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  1. Hi I am desperately trying to find an old photograph and would like some assistance if possible.I can stand to lose many different things but photographs are very precious to me.This one is a black and white of me sitting in a park,it is from my high school photography class.I had it stored in a box of books,in between two books.It was near some boxes of miscellaneous stuff,mostly papers and books, that I had never unpacked from a move.It is in the back room of the house,in a room that was added to the house and is not really used for anything,mainly for storage.It had been in that spot for years and as far as I know I did not move it anywhere else.Every now and then I would take it out and have a look at it and then I would just put it right back.All the other things in the box are there,this one photograph just seems to have disappeared.I would like to know if it is still in this room or perhaps it is in another room.This room is right next to the kitchen.Another possibility is that my roommate may have done something with it. I don't have many photographs of myself from that era so would love to find it.All other photos and books in that room are in their place,only this one black and white portrait is missing.I thought a keen psychic would be able to 'see' it somewhere--