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    Psychic in your Genetics?

    Hello. Well recently, there have been quite a lot of studies on the human mind, and psychic phenomena specifically. A scientist claims that there is a psychic gene, and that being psychic is inherited. He also claims that a bump to the head can make your psychic. I am just curious, are any of your relatives psychic? I realized the other day when I asked my mother that she had a few premonitions as a child, but nothing much. Her mother also claimed she was psychic (rather she was, no one knows). What about you? Any parents that may have the gene?
  2. I agree. It's just looked down upon because of fear, ignorance, and according to the Bible, it is a sin to try and communicate with the dead. Also, people are afraid of what they don't understand. People right off things they don't understand as fake, or think of it as a taboo. I am also Christian, and am also quite young, and I do find it sad that my fellow Christians cannot except what I was born as. It says in the Bible that you should not judge others, if you don't want to be judged yourself. It's very hypocritical in some ways. I am still a Christian, and always hope to be, but some of the people that I know that follow the religion aren't very open-minded, therefore I keep what I am a secret to people that feel it is fake, or will insult me because of what I am.
  3. Mentalist

    Test your skills!

    Sorry for the late reply. What I got from you was an older women and an older man that looked like he was in his 50's when he passed away. I got something about flowers, as June did. I felt that they were orchids. I got a few names and initials. I got a "Ba" name Barbara is the only one I could possibly think. I got an H name too, but it wasn't as clear. I felt that there was something to do with smoking with the male, and with the female, cancer. I also feel like you have something of the womens. A necklace or a bracelet possibly. Some significance with the numbers '1111'. Also, I felt there was some conflict with your family when she passed over some issue with a male stealing from someone perhaps. I also got a name 'Dave'. I saw a lot of love to this person, and a really strong love between these two people and this D name person. Sorry If I wasn't correct, I just got it out of no where.