as a yardstick. They are far too different in a modern world with different pressures. Yes it easier now to be released from a marriage, and that is a good thing so no one has to feel imprisoned for life in a loveless marriage. Marriage is fine for those who seek it. Those who do not should not be viewed as not worthy. So too for those who leave marriages, they should not be viewed as weak and not worthy also. If we do not know the circumstances we cannot offer an opinion.
  11. Tayesin

    The Economic Recession

    Honestly, I don't think the Universe has organised this Financial Crisis in order to make us assist ourselves, although that to me is one of the outcomes of this Crisis... if each of us chooses to rise to the occassion. The mechanics of the Crisis itself are man made. It began with mega-billions being withdrawn electronically in one night in Europe back in early September of last year. The taking of so much from the system is what began the process of crashing the financial system. The rest, was organised in the U.S.A to come into line with particular egendas being played out from the topmost portion of humanity. All those not in the know have tried hard to avoid or at least postpone the worst of it.. this too will fail, despite the many reassuring words you hear spoken on the T.V., the Radio or other media. That part of the agenda is to insure that people do not horde dollars but instead keep them flowing into the big siphon to the top. Proof for this perspective lay in events that occured this year in the U.S. and other countries, where governments propped up the system with mega-bucks given to Large Institutions that frittered it all way on Bonuses.. making so many millionaires within the companies that it was not the least bit funny. Meanwhile those who really needed the injection of assistance were left to their own devices.. which usually meant to suffer further. The bigger picture reality of this crisis is not being seen by the vast majority of people. Very few are aware of what happens in other countries around the world, so hardly anyone is actually seeing this bigger picture. The picture is showing this: The systems will continue to fail as more monay is taken from the system to the very top. Governments will come into heavy demand to help their populations, which in turn provides the governments with the final ounce of your power to make the basic choices in life.. hence all the wonderfully archaic control mechanism alterations to laws and the pushing through of seriously retarded laws that do take your every right away from you. The final result of this manipulatioin will be to bring the entire world into a long Depression the likes of which even the 1930's depression will pale into insignificance. Allcontrol over what you do will be in the hands of your governments, you will have no rights. Now this is where we need to talk about standing up and taking full responsibility for yourself and those dependant on you... be responsible for Food, Clean Water, etc... yes, the basics of life that keep body and soul together. And here is where I see the greatest possibility for humanity. That we rise up and change what we do as a whole. Yes we may have to rebuild when the Industrial/Military Complex has finished it's long term agenda sowing, and leaves us with nothing, and it is to this rebuilding that I look.. for it is us, you and me, every single person who will be needed to build a new world for humanity, one based solely on Equality for all and Respect for all.. including the planet that supports us. That is the growth opportunity we face in our near future. And I for one see it clearly and know what I must do in order to fulfil my role in it. Do not be duped by soft words from politicians or the media, they are puppets of those at the very top. Do take a stand now.. quietly.. to grow your food, find clean water, build up necessary supplies and look to how you will survive the coming few years without ending up in an internment camp under 24 hour guard.
  12. Tayesin

    is it possible to have only 1 past life?

    Armadodecadron, Now that was a great answer you offered. Thank You. To your next question : "is it possible to have lived no past lives?" It must be possible and extremely probable if we can think of it. That was the easiest part, now onto one of the best questions I've ever seen asked, anywhere. "If so, would the traits opposing the ones Tayesin and I have fuzzily outlined be acceptably accurate indicators of spiritual inexperience?" I don't think the opposed traits would necessarily indicate that. Souls having had multiple incarnations also display the opposing traits. And at times what we could poorly describe as 'advanced' souls also choose incarnations which offer the oportunity to experience those same opposing traits. So I tend to think the general answer would be a No. Of course that answer would now make us re-question the traits of an aware soul and it's many incarnations into aware humanity, given that we understand any soul irrespective of the number of lives led so far could choose the experience of negatively perceived traits. Astral Paws, Because you told us this was your experience when around your sister. Oh, and we aren't so smart, love, well I'm not anyway.. just have something to share.
  13. Tayesin

    is it possible to have only 1 past life?

    Great question, and you know, I don't have a defined answer for you. I've read many other people's opinions on what characteristics should be displayed by such a person, but I tend to think of those things as expectations on behalf of those with the opinion. The bum in the gutter could be more spiritually aware than anyone else on the planet and we would never know because we do not take the time to find out, and so we judge according to the look and activity. Many have great expectations on what should be, and give absolutely no allowance for such a person to display human traits... yep, we expect perfection from them and do not see them as being the same as us and therefore also able to stumble and fall from time to time in life as we all do. Let's give finding an answer a go. First and foremost I would think is Honesty, with the self and all others no matter what. Maybe secondary to that would be a sense perhaps of caring for all living things, as one would know we are all equal whether it is a rock, a tree, an animal or the human animal. Most very aware people, who fit your description more than likely are fringe dwellers of society.. being in the world but not of it. Many of those would be judged by society as losers or crazy for not fitting in with the rest of the dream-seeking culture. Perhaps they may offer knowledge when asked, offer whatever they have to share when needed without asking for or expecting a single thing in return, because they would know all actions provide feedback, even if only the good feeling at the time. Perhaps it would be easier to seek what characteristics we might not see with such a person. Greed could be one, Hatred of others, Lifestyle would definately be another as one would know the futility of such illusions as materialism. Although many lightworkers seek those very same things, so we may be finding ourselves placing an unspoken judgement there, even if it is one that is an honest observation. In the end I still do not have a great answer for you. Perhaps it is a question you may answer for us?
  14. Tayesin

    is it possible to have only 1 past life?

    Hi Paws, Yes it is possible. She may be a soul who has been having experiences in other worlds and realms before coming to this world, just as we all did. The sparkling golden veil is a signature, for me at least it tells me she has a massive Well of Unconditional Love inside her, which she may or may not tap into just yet. But since it is a part of her make-up it will be noticeable by all aware things, animals, sensitive humans, etc. She may have only had one human life so far here, but this does not mean she is less than anyone else. As for Indigo's, all those incarnating since the very late 1950's are what has become called Indigo's, so almost everyone you see today is an Indigo. Although most people are still operating within the Belief-System and Indoctrination levels of awareness and are not therefore aware of their nature as Soul, yet. Your sister on the other hand does have a degree of awareness, whether she aknowledges (sp) it or not.
  15. Tayesin

    Wrath of Kahn

    Hi Angel, I thought the same thing with Star Trek. Perhaps a viewing of the movie will show you what is in it for you?